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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Newly unearthed newsletters reveal Ron Paul lied

Lies, damn lies and Ron Paul

The New Republic has found more evidence that Ron Paul is lying about his involvement in racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic newsletters published under his name in the 1990s.

The newly-discovered newsletters and direct mail pieces also discredit Paul’s claim that the newsletters overall only contained “a total of eight or ten sentences” that could be considered offensive.

Paul claims he never read the newsletters.  Yet many of the racist comments were repeated in a by-lined monograph with the headline: “Race Terrorism in America.”

Writes TNR:

The newsletters warned repeatedly of “race war.” The June 1990 Political Report carried an item entitled, “Race War?” which claimed that said war was on the horizon because of “the victimization mentality created by the civil rights movement, where every black failure is a white crime. If there is indeed this sort of trouble ahead, it is just another reason why every honest American should be armed.” The August 1990 Political Report claimed that “we’ve got a potential race war.” The December 1990 Investment Letter reported that “Abortion is rampant, race war is heating up, AIDS is spreading, and inflation is wiping out the middle class.”

The September 1992 edition of the Political Report wrote of a supposed spate of bank robberies this way: “Today, gangs of young blacks bust into a bank lobby firing rounds at the ceiling.” It also said that “We don’t think a child of 13 should be held as responsible as a man of 23. That’s true for most people, but black males age 13 who have been raised on the streets and who have joined criminal gangs are as big, strong, tough, scary and culpable as any adult, and should be treated as such.”

A January 1993 Survival Report item headlined “Poor Marge Schott!” defended the former Cincinnati Reds owner, who was “being crucified” after she referred to her own players as “million dollar niggers,” said that “sneaky goddamn Jews are all alike” and “only fruits wear earrings,” and claimed that Hitler was an initially positive force for Germany.

In 1987, the Ron Paul Political Report warned that the Federal Emergency Management Agency was ready to declare martial law.  He warned of perceived conspiracies by the Trilateral Commission, the Rockefellers and Yale’s secret Skull & Bones society. In February 1994 he claimed the Clintons killed White House aide Vince Foster, who committed suicide.

That conspiracy theory surfaced again in Paul’s 2008 Presidential campaign when he sent out a fundraising letter touting himself as the “only Republican who can beat Hilary” and invoking right-wing conspiracy theories about the FBI raid on the Branch Davidians and “the mysterious death of Hillary’s pal Vince Foster.”

Other newsletters showcase bias against gays, praise right-wing militia groups and praise those who don’t pay taxes and called Leona Helmsley a “martyr” after she was jailed for failing to pay $1.2 million in federal taxes.


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32 thoughts on “Newly unearthed newsletters reveal Ron Paul lied”

  1. Speaking of “The New Republic”…

    A long-time supporter, Alex Jones, who has fairly frequently had Ron Paul as a guest on his syndicated radio program has posted a “Banned Ron Paul TV Commercial” on his web site.

    For those of you who don’t know Alex Jones. He’s probably the wildest conspiracy theorist in the country. Some call him “insane”.

    I’ve tried listening to Mr. Jones’ radio programs several times…and I think surely I must be listening to a program written by Orson Welles that was intended to rival his earth shocking radio program “War of the Worlds”.

    So if you want to buy a “Save The Republic – Vote for Ron Paul in 2012 Tee-Shirt, I’m sure it’s listed on one of two websites hosted by Mr. Jones {Poison Plant and Info Wars).

    Anyway, for your viewing pleasure…here’s a link to Mr. Jones’ website that posts the banned Ron Paul commerical.

    Now I dare anybody to equally compare the old liberal rag “TNR” to Alex Jones Radio Show.

    As the old saying goes, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

    We’ve all reduced ourselves down to:

    I bet my daddy can be the hell of your daddy…and my daddy is dead.

    • Hi Gregg…

      Several articles back I complimented you on your commentary etc. I realize you don’t care for Ron Paul, but your writings seem to exude a hopelessness concerning the overall order of the day.

      Do you have any ideas as to what the Rx might be for our nation and if so, what is it?

      All we’ve got is a one man/woman, one vote paradigm and now with election fraud related to e-voting machines and out of control corporate lobbying, they too now classed as ‘citizens’, how can we make this change shy of open revolution and rushing their perimeter so to speak?

      Ron Paul is the only candidate that’s at least talking about making both necessary and urgent changes relative to doing business as usual from the other guys.

      The other candidates are still mucking about inane societal distractions such as gay marriage, gays in the military, abortion, a right to choose meanwhile there’s a massive fire in the engine room of the USS America, we’re now taking water, listing heavily to starboard, stern up, while the ‘Captain’ and his Congressional crew are already in the lifeboats ready to abandon ship, so too keeping the passengers in the dark with their endless, empty, distractive rhetoric, no different then the recent Italian cruise liner tragedy with seemingly a similar ‘Captain’ at the helm. It’s my understanding he didn’t want his ‘dining’ engagement interrupted with some nubile, female passenger while his ship was in the early stages of sinking…?! This ‘Captain’ so too, seemingly demonstrates “new age” ‘leadership’ on a worldwide basis…no? / : |

      So would you care to share your thoughts as to what would be appropriate triage for our nation?

