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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Is Ron Paul skimming from taxpayer, campaign funds?

GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul: Caught with his hand in the taxpayer cookie jar? (Reuters Photo)


Republican White House candidate and champion for smaller government Ron Paul appears to have been reimbursed twice for travel between his congressional district and Washington with both taxpayer and campaign funds, the Roll Call newspaper said on Monday.

The libertarian congressman from Texas has staked his presidential campaign on a vow to slash government spending, but allegations that he may have received thousands of dollars in excess payments could taint his image and hurt his campaign for the Republican Party’s nomination to face President Barack Obama in November.

Paul’s office was not immediately available to comment.

The congressman has yet to win a nominating contest and is considered to have little chance to capture the Republican nomination.

Paul appeared to be reimbursed twice for eight flights between 1999 and 2004, according to copies of credit card statements obtained by Roll Call, campaign records filed with the Federal Election Commission and a quarterly expenditure disclosure. A Roll Call journalist who reported the story said Paul was paid an extra $4,422 from reimbursements for the eight flights which totaled $8,845.

Candidates must submit records of how they spend campaign donations to the elections commission and itemize any expenses above $500. Members of Congress have to file receipts for their expenses to the House of Representatives.

The documents showed that pro-Paul organizations like the Liberty Political Action Committee, the Foundation for Rational Economics and Education and the Liberty Committee sent checks to American Express paying for flights while Paul received payment from his congressional office for the same expenses, Roll Call said.

The commission could not comment on whether there were any investigations into Paul but said it had not received any complaints in reaction to the Roll Call story concerning Paul’s use of campaign funds, an FEC official said.

In one instance in 2003, Paul bought a round-trip Continental Airlines flight between Washington and Houston worth $651.50 and appears to have been reimbursed by the Committee to Re-Elect Ron Paul and also his congressional office, Roll Call said.

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36 thoughts on “Is Ron Paul skimming from taxpayer, campaign funds?”

  1. It can not be denied that some of Ron Paul’s ideas are indeed worthy but this growing explosion of internet Paulbots has become his worst enemy. It has caused most folks of any side from ever taking his message seriously. Go about the net and read any article where the author speaks just one single negative word about Ron Paul and then read the comment sections. Its madness! Ron Paul supporters from the honest true believers to the most racist bigoted of believers have truly become obsessed with this odd little old man. Early on those of us who did want to consider a Ron Paul presidency this Paulbot obsession has come to cast such a dark shadow over this Moses like savior that it has killed any chance of him ever becoming president.

    • Unfortunately you are correct. But let’s face it, in 2008 the same phenomenom happened with Obama in far greater numbers. And his faithful were no less pleasant in their treatment of “non-believers.”

      But being a supporter of both Paul and the majority of his political positions, I also understand the frustration on behalf of my fellow “cult-like” followers.

      To be sure, any candidate will attract supporters of all stripes for any number of reasons, some of them unsavory, but the vast majority of us are simply sick to death of the entire political charade.

    • And I would have to agree with my fellow “cult-like” followers concerning this new “scandal.”

      Putting this in proper perspective, it really is much to do about nothing. A minor bookkeeping error resulting in a few thousand dollars? Compare this to the other candidates’ use of the system and their political power to the tune of millions of dollars per year in personal profit.

    • Thanks for both links Almandine. : )

      Seemingly the electorate has a chance to make the necessary sea change to save this nation through candidate Paul’s nomination or anyone else that would support his thesis for a change we truly can believe in; but, the major MSM powers that be along with camp-following minor sites such as CHB want to suppress any chance for such change by smearing the candidate over fairly petty issues from his newsletters past, to plane ticket ‘skimming fraud’ along with a host of other nitpicking issues.

      There’s no in depth discussion concerning his message, but simply an concerted effort to ‘kill the messenger’. / : |

      I congratulate Ron Paul on his second place win in Maine. If we compared the bucks spent per vote on Mitt Romney’s part to that of candidate Paul we’d realize in short order that Romney is a ‘paper tiger’ to use an old Red Chinese expression concerning the U.S. not being all that and in our times they’d be spot-on correct concerning Romney.

      I’m hoping Ron Paul at least gets a chance to speak at the Republican convention, not that it will change the course of the intellectually challenged,ever greedy, ‘chickenheads’ that nominate candidates.

      It’s difficult for me to state this, but this may be the last free election this nation ever sees with the next, not existent, with the U.S. controlled under martial law due to the unraveling of our society as a function of the 800 teraton ‘debt chickens’ having come home to roost.

