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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Romney tops the other GOP losers in Nevada

Mitt Romney celebrates his latest win (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)


As expected, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won the Nevada caucuses.

As expected, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich finished a distant second but vowed to stay in the race until the bitter end.

As expected, Texas Congressman Ron Paul finished an even-more-distant third but his small but ardent band of supporters treated it like a victory.

And former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum finished dead last and, as usual, no one knows what to expect from him.

Turnout in Nevada was dismal at best and some results are not yet reported but Romney leaves the state with the bulk of delegates, padding his count and continuing his momentum as the leader of a less-than-stellar field of GOP contenders for the right to lose to Barack Obama in November.

“I voted for Romney,” Cheryl Waggoner of Las Vegas told Capitol Hill Blue. “What other choice do I really have?”

In a year when a real candidate could knock off a failed President like Obama, the Republicans appear content to field an unbelievable list of political losers: the empty suit millionaire who gets into trouble every time he wanders off script; the serial adulterer with more ethical lapses than a mob boss, the Texas libertarian who never met a conspiracy theory he couldn’t embrace or a racist newsletter he couldn’t deny and a ultra right-conservative former Senator who is so far to the right that he even scares the tea party.

Yeah, Romney won. He’ll probably win most of the remaining contests even with Gingrich sniping at his ankles like a rat terrier. And for what? Republicans have become so fractured, so torn apart by internal dissent that they have little hope of uniting behind anyone in November.

Romney leads the race by default. He’s not the best choice but the least objectionable among a flock of losers.  He’s backed by a GOP establishment that would prefer almost anyone else if it had a viable alternative.

The eventual winner goes up against a failed President who may go down as history as one of the biggest mistakes of an error-prone American electorate. He could go down in defeat, he should go down in flames — if only the party of the elephant could find just one viable alternative.

Instead, we have Romney, Gingrich, Paul and Santorum — the four horsemen of a political apocalypse once known as the Grand Old Party.

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14 thoughts on “Romney tops the other GOP losers in Nevada”

  1. Since Romney loves the idea that Planned Parenthood should not be financed at all, I will use this spot to announce that Komen’s Board Member Karen Handel who is also Secretary of State in Georgia, has resigned from the Board of Susan Komen’s working for a cure for breast cancer. I, for one, am pleased that this Evangelical person wants to guide our federal government into her drive for a Christian America has found little support.

    The Churches should have no say in what the government does for women’s health issues. This decision of Romney’s is just one of many where the Prophet in Salt Lake City will guide decisions from the White House, if Romney gets elected.

    If the GOP chooses Santorum, the laws would come directly from the Vatican. What the hell is wrong with our US Constitution?

  2. Losers?

    The only real losers are the American People.

    The status quo wins again, thanks in most part to American ignorance.

  3. I agree with Doug Thompson completely on every point contained in his posts on this particular message board.

    Furthermore, the globalists are cut from the same cloth and funded by the same rich men.

    The candidates may change but the funding and “bosses” who “pre-screen” our candidate choices are the same men (one could assume.)

  4. I think the lack of voters from Nevada tells us that the enthusiasm is missing for a great debate for each party. All the GOP can offer is a new level of laws from the New Testament which will destroy any form of birth control for all American women.

    Religion just like birth control is a choice and should always be a choice. The fight at this time is financing birth control. Congressman Hyde passed a bill that removed all financing for abortions….not birth control. Married women going through the change of life are in great jeopardy of getting pregnant when they least expect it. It is the time in every woman’s life when birth control must be available. It is a time when most men stray from their vows and their wives know it.

    It is also a time when many women hope that they can legally and financially have their parts removed stopping any possibility of pregnancy.

    The cycle of physical activity within every woman’s life can bring a joy to the entire family. Many women bring God into the times when they are breeding and when it is time to stop. Now the GOP has presented the time lines for women directing them to live according to some man-made schedule where we gals give up our choices depending on who gets elected in November.

    We had a dinner party last night with 5 retired academic planners from the Los Angeles area. All were married as young women and all returned to their academic background for employment. They found a need to return to work when their grandchildren needed college tuition’s. All were religious Christians and did what was necessary to stop producing children keeping the possibility of all having the ability to get through the college costs. All are horrified at having reproduction care stopped as if they (we) were to start reproducing again. My family bred horses and dogs and we all knew when to stop the breeding.