      Carl Nemo **==

      • Carl…let me ponder your request a wee bit. I’ll see if I can offer some insight to my insane thinking about why I post comments as I do about our sad state of affairs in the US.

        But before I ponder and post a reply. If I truly had just half of all the answers…you wouldn’t have to worry about who would be sitting in the White House come January 20, 2013. It would clearly be me.

        Then I’d officially change the title from President to Ruler.

        I promise I’ll reply…even at the expense of embarrassing myself, which I do frequently.

          • Welp, Carl…

            Haven’t at all forgotten my promise. Not to make an excuse, but I when I write a lengthy post, I do in on a Word doc page.

            I have spent several hours since my last post trying to verbalize my perceptions and ideas…and had the page open when I decided to make a post in RR. I opened a new Word Doc…made my post and wanted to edit it…and pasted it back over my approximate 2 and 1/2 pages that I had written in response to your require.

            I won’t ever be able to duplicate what I wrote, but I am going to try to reconstruct it as close as possible. Many of my thoughts…were new to me as your response made me think about things somewhat differently than I ever have.

            So hang in.

  2. “The New Republic” is a neo-liberal zionist sympathizing “rag” to promote Israel’s hegemoney over the Middle East, all to our U.S. hazard along with encouraging further developement of ‘Empire Americanus’, the world’s new ‘super policeman’.

    I’ve subscribed to it and other so-called newsmags offering alleged cutting edge broad-based enlightenment, but soon discover they have an agenda and it ain’t pretty for “WE the people”. Their editorials eventually blend together into so much ‘mind mush’ found within neo-liberals having a ‘Trotskyite, leftest bent’ at our national expense.

    So quoting anything from this ‘rag’ is generally utilized to provide leverage for policies that benefit Israel and their seemingly mindless supporters that are itching for WWIII.

    The TNR infers Ron Paul is a very ‘bad man’ so it must be so…no? : )) Paul’s plan is to hopefully put an end to this insane b.s., but instead he’s tagged as a very bad man. Any ideas who this might be…? / : |

    I suggest the editors of this site start using the brains that hopefully God gave them to analyze situations in a nondescrimiate, dispassionate manner. You’re obsession with Paul’s ‘newsletters’ of the past have moved this site into the ‘Muppet Zone”. : ))

    Carl Nemo **==

    • “The TNR [infers] Ron Paul is a very ‘bad man’ so it must be so…no? : ))

      re: my brackets, should read:

      The TNR [implies] Ron Paul is a very ‘bad man’ so it must be so…no? : ))

      My apologies

      Carl Nemo **==

    • Thanks Almandine for the relevating link concerning Ron Paul.

      From reading the collective response of many anti-Paul correspondents on this site including the editor in chief, I’m beginning to feel they are terminally addicted to the delusion that their ‘womb to tomb’ nanny state paradigm is the best they can hope for in their lifetimes. It feels ever sooooo gooood, as long as they’ve got their toys and comforts, meanwhile screw everyone else and the horse they rode in on. As far as they are concerned…”we don’t need no stinkin’ freedom” when balanced against the endless faux pleasures of our modern era, now failing techno-paradigm. /:|

      The welfare/warfare state has been in the making for quite some time at least since FDR’s tenure and in earnest after WWII. Now along with the innundation of techno-baubles to allow our citizens to walk about gazing at their palms while feverishyly texting, ‘tweeting’ and other such inane b.s. to their fellow citizens; little do they realize that mighty chains of “slavery” have been forged about them. This modern era slavery, although very comfortable is deadly to the human spirit and all that we we’re truly meant to be as responsible, honorable citizens of a well planned and fought for Republic …no?

      Carl Nemo **==

      • Ah yes, govt schools in action… what else besides nanny state nurturance is there when the education system is designed not to produce critical thinkers, but mere worker bees and drones instead.

        Tis a sad, sick place to whence we’ve come, Ollie.

  3. President Obama just cancelled the plans to build the oil pipeline south to the gulf. I caught this on a radio news program on my way to the pool. I’m certain the evening news will be full of it (literally)

  4. Why are the neocons at the New Republic in such a panic? Because Ron Paul’s message of bring home the troops and no more wars is resonating with young people. Opinions are molded and shaped during our youth and Ron Paul, one of the oldest to ever run for office, has managed to strike a chord against all odds. Mitt is likely to be the Republican candidate this year, but every young person that hears and responds to the message of non-interventionism is one less vote for the wars the neocons will try and start in the future.

  5. Thank you Jim. I too have been a Paul follower since 88 and have been aware of what both sides of the aisle can do to the opposition. Every year it becomes more difficult to stay with any candidate of our choosing when others spend much time and money trying to rip their characters into shreds.

