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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Gingrich’s sugar daddy kills the campaign cash cow

Sheldon Adelson and his wife: No more wasting money on Newt

Nevada casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, the largest single contributor to the Presidential hopes of former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich, closed his checkbook after Gingrich lost the Florida primary to GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney.

As a result, Gingrich’s campaign is practically broke and is left scrambling for campaign cash.

Adelson and his family donated $11 million to Gingirch through the Winning Our Future political action committee in the two months leading up to the Florida primary and the casino billionaire single-handedly funded the former speaker’s media blitz that led to his upset victory over Romney in South Carolina.

But sources close to the Adelson family tell Capitol Hill Blue that the donations stopped after Gingrich’s lackluster debate performance in the Florida primary campaign and Romney’s convincing win.

“Mr. Adelson did not get where he is by making bad investments,” says financial analyst Robert Watkins.  “He saw he wasn’t getting a substantial term and stopped wasting money.”

Writes Jayon Choe in Business Insider:

While billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson may have rescued Newt Gingrich’s campaign in its early days, today, he may have just buried it.

Adelson may be looking to protect his investment.  CNN reported he met with Romney in Nevada last week and assured the former Massachusetts governor that he will support him “100 percent” is he becomes the GOP nominee.

Gingrich finished either third or last in last week’s contests in Minnesota, Colorado and Missouri and hoped to resurrect his struggling campaign with a strong showing at the Conservative Political Action Conference but Romney won the CPAC straw poll and Gingrich finished a district third, barely edging out last-place finisher Ron Paul.

Then he finished dead last in Saturday’s Maine caucus.

“Stick a fork in Newt.  He’s done,” says one long-time GOP consultant.

Of course, they have said that before and Gingrich has found a way to bounce back. GOP insiders, who start chewing their nails every time he comes back from the political dead, aren’t convinced they’ve heard the last of Newt.

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6 thoughts on “Gingrich’s sugar daddy kills the campaign cash cow”

  1. Write up your bill to make changing one’s mind should be illegal. Oy

    Changing one’s mind shouldn’t be illegal.

    That wasn’t my point … and you know it.

  2. What is illegal about transferring money or backing to anyone running for office? I think that once Adelson realized the madness behind Gingrich’s attitude he knew he not only would lose but not deserve to win. Gingrich has never been on the side of Israel except to take out Islam. He is a Karl Rove Empire builder and has no basic knowledge of right over wrong. He was born this way and the way he treats women is a perfect example of his true self.

    I have written in Ron Paul’s name on every ballot since 1988 but when he stated he was a Creationist, my support stopped. I realize now that the GOP is not open to anyone who is not a Christian and will follow the new Amendments when they take the White House. They already have the House so the Bill of Rights will be the next program of work if any Republican gets into the White House.

    If America is not a full blown Christian Nation by 2012, it will be in 2016. There is not a damn thing anyone can do to stop this plan. The big bucks are there possibly hidden in the Islands as well as Swiss banks and if Americans don’t like it, they can move to Mexico. Many are already doing this. I’ve lost all respect for the American voters as they reflect the growing ignorance found in our schools. The American family is run around the television and the results can be found in many of our state prisons.

    It’s as if the air has been removed from the education of the next generation. The kids going to Christian schools have it better except what they have to give up in individual self reliance. The masses of ignorance is eating America alive.

    Write up your bill to make changing one’s mind should be illegal. Oy

  3. Adelson may be looking to protect his investment. CNN reported he met with Romney in Nevada last week and assured the former Massachusetts governor that he will support him “100 percent” is he becomes the GOP nominee.
    -per article

    Read that again until it begins to sink in!

    No loyalty to any candidate. Only fishing for the one who can be “bought and paid for” to provide the result their money has purchased.

    This SHOULD be illegal.

    The day this kind of financial prostitution stops is the day American’s get their government back and not a day sooner.

  4. I hang out with many women to have a yearly tuck or two done just to counteract gravity. If I had the money, I would join them. I had a full face lift at the age of 55. Years of dieting and even extreme exercise including running did a job on my face and neck. I was single again and working in the theater arts where everyone was beautiful. My aim was not to remarry but to find a level of attractiveness missing in many of my age group.

    Menopause does a job on women’s energy and skin tone. I remember a very beautiful Hollywood Star who flew to Switzerland to have her hands done in something called dermabrasion. When one wears a 9 million dollar ring, one needs beautiful hands.

    In my area of California we have major streets dedicated to the wonders and beauty of the Hollywood stars. I live just north of Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope and my daughter lives just a stone’s throw from Bob Hope and Ginger Rogers. They all had their faces lifted and their bellies tucked. They earned their street names. But more importantly, they shared their beauty and fame.

    Betty Ford built the ultimate rehab hospital and when she died, she had the body of a 20 year old dancer. She earned it!

  5. Sunday Morning Snarky Attack:

    I like the double entendre of the title of this article, intended or not.

    From the looks of his wife, the 78 year old Adelson was a sugar daddy not only for another sugar daddy, Newt Gingrich, but for his wife, Israeli physician Miriam Ochsorn, age 60. A mere “old enough to be her father” 18 year age difference.

    But then we have Gingrich who is 68 and his wife is 45.

    Donald Trump, by the way, outdoes them all. He is 65 and a sugar daddy himself with a 37 year old wife.

    For those with a catty streak, about the cosmetic make-overs of some billionaire’s wive.

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