    The GOP has an agenda of removing the personal choices for women, gays and terminally ill people. What gives these once freedom-loving party members to act as if God is directing a new set of laws controlling their every move? If the churches want this responsibility, let them express it but directing the federal government is not the place preach.

    • The jury is still out Alex. Bush had two terms to screw up the Presidency. At this point, I wouldn’t score Obama any better than Bush. In too many ways, he’s just Bush in blackface: Continuation of the Patriot Act, increases in warrantless wiretapping, subservience to special interests, etc.

      By the time his second term is over, he could well score below Bush.

      • Just one follow-up. Was there ever a President that you liked? I can’t recall you ever liking anyone on CHB, but I could be wrong. It seems that you only weigh the negatives – granted, there are plenty, but I think a fair assessment of Obama’s overall record places him well ahead of Bush – especially when you consider that Bush and the Congress created most of the mess that he’s had to work with and try to fix.

        • A President to like? Not really. Johnson was President when I landed my first job as a reporter. Then Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and now Obama. Hardly a stellar cast.

          The problems you say Obama inherited go back much further than GWB. Clinton gave us NAFTA, which expedited the flight of manufacturing jobs overseas, Reagan and Bush I greased the skids for tax breaks for fatcat supporters and so on. It’s shortsighted — and probably partisan — to lay the blame at the feet of any one President or political party.

          Having covered politics as a journalist for nearly five decades — with a brief intrusion into the system as a political operative — I can say with some authority that the problem lies with the system. Politics and government — as they exist today — attract not the best and brightest but the least and dimmest. Obama had neither the experience or depth of knowledge to be President. He won because he was a literate black man who gave good campaign speeches and had the good fortune to run against an aging Arizona senator with a bimbo as his running mate. He will probably win re-election not because of anything he’s done but because the other side can’t find a decent candidate to field against him.

          • I’d just like to add, that that’s pretty much how I felt about our Government, but the Presidency of George W Bush taught me that as bad as it is, it can always get worse. And I think we need to promote bad over worse 😉

  5. On the other hand, Doug, if Obama wins and Congress regains its collective sense and the Republicans learn how to really compromise, he could go down in history as a transformative president.

    Obama enraged his so-called base on the left with his attempts to meet the Republicans halfway.

    Is Obama a failed president as you say? He failed at many things but did he fail as a president.

    Rather than list what I do think he accomplished I will offer up a website which has 100 or so folks who worked to list what they see as his accomplishments.

    Before anybody lambasts him I think it would only be fair to assess these claims.

    We’re a team of about 100 volunteers dedicated to countering the constant negative drumbeat of our mainstream media. In the past two years, over 400 steps forward have been taken by the Obama administration, yet the media, driven by corporate self-interest, and disaffection with Obama on both the right and left, continues to focus only on any negatives they can construct a narrative around.
    To push back against this destructive bias, we’re building a crowd-sourced compilation of the achievements of the Obama administration, with well-sourced documentation for each achievement linked to it for easy contextual navigation. It’s a work in progress and a labor of love — for our country.
    In today’s frenzied media zones, far too much time has been spent putting the spotlight on complaints while significant achievements are either ignored, not reported, or minimized. This site will attempt to redress that fault line in the current landscape of domestic American politics.

    Rather than put a URL on and have this go through moderation, anyone who wants to have a look see can go to the website called obamaachievements dot org.

    Of course if anybody really believes that “nobody’s life, liberty or property is safe while Congress is in session or the White House is occupied” I suppose the only alternatives to what we have are either anarchy, monarchy or dictatorship.

      • Thanks Doug, good to know. That means I can post this totally off subject photo I took yesterday just for fun. A real Boston sports fan

        On the expressway at 75 mph, Super Bowl Sunday, a real sports fan – I had to take the chance and take four pictures to get a good one. Since I only had the Nikon D-90 SLR it was not exactly safe since I had to hold it up to my eye. Click to enlarge.

        On the subject of politics and who I endorse – although some readers here seemed to miss the fact that I wasn’t really endorsing Bill Ayers…

        and some don’t understand my warped sense of humor –

        I have decided now that I am endorsing Santorum. After all he has just been endorsed by (is he still alive) Pat Boone. I mean who of us geezers can forget “April Love” and “Love Letters in the Sand”?

        Hmmmm. I wonder who Frank or Dean would endorse?

  6. . . .less-than-stellar field of GOP contenders for the right to lose to Barack Obama in November.

    Though I wish there was a better choice I can not see it going any other way. Better four more years of President Obama (or should I say less damaging) then any of the alternatives.

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