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Saturday, March 2, 2024

It is Gingrich who is despicable and appalling


Newt Gingrich, the serial adulterer, the philandering ex-husband of two wives he dumped during affairs with other women, the unabashed liar who preaches “family values” while screwing around, claims anyone who questions him about his lifestyle is “despicable.”

“The destructive, vicious, negative nature of much of the news media makes it harder to govern this country, harder to attract decent people to run for public office. And I am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate on a topic like that,” an angry Gingrich said in Thursday’s GOP Presidential debate in response from a question from CNN’s John King on if it was true he asked wife number two for an “open marriage” so he could screw around openly.

If Gingrich is right he should be grateful. If only decent people could run for President, Gingrich would be out chasing some sweet young thing in a skirt instead of running for an office he neither deserves nor is qualified to hold.

Gingrich is many things: Decent is not one of them.  He’s a womanizing leech, a boil on the political scene, a morally-corrupt man who demanded a divorce form his first wife while she lay in a hospital bed, dumped wife number two after she refused his demands for approval of the “open marriage” he practiced anyway and — if the beliefs of some current aides are correct — is still practicing with or without the knowledge of his current — and most likely not last — wife.

Second wife Marianne Gingrich said his mistress — Callista Bisek, now wife number three — didn’t care if he screwed around.

” I just stared at him and he said, ‘Callista doesn’t care what I do,’ ” Marianne Gingrich told ABC News.

The former Mrs. Gingrich says her now ex-husband was so blatant in his affair that he would bring his mistress home to their Washington apartment and screw in their bed while she was home in Georgia.

“He always called me at night and always ended with ‘I love you.’ Well, she was listening,”Marianne Gingrich recalled,

Aides tell Capitol Hill Blue Gingrich is still screwing around.  If true, it’s not surprising. Serial adulterers seldom turn over a new leaf. Gingrich claims he has found God but the only place he probably encounters God is if one of his bed mates screams out “oh God” during orgasm, assuming — of course — he cares enough about the women he beds to give them any satisfaction.

“He wasn’t that good,” says one former aide who admits to a brief fling with the then Speaker of the House. “He only cares about getting his rocks off.”

Yes, the situation is appalling. The fact that anyone with an ounce of morality might actually vote for such an immoral man is the most appalling part of the whole sordid mess.

Gingrich is slime.  If he wins a single primary it will prove the political party that spawned this freak of nature is slime too.

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20 thoughts on “It is Gingrich who is despicable and appalling”

  1. I understand Newt polled 9 points higher among married women in SC than Mitt. Ah….to be a bad boy.

    I understand Kerry got those two black eyes when he asked Teresa about having an “open marriage.”

  2. Felice, you must be a newcomer. Doug is an equal opportunity excoriator. He calls it like he sees it, party is irrelevant.

  3. Hmm, Gingrich is “surging in the polls” but has to cancel events due to poor turnout?

    Yeah, they aren’t lying to you. Or maybe people that take phone surveys just never leave their houses? 😉

    My favorite comment: No one is going to go out of their way to be lied to.

  4. When one has no defense, one must rely on a strong offense. Deflect, denounce, deny. Sounded rehearsed too. Gingrich is finished.

  5. The key to Speaker Newt’s personality was that he was denied tenure at West Georgia State — he was never a professor. There are no more bitter and resentful people on this earth than failed academics. Also typical of this type is a compulsion to always be showing off about how smart they are — when really, they’re not… all… that.

    • You prompted me to search this aspect of Newt’s career. He got his BA at Emory and PhD at Tulane, both fine universities. Then he taught at West Georgia College. This has since become a university which is highly rated for academic excellence, something I didn’t know about.

      I found this on a PBS website:

      During Newt’s early years as an assistant professor at sleepy West Georgia College, he developed a reputation for a sort of Wagnerian overreaching. Stephen Hanser, one of Newt’s closest intellectual advisors, found himself in 1972 in a contest with Newt over the chairmanship of their department. Hanser was unfazed by the young, unpublished instructor’s chutzpah. “Oh, I think Newt being Newt saw an opportunity to make some changes in the department, and the fact that he was 28 or 29 at the time didn’t bother him.” After only a few years on campus, he also pushed himself for the presidency of the college. From: “The Inner Quest of Newt Gingrich”

      by Gail Sheehy
      Vanity Fair September 1995

      With this kind of over-reaching ambition I can see why being denied the holy grail of academia, tenure, would be a grievous wound.

      • Thanks Hal Brown for the corroboration of “much older guy”‘s allegations about Newt Gingrich.

        Based on the research and the derived psychological forensics from such, it would seem that Newt is not fit to be President of the United States of America or Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces. He would become a loose cannon on deck in short order to our collective national hazard.

        He’s an intellectaully driven sociopath; I.E., an ‘elitist’, for which there is no cure or redemption. To put it simply he’s bad kimche…! / : |

        Carl Nemo **==

  6. Gingrich reminds me of “The Baron Vladimir Harkonnen” of both the novel and movie “Dune” by Frank Herbert.

    Although not exactly the same in physiological appearance somehow Gingrich’s lust for power and the maintenance thereof at any price, once attained, seems similar. To Newt, the rest of us are mere ‘groundlings’ we being his prey, his supreme intellect a gift to us from the gods…no?

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Carl: The following comparison came to me recently, but I’ve read that others see the parallel too: Newt Gingrich is very much like the character Greg Stillson in Stephen King’s “The Dead Zone.”

