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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Romney’s rapid fall from the top

Mitt Romney: The game has changed

At the beginning of the week, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney had two primary wins and appeared headed for an easy victory in conservative South Carolina.

By week’s end, he was down to just one primary win and heads for Florida 1 and 2.

What happened?

On one hand, Newt Gingrich happened.  The bombastic former Speaker of the House turned adversity into advantage in two contentious South Carolina debates.

In the first, he turned a question about racism from Fox News’ Juan Williams into an applause line that plays well in the heart of the Confederacy.  In the second, he turned a question from CNN Moderator John King about his infidelity into a standing ovation by attacking the media for having the gall to question his character.

“Carefully-worded racism plays well in South Carolina,” longtime state political watcher Joe Vance told Capitol Hill Blue Saturday.  “What’s more surprising is how voters can look the other way on Newt’s history of infidelity.”

On the other, Romney sank himself with waffling answers on his refusal to release income tax returns, leaving the clear impression that he has something to hide.

While a majority of Republican voters claim they prefer Romney at the top of the GOP ticket in November, they really aren’t that comfortable with him.  With the rabid right rising once again within the GOP, Romney is in trouble.

Conventional political wisdom says Romney has the money and the campaign organization to eventually win the nomination but this campaign season is anything but conventional.

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8 thoughts on “Romney’s rapid fall from the top”

  1. Al, what else can they do? When the Primary elections are based on the destruction of Presidents (Obama in this case) the absolutely wrong people are voted in. The problem is that the GOP has no agenda other than from the religious right. They have signed pledges to never raise taxes on one hand and for the prohibition of abortions, birth control, gay marriages and a bible in every class room, on the other. This new agenda lost many of us old Republicans who voted according to individual freedoms. We became Independents and Libertarians. Not even Lew Rockwell can talk us back into the GOP.

    If Gingrich explodes it will take a convention big enough to fill the super dome to wake up the Republicans to return and work for the party again. Santorum prays night and day for Gingrich to take a wrong step so Santorum will be the only Conservative war-mongering candidate left on the podium.

    The GOP means the final war in the Middle East. I lived all through WW2 and I have had enough!

    Americans have no desire for equality and would prefer we all stay within our color barriers and our commitment to God. Mexicans must stay on the other side of border and gays on the other side of the street.

    • In the end these religious extremist will all start playing a virtual reality game called “End Times”. If they mess up they can play it over until they get it right from the players perspective.

      To even believe that folks like this will become represent and control the whole US is a fantasy. The screams from them will increase till the have their nice little VR fantasy world setup.

      They are a cult that is dying out and like all tribes that are dying are acting out. The current technology help their screams. But in the end they will dwindle.

      Why do I believe that – after spend 15 years as an engineering build guidance system for nuclear weapons for MAD (Mutual Assurance Destruction). I have become familiar with these type of folks. The $ folks, who are a different type of parasite. Realize there is no profit in blowing up the planet.

      So they are primitives who are scared of the evolving technology society. And hate the fact that Christian religion in many mind is no more real then the Muslim counter part.

    • It seems that way Almandine unless Mitt Romney can reestablish his dominance otherwise if this process turns out to be by a nose length horse race, then for sure it will be a brokered convention with possibly fist fights on the floor breaking out..: ))

      Most election cycles are boring, so this one at least kicks up the ‘fun factor’ for us proles.

      Unfortunately in these duopolist dominanted end times for the Republic, now an ‘Empire’…the new boss ends up being the same as the old boss. They always win, “We the people” lose again as usual.

      Carl Nemo **==

      • Hey Carl –

        A happy evening to you…

        I was mentally composing a reply, and then my big black lab, Boomer, came over wanting lap (yeah) time and the seriousness melted away. While he’s a bit big for the lap, he’s talker, too, so as HE says, time to let him out.

        • Hey, thanks for the good wishes tonight. : )

          My main pet is a snow white tom cat, who’s simply name “Tom”. When I call him home towards nightfall, it’s ‘tomtom’ He has one blue and one yellow eye, truly a stunning creature, very spoiled and demanding for attention.

          At times I’ll ask him if he likes what I’ve written and he’ll close his eyes for a bit squeezing out an affirmative delated blink. When he doesn’t like it he’ll act like he’s burying his scat and when so, I ‘delete’. : ))

          Not joking either.

          Having kinship with one’s pet is important for personal health too. It’s been studied and they say folks that bond with their animals have higher serotonin and lower cortisol levels, so too living longer as opposed to seniors living in isolation post the loss of a mate etc. or simply as singles.

          Give “Boomer” a doggy treat and big hug from me. : )

          We’ve had dogs and our last one was a chocolate lab pup, but a coyote got her. We’ve lost many cats to coyotes over time. Then again there’s no “Golden Arches” for coyotes and their kin, or a dutiful master feeding them other than via their pets. : (

          Carl Nemo **==

          • “…squeezing out an affirmative [delated] blink.” …extract from post

            should read:

            …squeezing out an affirmative [delayed] blink.

            Although several days stale, this error has incessantly annoyed me and no doubt others. “Delate” is a word, but not to be used in this case, but simply a typo.

            My apologies.

            Carl Nemo **==

  2. “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry”…From Robert Burns’ poem To a Mouse, 1786

    Shadenfreude on my behalf towards Mitt…: ))

    Carl Nemo **==

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