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Friday, June 14, 2024

Perry drops out; Endorses Gingrich

Rick Perry calls it quites (AP/Dave Goldman)

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, his campaign floundering and out of money, dropped his Presidential bid Thursday and endorsed serial adulterer Newt Gingrich as his choice for the GOP nomination.

“Newt’s not perfect but who among us is,” Perry said in a press conference.

The announcement came hours before the second and last GOP debate in South Carolina before Saturday’s primary.  It also came as details began to leak out on just what Gingrich’s ex-wife would say in an exclusive ABC interview Thursday night about Gingrich’s adultery, hypocrisy and ethical lapses.

Gingrich welcomes the endorsement. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, the candidate who stands the most to lose from Perry’s withdrawl, praised his now-formal rival.

“Rick Perry ran a campaign based on love of country and conservative principles,” Romney said. “He has earned a place of prominence as a leader in our party.”

Perry had no choice.

“We have spent the bulk of our funds,” campaign spokesman Ray Sullivan said.

Campaign strategists tell Capitol Hill Blue that Perry’s withdrawal will hurt Romney because conservatives had one less alternative to choose from.

“Perry’s votes will go to someone else,” says one. “That someone will be anyone but Romney.”

It the votes go to Gingrich, it will help his current surge in polls in South Carolina, where recent numbers show him closing in on Romney.

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12 thoughts on “Perry drops out; Endorses Gingrich”

  1. What leaves me hushed about Rick Perry giving his support to Newt Gingrich is that this alleged ‘godly’ preacherman isn’t put off by Gingrich’s track record as a serial philanderer, heartless husband, a demonstrated liar when it comes to his interface with his fellow citizens along with his questionable business practices following his tenure in Congress. It surely doesn’t say much for Perry himself in my book much less to the man he gave his post withdrawal support. /:|

    I’d say the Republican party in their present form is finished by allowing such lowlifes to represent their interests. Mitt is clean in terms of marital scandal etc., but his god is seemingly Mammon.

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. Maybe Perry’s 30,000 people pray meeting may have backfired?

    I wonder if Perry feels like God forsaked him?

    Perry does genuinely believe himself to be one of the chosen ones.

  3. “Rick Perry ran a campaign based on love of country and conservative principles,”

    Who says Romney can’t do comedy?

    “Perry’s votes will go to someone else,”

    What – both of them? I guess it might help in an incredibly close race.

    It the votes go to Gingrich, it will help his current surge in polls in South Carolina, where recent numbers show him closing in on Romney.

    Ignewt Grinch’s indiscriminate ‘surging’ looks like reversing the benefit of Perry’s two votes. “I promise not to surge on your dress, South Carolina”.

  4. Perry drops out?

    Like he had a chance?

    Perry, Romney, Gingrich ALL want to go to war.

    Pick any of them, they’re ALL the same and funded by the same group of shadow bankers/corporations.

    See, the elite are smart. They hedge their bets and fund any of the candidates they can, that way it’s a win-win-win etc.

    That’s how the faces change but the slide into globalism never skips a beat.

    Romney is the elite’s boy. Look at him. He;s one of “them” and you can tell it.

    Perry wasn’t their #1.
    So long Perry. Can’t say you’ll be missed.

  5. I hope this is the end of the Evangelical bigotry from the GOP. They can rant and rave about sins and how America needs to return to the “God First” Country that they believe is found somewhere in the Constitution. When it comes down to winning a position in government, sins seem to be applauded.

    It was just announced that Senator Santorum’s wife had a 6 year affair with an abortion doctor and of course Gingrich’s current wife lived in a state of adultery for many years. Are these women really wanting to be the First Ladies of The U.S.A.?

    Where the hell do these Christian get off pulling the illusion that they believe in God? They believe in greed and power. There is no depth they will not fall to pull off this illusion that they can be trusted.

    If the voters elect any one of them, America deserves to fail.

    • Appropriate entertainment Woody188. I liked the ‘beat’, the ‘message’ along with the ‘moves’…: ))

      Carl Nemo **==

      • Technically Freddie Mercury admitted to being bi-sexual, but I don’t think Perry would like it any way. 😉

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