      Stillson wowed the crowds, rocked the boat, and became extremely electable. Stillson’s goal was the White House, and the voters did not see the REAL Stillson; the man who lives behind the public mask.

      Those of us who voted for Obama found out rather quickly that there is a huge difference between what he portrayed himself to be and what he really is. The same applies to Gingrich, but currently this is what the Republican base wants. They think they’re going to get what they want. But they will not.

      The one real historcal figure I can place with Newt Gingrich is Huey Long. So for me, Gingrich is “The Kingish” even if he contains only a fraction of the intellect that Huey did.

      Mitt & Co. might succeed with a campaign slogan of “Vote For Romney, The Honest Hypocrite.” 🙂

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    Diamonds… diamonds… I don’t mean rhinestones… but diamonds… are a girls best… best friend”

    Calisita, I have news for you. You may have gotten your hair out of the same bottle as Marilyn, but you ain’t Marilyn. And you ain’t gonna sleep with a president either.

    • Thanks Hal for the “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” piece, but I once had a Chinese diamond and gold broker once say…”do you know why diamond’s are a girls’ or anyone’s best friend?”. I said no…?

      He said once you buy them you are stuck to getting anywhere near the price you paid for them. They best be your ‘friend’ as opposed to a store of wealth.

      I’m a “gold bug” of many years. He said gold is fungible worldwide and gold is for “strong hands”. You don’t buy it and dump it willy nilly, but hold on to it, transgenerationally in order to insulate one from the hazards of government instituted inflation to hyperinflation.

      Unless one is buying unusually investment grade diamonds in the 3 carat and above realm for a major store of wealth and only when times stablilize, to the hungry, downtrodden and desperate it’s nothing but a shining bauble whereas gold has reigned supreme throughout history as a store of real wealth, along with its fungibility which means it can be transacted on the spot anywhere at anytime planet earth.

      Ah…silly women and their diamonds…no? They’re no different than catching a bass on a “Johnson” spoon when it comes to their affecton for ‘bling’. : ))

      Seemingly Newt is a good ‘bass fisherman’ as well as a bullsh*t vendor when it comes to women…no?

      Carl Nemo **==

  8. I am no square but I have a certain respect for the White House and the people who live there.

    There were many years where many of us worried about what President Clinton would do next with his promiscuous habits. There was a fixed calm when President Bush moved into the White House where the most interesting part of his family was Barney his Scottie.

    If the current Mrs. Gingrich was bold enough to live with Speaker Gingrich while he was married under the illusion of trying to convert him into Catholic laws, I doubt she would fit into my pattern of a first Lady.

    The occupants of the White House have basically been decent Americans but allowing a blatant tramp to be greeting the leaders of the world as a hostess is not my idea of a good match. I do not want to be reminded of Newt’s dirty laundry every time I look at the “Ice Queen” (thanks for the label Hal)

  9. Sandy,

    I watched Stephen (silent T) Colbert this morning too. Not only did he crack me up but I thought it was so genuine how he cracked up Miki and Joe. It struck me that the audience just didn’t “get it”. What a mostly humorless crowd.

    Colbert has such a quick mind.


  10. Hal’s critique of this column:


    (Not original with me, Mother Jones had it first, Google Newt and Iceman Cometh)

    1) “The former Mrs. Gingrich says her now ex-husband was so blatant in his affair that he would bring his mistress home to their Washington apartment and screw in their bed while she was home in Georgia.”

    I recorded the interview and watched it this morning. Marianne didn’t actually use the word “screw”. Of course the clear implication was that sexual congress (pun intended) had was occurring.

    2) “He wasn’t that good,” says one former aide who admits to a brief fling with the then Speaker of the House. “He only cares about getting his rocks off.”

    Nice play on words, whether intentional or not. He’s paid in rocks (diamonds, at least to Calista, but who knows who else) to get his rocks (testicles) off.

    Reaction to Felice:

    Where is the journalistic hypocrisy, specifically, in Doug’s column?

  11. South Carolina is a heavily loaded Evangelical State and they want to win a President who will ban abortions and birth control. They want gays to go away and leave the Christians alone. This has gone beyond the Religious Right making false promises like President Bush 43 did and this time, they would vote for Satan himself if the promise was made to clean up the morals of women. Apparently men can do whatever they want but women must be enslaved to breed only with their husbands. This is very common among Evangelicals.

    The best part of this hypocrisy of the Gingrich mess was watching Morning Joe this morning. Stephen Colbert was on and I have never laughed so hard for years.

    It is very likely that Speaker Gingrich will make the final cut and it will finally identify the two-faced GOP for what I have been saying for over a dozen years.

    It is sad there is not a strong safety net for those of us who cannot stomach the religious right. It has finally hurt Dr. Ron Paul who innocently ran as a Republican. As Rachel Maddow said earlier this week that all women should stock up on birth control.

  12. wow, what a special example of journalistic hypocrisy coming from yet another liberal and biased media source from inside Obama’s beltway. Only thing it shows is how worried you all are of Newt’s surge.
    Never under estimate Newt Gingrich. Did you see how scared Romney looked last night?

    • >>liberal and biased media source from inside Obama’s beltway<<

      Do you actually read this news page or did you find it on a Gingrich Google search? Try starting with the anti-Obama articles.

  13. The sheer, unadulterated hypocricy of all these clowns (especially Newt) is appalling.

    How the “bible thumpers” can beleive his continuing “family values” pitch is quite beyond me.

  14. Doug,

    You mean that Newt is not completely satisfied by Calista, bought and paid for with Tiffany diamonds, earning her the appellation (from me at least) the Ice Queen?

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