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Sunday, July 14, 2024

What now for Republicans?


Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich‘s thumping of pre-determined frontrunner Mitt Romney in South Carolina’s GOP primary Saturday has party leaders expressing concerns in conference calls and huddling to figure out how to salvage what has become a disaster in the party’s efforts to find a credible candidate to challenge President Barack Obama.

With three different winners in the season’s first three primaries, leaders of the party that can’t seem to agree on a candidate can agree that the last person they want at the top of the GOP ticket is a scandal-scarred, morally-challenged Gingrich.

“This is a disaster, an absolute disaster,” a top GOP strategist said Saturday night in an email to Capitol Hill Blue. “We would be better off nominating Ron Paul. That’s how bad things have become.

Paul, however, finished fourth in South Carolina with only 13 percent of the vote.

With all votes counted, Gingrich won the state with 40 percent of the vote.  Romney came in 12 points back at 28 percent with Rick Santorum third at 17 percent.

Capitol Hill Blue has learned that GOP leaders expressed their concerns on a long conference call that lasted past midnight with many feeling that a new candidate may be needed to pick up the pieces of a tattered party effort.

“We need a white knight to save the day,” said another GOP operative. “We’ve got four candidates left and none of them seems to fit the bill.  Newt is best at destroying himself and everyone around him and that’s just what he could do with our efforts this year.”

Gingrich leaves South Carolina with momentum going into the crucial Florida primary and he does so without the support of a single mainstream Republican leader.  Nearly all of those who served with him during his tumultuous reign as Speaker of the House have avoided endorsing his run for President.

“Gingrich is the bad apple of the bunch,” says GOP operative Molly Jackson.

At the moment, however, that bad apple seems to be the choice of the right wing that strongly influences — if not controls — the RepublicanParty.


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9 thoughts on “What now for Republicans?”

  1. Thank you tz, it a rare experience to have someone like what I wrote. I saw through the GOP during Bush 41 but could not cut through the B.S. among the Party members at that time. Ross Perot drew me into his plan to run for office and I was hooked by the simplicity of his words. That was in 1992 and it firmed up my Agenda which took me out of the GOP.

    tz, few members of this site are readers of the political authors who take the trouble to understand what has gone wrong in America in general and the GOP in particular. Over on the forum section, many brag about not reading except the stuff from Wikipedia.

  2. The Republican party has allowed itself to be hijacked by the entertainment industry. Limbaugh, Fox, and all the others who make their money by extreme sensationalism. These ratings driven non scholars, non statesmen,tabloid personalities and corporations are imperiling effective, dare I say sane government.
    Of course the Republican party has produced only clowns, they are the party of the right wing media circus.

    And going a bit off topic, I do agree with Sandy Price, the real struggle in the USA is rule of law democratic republic versus those who would drown the government in the bath tub in order to ease their literally criminal agendas of wars, theft, and domestic social darwinism. No one on the right cares to discuss the outcomes of they gut social security and medicare.
    Lawful vs unlawful. Moral and ethical vs amorality and ruthlessness.
    Those are the combatants.

  3. We all recognize that Newt will attack the Middle East and bring America into a full blown war just like Pearl Harbor. He drools over being Commander in Chief of the final war against Islam. Who knows, he might even claim that God demanded this of him with his mate holding his hand.

    I have serious doubts about his sanity. If I had black blood I might consider moving back to Africa if this madman makes it into the White House. Being a Secular Humanist, I might have to move my own family there or at least to South America.

  4. Very little excites me more than my team making an end run for a touchdown. Where is my team? They didn’t qualify for the finals.

    You make excellent points, Carl. We need to work on the enthusiasm factor that is missing with the voters.

    We have a whole year to do this but not even Lombardi could pull off a win, without his Offense. We need to be more offensive!

