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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Michigan, Arizona primaries give Romney a needed boost

Romney supporters celebrate primary victories (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney regained frontrunner status in the tangled race for the Republican nomination for President Tuesday with wins in the Michigan and Arizona primaries.

But the wins — while significant — still show Romney has a long fight ahead in his pursuit of the nomination.

His win in Michigan — his self-declared “home” state — was a narrow one, just three percentage points over former Senator Rick Santorum while he scored a more impressive victory of 20 percentage points in Arizona.

The remaining two contenders — former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and Texas Congressman Ron Paul — traded the race for last place in the double-header:  In Arizona, Gingrich came in third with 16 percent with Paul last with eight and in Michigan Paul captured third with 12 percent with Gingrich bringing up the rear with seven percent.

For Romney — trailing in the polls by as much as 15 percent just 10 days ago — the win in Michigan was important.

“Yes, it was close but Michigan may be a turning point for Romney,” GOP strategist Anne Williams told Capitol Hill Blue.  “He turned it around when it counted.”

“We didn’t win by a lot, but we won by enough,” Romney said after his Michigan win.

Santorum, in losing, delivered a rambling 40-minute monologue that failed to deliver any centralized message.

“They didn’t know who were were a month ago but now they do,” Santorum said at one point.

Exit polls showed economic issues and an ability to beat President Barack Obama drove voter concerns.  Social issues — Santorum’s breat and butter — took a back seat.

Reported Alan Fram and Jennifer Agiesta of The Associated Press:

Mitt Romney drew strength from Republican loyalists and all but the most conservative voters on Tuesday to claim victory in a grueling GOP presidential primary in his native state of Michigan, an exit poll of voters showed.

Rick Santorum was bolstered by the most ardent conservatives and people whose political views are strongly colored by their religious beliefs, the survey showed. But with Michigan viewed as a solid opportunity for the former Pennsylvania senator to weaken Romney’s candidacy, Santorum failed to win more than a modest margin among blue-collar voters — those without college degrees — despite wooing them with populist, made-in-America fervor and his grandfather’s coal miner roots.

Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, also cruised to an easy victory in Arizona’s GOP presidential contest by winning across nearly all categories of age, income, education and ideology, exit poll results showed there.

In both states, the economy was the dominant issue on voters’ minds, as it has been in every state to vote so far. And as he has in every state where voters have been surveyed but South Carolina, Romney triumphed decisively among people who named the economy as their chief concern.

Santorum hurt his chances with a series of gaffes leading up to the primaries, including using robo calls to try and lure Democrats to vote for him.

GOP strategist Curt Anderson calls Santorum “badly wounded” after the twin losses Tuesday.

The losses also raise questions about the long-term prospects for Gingrich, who has failed to translate his upset win in South Carolina earlier this year into momentum.  Gingrich now must pin his campaign future on Georgia in next week’s Super Tuesday primaries.

Romney also faces a test next Tuesday in Ohio.  He should win in Massachusetts, Vermont, Idaho and Virginia but Tennessee, Oklahoma and North Dakota could go for Santorum.

“Super Tuesday could be the clincher,” Williams says. “Or it could continue the chaos.”

6 thoughts on “Michigan, Arizona primaries give Romney a needed boost”

  1. This just in, Arizona primary also suspected of election fraud. This brings us to 4 states where fraud is said to have aided Mitt Romney.

  2. Come November, it looks like we are once again going to be given a choice between voting for Hitler or Stalin.

    As far as the Republican nomination is concerned, the only question now is who Mr. Romney is going to select as his running mate.

  3. Interesting numbers. Apparently American women want to be told what not to do. I’m old enough to remember how women celebrated the end of WW2 but that seems to have faded behind whatever the churches are offering in the way of rules.

    Well, then the churches had better open orphanages for unwanted babies and unwanted pregnant teens. I’ve often wondered where the American ideals for independent lives went. Did the television suck them all away? I swear that the collective IQs for women have fallen below normal.

    In my world, the women run the board of directors for many of our major corporations but now those same corporations are the enemy of the masses.

    The only way to save this nation is to pull the States away from the federal government and let the people decide how much government we want. But possibly, the television has done the harm to the development of the kid’s brains. From now on they will all have to be told what not to do.

    Maybe wee should pit Romney against Obama on “Dancing with the Stars” and put the winner in the white house.

    My generation is dying out and television will be the new law and order.

  4. Victory for whom? Nothing changes when it comes to women and gays wanting equal respect. It is no longer the candidate who rules the Empire but the political parties themselves. The movement into a Christian Nation will not be stopped. Catholic or LDS; it makes no difference.

    The citizens of the United States demand that the Constitution list the prohibitions to make all follow the same path into salvation. Well, they can have the damn nation and all the weak-ass people who will never think for themselves. I’m with Senator Snowe in her giving up working for her constituents. Constituents do not want freedoms. Turn the Congressional building into an American Vatican; I won’t stop it. The question is whether we buy into the Pope or the Prophet.

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