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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Romney edges Paul to win Maine caucus

Mitt Romney: One win for the week (Reuters photo)

Republican front-runner Mitt Romney bounced back from midweek losses in three states to win the Maine presidential caucuses, the state’s Republican Party announced on Saturday.
With 95 percent of the vote counted, results of the non-binding straw poll showed the former Massachusetts governor with 39 percent, just ahead of libertarian Texas Congressman Ron Paul with 36 percent.

The outcome was a comeback for Romney, who unexpectedly lost to former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado on Tuesday.
Romney visited Maine on Friday and Saturday to meet voters and help energize the get-out-the-vote drive. Earlier on Saturday he won a key straw poll of conservative activists.

(Reporting by Ros Krasny, Editing by Peter Cooney)

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3 thoughts on “Romney edges Paul to win Maine caucus”

  1. In my area of California, Romney is pulling ahead of the other Republicans but is not pulling ahead of Obama. The GOP has sealed its own defeat with this new found Evangelical nonsense. Even those who come from the religious right don’t actually want a government based on the words of Pat Robertson. Many here on the outskirts of Palm Springs are either gay or have family members who are. Many have seen the hell these kids have gone through in schools and even in the work force. Instead of whining, they start their own businesses and buy and sell old homes carefully restored to another grandeur which is today’s gays’ trademark.

    In my work in the theater, I am always stunned that one of my costumes, so carefully made for an actor can be changed ever so slightly and end up perfect.

    My mother performed on many elegant stages and gave me all her beautiful gowns to be used in our theater. My family celebrated Beethoven’s Birthday which started off the Christmas Holiday season and I wore one of my mother’s red silk gowns and opened my front door where an old actor demanded I let him wear the gown. We traded clothes right there in the living room and he headed down the trail to show off how he could wear a red silk gown cut on the bias. Only Sophia Loren could have pulled this off. When he came back up the trail he had taken a huge brooch off the top and pinned it just above his fanny where it gave him a shape so perfect he wore it home. He died several years later and I would bet he was buried in that gown. My mother would have approved as my step father of 20 plus years was a delicious looking gay man with much style in his work as a prop designer.

    When California learns of the homophobia that is a part of Romney’s agenda, he will lose in most of the California districts. For now it is more important to get rid of Gingrich and Santorum.

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