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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

CPAC: Just another phony conservative sideshow

Michelle Bachmann at last year's CPAC (Alex Brandon/AP)

God help us. It’s time for CPAC — the Conservative Political Action Conference — the annual gathering of the rabid right wing in the National Capital Region.

CPAC this year comes just as conservatives finally have something to celebrate — former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum‘s sweep of the Tuesday caucuses and — in their minds — a victory for those who see regression as a way of life.

CPAC is the creation of David Keene, part of a long-line of political opportunists who see rallying the rabid right as a way to make a quick buck.

Keene’s American Conservative Union is — first and foremost — a money making operation and Keene has cashed in big time, turning rapid right wing rhetoric into a empire that keeps him and family members in the chips.

“David is in it for the money,” a former ACU employee tells Capitol Hill Blue. “He doesn’t do anything unless there is a way to make a buck out of it.”

Keene last year was elected President of the powerful National Rifle Association, a fitting position since his son was sent to prison for 10 years in 2002 for firing a gun at another car in a road rage incident on the George Washington Parkway in Northern Virginia.

At the time, David Michael Keene was an official at the American Conservative Union and at the wheel of a high-end Mercedes as he fired out the window at a driver he felt cut him off, narrowing missing the driver’s head (the bullet went into the headrest of the driver’s car).

In 2010, the elder Keene had to admit to donors to ACU that his ex-wife siphoned 400 grand of their money out of the organization’s bank accounts for her own use.  She served as ACU’s bookkeeper at the time.

Quite a history for a organization that stages a conference considered mecca for right-wingers.  CPAC draws candidates who want an endorsement from conservatives, media attention it doesn’t deserve and the trappings of credibility it doesn’t have.

Like so many so-called “leaders” of the conservative cause, Keene is in it for the money.  He often embraces the extreme right-wing positions and trumpets them in fundraising letters.

Appropriately, the “c0-host” this year is the Tea Party, the phony grassroots movement funded by the billionaire Koch Brothers to promote their right-wing agenda.

CPAC is just another money train for Keene and ACU and another example that the so-called “conservative movement” is always more about profit than politics.


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4 thoughts on “CPAC: Just another phony conservative sideshow”

  1. damn cat jumped on the keyboard. Over the years, this conference was a place where discussions on how to work as a team when it came to the house and senate. No today! The conference declared war against President Obama.

    Facing all Americans is the problem of Iran and Egypt going ballistic. Instead the fight is over birth control. I am more convinced than ever that to return a single Republican back in Congress would be a disaster for the future of America. Is the future of Christianity really on the line with this group? Do they believe that Christians are so mixed in their beliefs that unless Obama is destroyed, Jesus will fade away? Everyday is a disaster with the GOP and I am tired of the drama of the End of Days.

    Can we see through this melodrama and get on with building jobs and getting our kids educated? I will never join a Christian church but I will get involved in helping to grow capitalism.

    It is depressing for me as I live in a senior development where most are preparing to die and call on Jesus for everything.

  2. I’ve been watching the speakers and I cannot remember a time when it seemed as if a war was declared between the two parties. Over the years, this conference was often a pla

  3. Doug,

    Good reporting about the head of CPAC, his ex-wife, and his son. Of course we’ll never hear about this from the mainstream media.

  4. Is there any doubt that this ultra-right Christian group of Americans are going to run the GOP until they are all thrown out of office?

    As we speak, they are revising the agenda that will become the new Republican Party. What is amazing is that they are all armed and ready to kill for their agenda. What we are looking at this morning is the new improved One World Order rising out of the white marble cross that will destroy any American who dares to speak as an individual.

    Am I the only one here who remembers the Bush 43 agenda that started this mess? He ran and won on prohibiting abortions, birth control, an end to even discussing gay marriages and to make a federal law against death with dignity. The fact that Bush did not follow up caused Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell to threaten to remove the Christians from any attempt at running Bush for a second term.

    The majority of the people on Morning Joe, this morning are very much a part of the religious right with the exception of Mika who wants the only possible solution to abortions is for good birth control. She knows that forcing an unwanted birth on a woman is the ultimate punishment for having sex. With the growth of the religious right, we might as well issue a large A on the breast of every woman in America.

    Is there any possible way for Planned Parenthood to survive if any Republican is elected back into the Congress or White House?

    It is time for all voters to get serious and spend some time going over what it is they want from our government. It is obvious that this Conservative group of Christian members wants a war with Islam and they will lie cheat and steal to do it under Christian leadership. Every time we hear Senator Santorum state that Romney is not Conservative enough he means Romney is not Christian enough. This is the litmus test that is illegal by any honest American. But Christians do not run on honesty or integrity but pure greed to claim that America is finally a Christian nation.

    The Crusade has started and women and gays will suffer just like we did 300 years ago. The majority of American men will sit back and do nothing as it is not their battle to fight.

    Americans want the government to tell us all what not to do but do they realize the special prisons that will be built when abortions are put under the same laws as terrorism threats? Women will be x rayed for a possible fetus when they fly out of American airports and again when they return. All miscarriages will be labeled abortions. The developing Inquisition from D.C. is playing a serious game. Can or will President Obama even try to stop it? He is a Christian and like so many here on R.R. will he turn away from the problem?

    Would there be a place in South America for really freedom-loving people to live? Could we get ourselves armed for our own freedom? Could we raise our families as secular humanists where we worship the individual freedoms that we used to believe were American values years ago?

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