  5. “This is a disaster, an absolute disaster,” a top GOP strategist said Saturday night in an email to Capitol Hill Blue. “We would be better off nominating Ron Paul. That’s how bad things have become.” …extract from article

    Whoaaaa! What’s this a glimmer of sanity finally coming through on the part of the ‘rethug’ cognoscenti? / : |

    Iowa, N.H. and S.C. are ‘podunk’ states. The test will come as to who makes it in Florida and beyond.

    I don’t think Newt’s campaign is going to play well in Florida, Romney’s either. So these two can duke it out to the convention, only to lose in November as surely they will.

    Romney has problems too. The only candidate talking the serious business of government is candidate Paul along with plan for summarily reducing our annual deficit spending with many other doable ideas and many of which are not, but just the same a plan which the others are lacking. They enjoy speaking in ‘broad brushstrokes’; but rest assured once flopped into office, it will be business as usual in short order; I.E., the “New boss…same as the old boss” syndrome in spades.

    I’m a pragmatist and realize Ron Paul has a slim chance of getting the nomination. I congratulate him for making it this far after many years of not making a blip on the political screen in terms doing well in the primaries.

    So if the Republicans want to salvage their party then they are going to have to knock on some doors and find some no nonsense candidates, with a squeaky clean record relative to marital and business matters along with proven records of service to their states and nation.

    They have Jeb Bush or David Petraeus as possibilities. Although Jeb is a Bush family member, he’s not cut from the same cloth as H.W. and G.W. Bush. He seems to have a sense of public service without any of the family’s transgenerational lust for ‘war profiteering’ in his blood.

    Of course they’ll have to get their media wonks busy making the necessary sea changes to send Newt, Mitt and Rick S. to the bottom in order to make this game-changing substitution. These less than appealing candidates need to be taken out by a well-engineered, MSM sponsored “end run”.

    Carl Nemo **==

  6. Somewhat off topic: I am watching a liberal morning talk show where they are discussing how Gingrich warned about Obama bringing the philosophy of Saul Alinsky to America twice, contrasting this “horror” with his belief in “American exceptionalism”.

    Since only intellectuals like Barak Obama (and there may be a video or him mentioning him) and us even know anything about Alinsky my theory is that he is using him because his name sounds alien… un-American, un-Christian ( he was Jewish).

    This could backfire if people actually read Alinsky and realize that while seen as radical for the 1960s he was all about empowering the powerless. In fact, his ideas were unknowingly followed by the Tea Party, as well as many of those in the Arab uprisings.

    Unfortunately if Newt is the nominee we do have the inflammatory cover of his book which will probably be used in his ads. It’s the red cover you can see on Amazon.

    Meanwhile, I am disappointed that the usually instantly updated Wikipedia has no mention of all this as of this morning.

    • Hal, we also saw David Stockman define the words of Alinsky and David came from the Reagan world. Anyone with a passing interest in political science has to be familiar with the words of Alinsky.

      If the GOP really wants a new candidate they had better get a new agenda as well. The laws generated by the House and Senate encourage having the Corporations influence the laws passed by our own government. This is a case of right over wrong and not simply right over left.

      Newt will self explode. The religious right must be hanging their heads in shame that they would promote a man so morally flawed to even win in their state. There was no Preacher, Priest or Minister who stood up for making the right decision within this election. Their religion has made them weak and spineless.

      Newt reminds me of Don Giovanni who lived on the backs of all the women in his life. But even the great Don, ended up falling into the pits of hell.

      Newt does not leave his women laughing. They will be heard unless he explodes first. He does not possess the class of Clinton who can look into the camera with a smile and a wink and leave everyone laughing. Newt comes off as a dirty old man.

    • Yeah, the Tea Party’s just blindly hooked on the Alinsky model… NOT.

      From Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals:

      “A Marxist begins with his prime truth that all evils are caused by the exploitation of the proletariat by the capitalists. From this he logically proceeds to the revolution to end capitalism, then into the third stage of reorganization into a new social order of the dictatorship of the proletariat, and finally the last stage — the political paradise of communism.”

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