      Believe it…!

      Carl Nemo **==

      • Tell me something Nemo. If you believe CHB is such a “camp following minor site,” then why do you waste your time and my bandwidth being here? You will not change my mind because I see Ron Paul for what he is: A money-grubbing con artist with a mesmerized, disillusioned following.

        This site has never played favorites and never will. Why is it so hard for you and the pitiful handful of others here who continued to drink the Paul bromide to realize this? Go join a Paul forum where you and others hooked on his bogus message can wallow in self-indulgent ignorance.

        Before you and Almandine get all giddy over the Reuters/Ipso poll, those who do polling for a living consider their numbers and anomaly. Other polls taken at the same time show Paul at anywhere from 8 percent to 15 percent. Gallup has him at eight, Fox at 15, ABC/Washington Post at 14 and NBC at 12.

        While we’re on the subject of polls, let’s look at Paul’s favorable/unfavorable ratings. Fox News’ latest poll shows Paul at 35 percent favorable/40 percent unfavorable. CBS/New York Times puts him at 20 percent favorable/33 percent unfavorable. CNN has his unfavorable rising from 27 percent six months ago to 40 percent now. Guess all this media sniping by “camp following minor sites” like this one is having an effect.

        What’s even more hilarious is that Almandine is citing a Daily Caller report that is citing Reuters/Ipsos. Most of those who commented on this story about Paul’s double-dipping note that it came from Reuters along with the claim that you can’t “believe anything that comes from Reuters.”

        Ah, hypocrisy, thy name are the mindless minions who flock to a fake messiah named Ron Paul.

        • Ha! Gotcha…just wanted to see if you were “on station” at night worrying over your site; I.E., your first and possibly last love. : )

          I’m not your guru…but!

          “This site has never played favorites and never will. Why is it so hard for you and the [pitiful handful of others here who continued to drink the Paul bromide to realize this?] Go join a Paul forum where you and others hooked on his bogus message can wallow in self-indulgent ignorance.” …extract from reply my brackets

          This reply confirms my recent sentiments that you don’t value your long term, loyal posters or anyone else for that matter based on your somewhat curt, dismissive, ‘all-knowing’ replies.

          Yes you can indict all political comers with equal scorn, but seemingly you also do so to your faithful site participants because of “opinions” that seemingly chaff your hide.

          CHB has developed a life of its own over the years, beyond yourself, but you simply don’t realize such. It’s unique, mainly because of your site moniker and take no prisoners style…but to a point!?

          Hopefully our Congressional simeballs read your site content and either wince, upchuck or both on occasion. : )

          I use your site for a sounding board in order to share my thoughts and to air my innermost, genuine feelings and concerns for the future of our Republic.

          Granted you take pride in being a political iconoclast, but time is not in our side, so my unsolicited admonition towards you, my friend in thought it to take a position. The destruction of our nation is not a fantasy or game that is immune from an endgame scenario. We’re headed for the bottom, so I advise you to get concerned and quit writing your jaded platitudes to the effect that all pols are corrupt and created equal. They are not…!

          Maybe it’s time we all discuss issues on this site rather than to simply promote its longevity by attacking candidates and other political personages as the order of the day…no?

          I’m not your enemy, but an avid supporter of you and your thought processes. Maybe it’s time you rekindled the ‘fire in the belly’ Doug Thompson from Alton, Illinois, a fair and “balanced” journalist par excellence of times gone past.

          Carl Nemo **==

          • Once again, your penchant for pontification is short on facts. I’m, not “from Alton, Illinois.” I worked there as a reporter for 11 years in a career that spans more than four decades.

            Most of you wouldn’t know fair and balanced if it slapped you up aside your head with a 2×4. What you consider “fair and balanced” would be fawning all over the likes of Ron Paul or — for others — their candidate of choice. We treat everyone with equal skepticism and distrust. That’s what you and others can’t handle.

            Too bad. You talk about saving America but until you start using your brains as something besides receptacles for paranoid propaganda you will always be the problem, not the solution.

            • “Too bad. You talk about saving America but until you start using your brains as something besides receptacles for paranoid propaganda you will always be the problem, not the solution.” …extract from reply

              Seemingly you either don’t realize the fact or even care that you diminish yourself with posts to your site such as this. I’m embarrassed for you good buddy.

