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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Bitter Olympia Snowe leaving Senate

Sen. Olympia Snowe (Reuters/Jason Reed)

Maine Senator Olympia Snowe, saying she is tired of “wasting precious time” in a bitter divided Congress, announced Tuesday she will not seek re-election in November.

“We could have done so much,” Snowe told Capitol Hill Blue. “The Senate could have done some big things.  We should have had an energy policy.  We should have had tax reform.  We should have had regulatory reform.  Americans have a right to expect and demand an end to the partisan gridlock and they are understandably shocked by the Senate not being able to come together.”

The 65-year-old Snowe, despite threats of a challenge from Republican conservatives, faced a relatively easy race for re-election to a fourth six-year term in the Senate.

Democrats see Snowe’s departure as an opportunity to pick up a critical seat in the Senate and, possibly, pad their 53-47 seats.

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6 thoughts on “Bitter Olympia Snowe leaving Senate”

  1. egc, Senator Snowe will work for the necessary changes that will bring us back to a two-party system. She has been open to crossing over the aisle on many votes but in this last decade the party required a baptism in some Christian church. This is against the First Amendment and Senator Snowe took her oath very seriously.

    Today the Christian crusaders have made their religion dirty and bigoted. Snowe is a great American Lady and she will not go away.

  2. “It’s not who votes that matters – It is who counts the votes.”

    Paraphrased and translated from Josef Stalin.


  3. Must have been worried they would cancel the election due to an inch of snow and declare a winner without counting the ballots. But that could never happen in America…uh…well except to Congressman Ron Paul!

  4. ” Someday in the future, America might just produce another generation of free thinkers.”

    And they’ll be promptly labeled as terrorists by George [Bush] III.


  5. She has my respect and sympathy. Senator Snowe has always carried the banner for individual freedoms and her moderate vote as a Republican was always appreciated by many men and women across America.

    The Congress now will represent the churches over the people and I will step away from the religious wall that should be destroyed. Someday in the future, America might just produce another generation of free thinkers.

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