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Monday, March 4, 2024

Can Romney survive a loss in Michigan?

Can Mitt Romney channel his famous father's popularity? (Reuters)

On paper, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney shouldn’t need to break a sweat to win the Feb. 28 Michigan primary.

He won the state easily in 2008. He’s the native son of a legendary governor and part of a famous automotive power.

But polls show Romney trailing a surging Rick Santorum by as much as 15 percent.  Coming off a political trifecta last week, Santroum heads into Michigan as the news frontrunner not only in the state but nationally.

So Romney is pulling out the stops, setting aside more than $1.2 million in broadcast air time and unleashing the same kind of negative ad strategy that knocked off Newt Gingrich in Florida.

“Santorum has the lead right now but Romney has the money and the organization,” one GOP consultant tells Capitol Hill Blue. “And he has two weeks to turn the tide.”

“This is Mitt country — Mitt’s state,” Oakland County Republican leader L. Brooks Patterson told Politico. “I think he’ll do very well. I would be very, very surprised if we don’t chalk up a big win.”

Other Republicans point to Romney’s strong roots in the state and the popularity of his late father, former Gov. George Romney.

But others say Romney should remember the 2000 Presidential primary when George W. Bush had the money, the organization and the endorsements but lost to John McCain.

Still, Bush survived the upset and went on to win the nomination.

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7 thoughts on “Can Romney survive a loss in Michigan?”

  1. As I hear it, Romney will be lucky to get a few votes in this state. Seems he said a few things about Detroit and Michigan in general and the Auto Industry, they did not settle well Michiganders. Things such as Detroit should be left to die and the auto industry should not have been bailed out, but this was before GM made 7.6 Billion profit – <a href=""GM earns highest profit ever in 2011 at $7.6B, but overseas losses cut 4Q profit

    As for this Native Son BS, the people here abouts seem to remember Romney getting out of this state at the first opportunity. They liked his father, but do not like him.

  2. Dear Jon, I will indeed leave you my most precious possession. It is “Emma” my 22 year old black cat. She is old and cranky but devoted to me. I made my will and if I should die before Emma, she will be put down and go with me where ever we end up. My mechanic has his eye on my old Mazda as it is 12 years old and has 32,000 miles on it. My Bugatti left with my husband and totaled by his secretary, My kids went to school with the Ferrari grand kids and thought their cars were overrated.

    I think my son Brick might have a Bugatti in his factory. He brought the family here for Christmas and drove a strange looking large car that was made by Porsche and it is a station wagon. We had so many people looking at it that we couldn’t get out of the parking lot after breakfast. He is a car freak and is well known for his own designs.

    When I worked at Hughes years ago there was a Bugatti club and we would spend a few Saturdays enjoying the cars. Life seemed so simple then when we all had time to enjoy the beauty of a beautiful car. I parked next to a Bentley yesterday and took time to admire the most perfect paint job I ever saw. The metal trim looked like polished platinum. If I find one looking around, I will save if for you.

  3. PS – Sandy, would you mention me in your will? I’d take very good care of the Bugatti, and wash it every day. The Ferarri I’d wax twice a week, I promise!!


  4. The same arguments were levied against JFK as a Catholic, the intern-boinker, that he’d be more beholden to the Pope than to the people.

    I think it’s safe to say he paid rather more attention to the people (at least the young and unresisting female people).

    Any way you slice it, God is bullshit. Bring it into any argument, and it’s over. All that remains is the shouting.


  5. Whether Romney wins or loses in Michigan may not matter in the long run. Romney is not now and never was the common man in America. I understand his inability to know what is in the minds of other Americans.

    Maybe it comes from being raised in a church that refuses to take on the knowledge of a church that is not based on the basic Evangelical premise. To many Americans, he is a freak!

    He does not have the common knowledge of pop culture and often has to be told when to laugh or look sad. To appeal to the voters, he has to be programmed to respond as they do. I understand this as I am out of the realm of understanding the American people too!

    To survive as a hated minority is the new American endgame. In the last 20 years, our own minorities have survived and we see more African Americans in elected positions and more freedoms for gays. The playing field is by no means level even today.

    Politically, the voters want one of their own to rule the roost. One must view God with a single eye. One must physically grieve when some drug infected singer dies. One must dance to the same music found on the Grammy awards. If one is a Republican, one must state loudly and firmly that Liberals are from Satan. One no longer has to quote the great minds of literature but garbage heard on television. This is foreign to Mitt Romney. He sees no need to fake it.

    Romney is a free enterprise Capitalist which makes him even more despised by the voters. Romney will never fit the mold that the voters demand. Santorum does and if he is elected America will never know the freedoms that so many of us have fought for. America will then be governed by the Catholic Church and everyone will feel more secure.

    Capital Hill will be the new American Vatican and the White House will house the Emperor. The Speaker of the House will be the new Pope and Gingrich will return to fit the part. Our public schools will be filled with Catholic texts and the next generations will be programmed to be good Americans who follow the rules. Santorum is running as a religious leader and the Americans will respond with gusto. Your future will be secure and you can order extended cable for your kids.

    I am very glad that I will not live long enough to see this potential disaster heading for America.

  6. Gov. Romney needs to spend time defining his budget plans and stop poking holes in his potential voters like the supporters of Santorum. There are a million undecided voters who need to be coaxed away from both Paul and Santorum.

    It will take more than money to convince people to vote for him. My family were Mormons and a lot of people would say to us “Too bad you aren’t real Christians.” The sad part is that he is a Christian but not in a biblical sense.

    The LDS is an American faith and is based on the illusions and dreams of one man (Joseph Smith). Just as many Christian leaders his desire was to out number other Christians through breeding to excess with several wives. This has been a Catholic game since Constantine declared himself Emperor and Pope.

    Mormons have a lot of good qualities but I would never want one in the White House. Their Pope is in Salt Lake City and is called “The Prophet” and that dude rules the roost. There is no Constitution in the life of a Mormon, only the Prophet.

    Do we really want anyone who is ruled by the Vatican or Temple Square? Each place has a direct line to God and it wouldn’t be the first time they tangled.

    I’m saddened that the voters are not voting for a leader of our nation or our Commander in Chief but for a man who will tell them what not to do. Television has done a job of dumbing down the American people to the point of idiocy. Is there any hope that the next generation will be any better?

    Will the voters vote for the richest or the most Christian or possibly stay with the known adult already in the white house? But what about 2016? Will we return to fighting over birth control?

    • Joseph Smith was a con man before he started a religion. Rather than “illusions and dreams”, an objective look at the founding of LDS reveals out-and-out lies.

      Of course, I’m not trying to attack the church… the way a group of religious people conduct themselves is more important than their origins. I just want to point out it’s complete hogwash, as I suspect most (if not all) religions are.

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