              Obviously you don’t realize the degeneration of your thought processes over time have become quite glaring on CHB. You’ve become a loose cannon on deck. If it weren’t so tragic, it would be funny. / : |

              Carl Nemo **==

        • Actually, my first link regarding the “official lies” spewing forth from our current Executive branch is the one that should have been addressed if serious commentary and “holding them accountable” is your game… One must wonder how it is that government gets a pass on such subterfuge and outright hoodwinkery. A Pulitzer could be won on the basis of – actually – holding them accountable.

          The Daily Caller linked poll was just a little tweak for fun.

          And in that regard, I think if you look back across everything I’ve written about RP – and many others in the analytical crosshairs, especially the current crop of Republicans – the thrust of my arguments has usually been opposition to the mere opinion pieces masquerading as analysis and the fawning replies by all the lefties truly giddy at the thought of taking a swipe at anyone whose politics are right of the Communist Manifesto. Mine has been a “show me the money” attitude. I’m not much on things written without even a hint of backing, no data, no corroboration except for the “trust me and my vast experience” to go on, i.e., very little except ad hominum “truth”.

          So yeah, when I hear someone who says the things that RP says – and has said for decades – regarding what should be done to put the country back on its proper course… and I compare that with what his so-called conservative competitors say – but more importantly what Zero says, and has done, in concert with the spewings forth from his minions and cohorts, it’s not much of a stretch to get alarmed at the true mindlessness of what seems to pass for “important” discussions of the day.

  2. Yet Another Classic “Hit Piece”, by a hack “reporter.” Tomorrow you’ll be saying he POSSIBLY used the money to take the Girls from the Bunny Ranch to Vegas for a decadent weekend. AND that’s why he didn’t attend the CPAC travesty. Anonymity allows a fraud, like the “author”, let’s call him Thompson Reuters, to say such silly nonsense. Most of the “Story” is regurgitated non -news from previous “Hit Pieces”.
    Almost as good as plagiarized!
    BUT, you won’t get sued, as you all work for the same people.

  3. I’m a huge RP fan and supporter but have to side with “jerrys” comment about posting with a little class and respect. I remind those that publish these comments that they themselves are “representatives and stewards” of the RP message of liberty and poor actions do have consequences….. Such as turning away potential supporters of the cause. Let’s clean it up folks.

  4. Hilarious, please more blather from Ron Paul supporters when they are caught with their pants down. What is next, supporting the libertarian extremist Timothy McVeigh as a misunderstood saint of the construction industry?

  5. This is to Doug Thompson. I have followed your site for years and sought you out once in Floyd, Va to meet you but certainly you have better character than this. Clearly there is a concerted smear campaign against Ron Paul and you are just echoing the trash that is unfounded. Dr. Paul is the most honest man in Washington DC if there is anything honest about the corrupt swamp called DC. You of all people should know having spent so long there??

    Very sad for you! You have lost a fan!

  6. That’s your best shot Capital Blue?! How pathetic your article is! The neocons spend trillions on unjust wars and you go after Ron Paul? The Fed spends trillions on bailouts to EU banks and you go after Ron Paul?

    Where on earth is your dignity and integrity? Do you even recall what it was once like to act with integrity?

    My prayers are with you because you truly are suffering.

  7. Even if Ron Paul paid himself from taxpayer money for two flights. It is nothing in comparison to the trillions being robed from our country and world as we speak. Romney and Gingrich have their hands in that jar, and prob. Santorum as well. They all(including Obama) work for the banking industry, not for the American people. Ron Paul has stood by the Constitution, the law, and something few others have… principals. Our government is caught red-handed gun running and drug running with Mexican drug cartels, no one gets in trouble, the central bankers are stealing trillions, and instead of media putting pressure on those in charge they going to call Ron Paul a liar, racist and now a thief. You should report on something that really matters for a change.

  8. Ron Paul supporters have no class. Just look at the comments on this site. They attack the author of the article for merely reporting the facts. They call the author a “piece of trash” for reporting facts on a lifetime politician. This worship of the man has turned into a cult and it is absolutely scary there are people out there that put this much trust in a politician.

    • Sure the author is only citing facts that are easily confirmed, but the point that’s being made is moot. This is exactly what is making people “worship” Ron Paul. People are getting tired of being fed this half-ass journalism. We’re tired of the power struggle at the top and all the smearing that’s going on. People want an honest candidate who can speak from his mind and his heart and not sound like a programmed droid. Excuse us if we seem to be oddball fanatics, but we refuse to continue letting our officials do the same thing over and over expecting different results every time. I have one question for you. How did you feel when people were fainting at Obama rallies like Elvis Presley came back to life? Pretty scary, hu?

