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Friday, September 30, 2022

More hypocrisy from Rick Santorum

Republican presidential candidate, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum introduces his daughter Elizabeth while campaigning at the Peachtree DeKalb Airport, Thursday in Chamblee, Ga. (AP Photo/John Amis)

As he presses for the conservative votes he needs to overtake GOP presidential front-runner Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum is hammering away at the role state and federal governments play in running schools.

Santorum plays up how he and his wife have home-schooled their seven children and says parents should be the ones responsible for educating their kids.

Yet back when Santorum was a senator from Pennsylvania, he got a Pittsburgh-area school district to help pay tens of thousands of dollars in tuition for his children to receive online schooling.

It’s a bit of history that’s unknown to many voters outside Pennsylvania as the Republican nomination race closes in on the 10 Super Tuesday contests next week.

Santorum says he wants to curtail dramatically the power of states and the federal government in public education.

“Not only do I believe the federal government should get out of the education business, I think the state government should start to get out of the education business and put it back with the local and into the community,” Santorum said in a recent debate in Arizona with his GOP rivals.

He mocks America’s schools as “factories” that stand as “anachronistic” relics of the Industrial Revolution and says he would home-school his kids in the White House if he becomes president.

In the fall of 2004, Santorum’s use of tax dollars to pay for his kids’ home schooling became controversial because his family was primarily living in Leesburg, Va., west of Washington. Following a local newspaper report, the Penn Hills School District near Pittsburgh tried to recover about $73,000 that it contended the state wrongly sent to an Internet-based charter school. Although the Santorums owned a house in the school district, officials argued, they were living out of state. The Pennsylvania Education Department in 2006 agreed to pay the district $55,000 to settle the dispute.

The cyberschool controversy dogged Santorum through his 2006 Senate re-election bid and contributed to his 18-point loss to Democrat Bob Casey.

Santorum’s campaign did not respond this week to questions about his family’s online instruction, and it’s not known whether his children received teaching at home in addition to what they got online.

The Santorums withdrew their children from the cyberschool and resumed home schooling after Penn Hills officials complained about the tuition payments. Students in cyberschools log onto computers to access their assignments and teachers.

The National Home Education Research Institute, which specializes in home-school research, estimated in spring 2010 there were more than 2 million home-schooled students, about 3 percent of the school-age population. Brian D. Ray, president of the institute, said while he didn’t know what percentage of those students use online charter schools, he has watched it grow significantly over the past five years.

Pennsylvania law requires school districts to pay for resident students who enroll in cyberschools, and Santorum at the time of the controversy said that the Penn Hills house was his family’s legal residence and that he paid taxes on it.

Erin Vecchio, a former Penn Hills school board member and former head of the local Democratic committee, at the time questioned whether it was proper for the school district to pay the cyberschool tuition for five of Santorum’s children because they spent most of their time at his home in Virginia. She said Santorum should have reimbursed the district for the tuition costs.

“He should have been held accountable for that money, but he wasn’t,” Vecchio said in a recent telephone interview with The Associated Press. “When he found a program that he could use to his advantage, he used it. That’s the thing with Rick Santorum.”

Vecchio said the fight over Santorum’s residency was ironic, given how Santorum had made challenging the residency of Democrat Doug Walgren a key campaign issue when he toppled the incumbent and won his House seat in 1990. Santorum slammed the seven-term representative for living with his family in McLean, Va.

Santorum and his wife, Karen, now own a home in Great Falls, Va., an affluent Washington suburb. They moved there after Santorum’s 2006 Senate loss.

Acknowledging that its own rules were confusing, the Pennsylvania Education Department in 2006 agreed to settle the dispute by repaying the district. The state Education Department said the money was not a reimbursement but an acknowledgment that the department gave conflicting rules about when a district can challenge the state’s decision to withhold cyberschool tuition fees from the district.

On the campaign trail, Santorum’s candidacy has been boosted by Christian home-school advocates, evangelical pastors and tightly knit networks of conservative activists who helped him win Iowa’s leadoff caucuses and a three-state sweep of contests on Feb. 7. Limited government has been a big part of his pitch.

Santorum now says he regrets voting for the sweeping No Child Left Behind education overhaul. He’s called for a significantly smaller Education Department but would not eliminate it. He’s also criticized early childhood education programs as an attempt by government to “indoctrinate your children.”

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4 thoughts on “More hypocrisy from Rick Santorum”

  1. Clearly, Rick Santorum is now doing absolute irreparable damage to the Republican Party.

    Indeed, the longer he remains in the spotlight with his increasingly out-of-touch, “Bible-thumping” utterances, the more certain the re-election of Mr.Obama becomes.

    When the Republican Party bosses finally wake up to the fact that their once “mainstream” political party has now been relegated to little more than a splinter group made up primarily of Bible-thumping evangelicals, they will have absolutely nobody to blame but themselves.

  2. “When he found a program that he could use to his advantage, he used it. That’s the thing with Rick Santorum.”

    Pretty much sums Santorum up. And I’m sure he meant he would hire someone to teach his children in the White House, not that he would actually home school them himself.

  3. Early childhood education indoctrinates our children? With what? The ABCs, colors, shapes and numbers??? Rick Santorum is an absolute moron!

  4. Poor Senator Santorum lives in fear, terrorizing fear, of Satan getting into the minds of this children. To him, Satanic and secular concepts offer another approach to the nasty indoctrination of freeing the brains of children. This fear of freedoms runs very deep in the minds of Conservatives. Secular training at home and in school means knowing and respecting right over wrong choices.

    I have had people walk away from me in fear simply because I do not believe in any form of the occult. Santorum is the poster boy for the thinking problems found in the religious right. This whole mess was an annoyance until Pat Robertson brought it to the White House with President Bush 43. It split the American people into a class of warriors.

    I have known and avoided Evangelicals all my life but now that they are involved in Federal government programs, all America is in trouble.

    Finally America has a chance at bringing Evangelical leadership into power. Santorum is a clear cut Evangelical and will change American values with full approval of the voters.

    Of course he abused his own state by accepting money for on line academics. It was the only way he could chase Satan out of his children’s education. Most Americans approve of this. Let them live with a Santorum America. Under Santorum, heretics and atheists will be slaughtered as examples of the power of a Christian leadership.

    Things are so bad in America that it might be a good way to prove once and for all that religion has no place in a Republic. It is pure Democracy when the citizens have been dumbed down by television and video games.

    Americans are comfortable with the division of others by color, religion and a war on homosexuals. This goes back to the early man tribal groups who fear nature and Satan.

    I saw this coming in 1999 and flew to Atlanta Georgia to check out the Libertarian world of Harry Browne. I was disgusted with what I found and should have walked out of politics then and there.

    America will never respect individual freedoms and I should sit down and shut up.

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