  9. Dear Reuters:

    Really? Being reimbursed for flying around day in and day out? That’s the best you got? Ron Paul is flying between campaign events AND the House to cast votes.

    In the mean time, Obama is allowing drone planes to watch over us.

    Give me a god-da**ed break.

    From: Everyone who isn’t a mindless idiot.

  10. PS – Oh Reuters! I should have noticed the “source”. Reuters used to be a credible source, now they’re a joke.

  11. The American public know about Ron Paul’s integrity. They are beginning to find out about the lack of integrity in the news media. It is well known in Congress (ask Senator John McCain), and by his supporters, that Ron Paul’s integrity is beyond question. Any news outlet, that questions it, is immediately discrediting itself.

    No one believes this nonsense. This is the type of nonsense that is driving people away from such sources. I had never heard of Capital Hill Blue before. It seems I won’t again. It looks like this news outlet will be short lived. It will soon be in the dustbin with other, larger news outlets that concoct such nonsense.

  12. The Author has no shame.

    The “evidence” of this supposed malfeasance is thin, and the motive for the crime is nonexistent. Ron Paul returns tens of thousands of his budget each year, but the Author would have us believe he “steals” a few hundred? Really? Where’s the logic.

    There is no sense to these hit pieces that keep showing up, each more or less identical to the last. No real evidence, no logic, no reason, just the same silly slander.

    Don’t you “journalists” have any self respect?

  13. Another petty hit piece using stolen documents. Reimbursement could have been for additional traveling staff and/or family member. Congressional office reimburses taxpayers hundred of thousands every year.

    • The financial documents were not stolen, they were released by the campaign. The Paul campaign is the only campaign to do a full disclosure of their financials for every year, some reporter shows his respect by dredging up what appears to be an accounting error, and accuses the campaign of “skimming” from taxpayers. The same office that returns a chunk of its funds to the treasury every year? Skimming $4500….seriously, no wonder the Paul campaign has not responded to this garbage.

  14. I agree. This is total trash. How about you talk about the government pension he turned down?? The media is desperately trying to find weaknesses in the armor for the most honest person in Washington. Good Luck. You won’t stop the revolution.

  15. How many flights overall did the congressman take over the course of the five years in question? We are not given to know. In other words, mistakes were only made in accounting by staff eight times over five years, out of what is most likely hundreds of flights in the course of five years of of a busy congressman’s flying. This adds up to a hill of beans that actually seems to point to an honest and well-run office, rather than the other way around. No doubt the overcharges will be reimbursed. A chat will be had with whoever made the errors. A non-story.

  16. My God you guys are really fishing now. Why don’t you cite the thousands upon thousands of dollars this guy has returned to the US treasury throughout his career. A little secret, it’s more money then Gingrich, Romney, Santorum, and Obama have given back combined. If you are going to try and smear the guy at least try it from an angle where you might have a chance.

  17. That’s it? I’m voting for Romney, Gingrich, or Santorum: they have much better skills at using Govt to line their pockets and their friends pockets. GOP voters want a leader with better money-grabbing prowess than a measly extra four grand. Thank for the gripping “journalism”.

  18. What a piece of trash this writer is. Ron Paul is the most honest man in Washington. Why don’t you talk about something of substance like how Dr. Paul will repeal the Patriot Act and NDAA that have destroyed our Bill of Rights? Or maybe about how Dr. Paul will free non violent drug offenders who are imprisoned by our government so corporations can enslave them in corporate prison factories? Why would Dr. Paul be careful with how he spends his budget so that he can give it back to the government each year and then try to get $650. that he should not have? What trash, you should be ashamed of yourself!

  19. lol, this article is trash. For real, he was reimbursed for flights to and from washington, his tickets to washington are paid for? and really guys, 2 flights between 1999 and 2004. This is complete smear trash. Try and stop the man taking all the delegates, your a fool. RP 2012

  20. Nice recycled hit piece about an oversight of a few thousand dollars from less than 8 flights over 6 years, from a man who returns $100,000 from his congressional budget every year, who will not accept his government pension, who has never voted for a pay raise, who regularly treated the poor for free in his medical practice… and so on and so forth, you freaking low life hack.

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