    All any of us can do is firm up on our own issues and then head off into the woods and try to find someone, anyone, close to match what we desire.

    I came from a very bigoted family and went into my own revolution while in high school. It was acceptable to hate Jews and blacks in those days and I lost sleep in my anger at this unreasonable attitude. I became ingulfed in the usual insults handed to the minorities and stopped this dead in its tracks when it came to my own children. One can never legislate against bigotry but we can outnumber the others.

    It seems to me that Dr. Paul refused to legislate against or for issues aimed at the minorities. His actions outside of his work within the Congress gave no inkling of bigotry in any way. So many Americans think in terms of black or white with no illusion of finesse or subtlety and they seem unable to give anyone the shadow of a doubt when they speak.

    All our political candidates must stay within the limits of 6th grade to be certain they are understood.

    You shock me with your comments on Lew Rockwell as I simply took what he says as truth. I have come to his defense on many occasions.

    • I became ingulfed in the usual insults handed to the minorities and stopped this dead in its tracks when it came to my own children. One can never legislate against bigotry but we can outnumber the others.

      Well if for nothing else Sandy I admire you for that!

  6. I have known Ron Paul since 1988 and have never heard him speak in derogatory terms about any minority group, including gays or AIDS victims. I know that Rockwell and Rothbard had this idea of bringing paleoconservatives into the liberty coalition and they apparently saw them as xenophobic rednecks. Although I was never a subscriber I got the idea that Rockwell as editor of the Ron Paul newsletter began slanting content to appeal to this group.

    Ron Paul had gone back to his medical practice full time and entrusted his newsletter to Rockwell without due oversight. Rothbard was happy to serve as editor since the newsletter had a substantial mailing list, pure gold in the hands of anyone who depends on direct mail advertising. Ron Paul has many times blamed himself for not exercising control over the newsletter bearing his name but it is inconceivable to me that he wrote the objectionable passages. There is considerable written material by Paul: several bestselling books, published opinion pieces, articles, speech transcripts, and columns. None of it bears the least resemblance to the noted passages in his newsletter, so his claim that he did not write them is almost certainly true.

    Of course any politician can be justly suspected of adopting a new tune but the Internet has given us a ready means of determining what the old tune was and in Paul’s case the record is voluminous.

    Some of Paul’s actions in Congress have been taken as anti-minority, such as his “no” vote on giving a congressional medal to civil rights figure Rosa Parks. Paul said it was not an action authorized under the Constitution but he offered to contribute $100 to the design and striking of the gold medallion if his fellow house members would do likewise. He has often said he considers Parks and Martin Luther King as personal heroes.

    In Paul’s 1988 campaign there was an accusation against him that he was an anti-Semite and Paul expressed concern about it to his campaign manager. His campaign manager pointed out that the charge was easily refutable since both his campaign treasurer and his financial adviser were Jews. That Paul had been unaware underscores his frequent assertion that he sees people not as members of some group but as individuals.

    • My goodness Jim. You seem to know much about Rothbard and Rockwell but just I spoke to Lew this afternoon and he doesn’t know you. I’m part of Rothbard’s forum and they don’t know who you are either. Are you one of these who sneak in behind the curtain and stir up trouble?

      We are talking about the future of American values.

  7. Every one of those items mentioned in this new report were open dialog right here on Reader Rant. Every possible lie and horrible issue against Clinton were part of the forum. Not only were they here but were part of many other sites inspired by Rush Limbaugh. It drew millions of voters into the promise of electing a born again Christian in 2000. The rumors faded but all hell broke loose on September 11th.

    Now it was the turn of the other side. We went from terrible rumors from the white house to the death of over 3000 people. Obviously the right won the fight but will we ever really know who knew what and when? Check mate!

    There are no good guys in D.C. just dirty fighters. Neither party can claim an ounce of integrity. No matter who gets into the White House, the itshay will fly and we will again gather around and react.

  8. We wouldn’t even be spending so much time and mental energy tapping out these columns and comments on Ron Paul if Chris Christie and, say, Jeb Bush along with Romney and one far out evangelical were running instead of the crop of tumbleweed we have pretending to be “presidential”.

    Paul would be getting about as much attention as Ralph Nader and Ross Perot did. What we have here is a side show without the circus. They are like the freaks in the basement of Madison Square Garden. They were fascinating when I was taken to see Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey as a kid. However, the real show was the talented performers in the three rings upstairs.

    The comment about 13 year old black gang members has one small word that says a lot to me. That word is “big”. Any kid with a gun and the inclination to shoot you is of course scary. But how on earth could a child of 13 who happens to meet the Paul stereotype be any bigger than any other American 13 year old. If anything he’d be smaller due to a poor diet.

    I would hazard a guess that crime victims often describe the criminals that robbed or hurt them as bigger than they turn out to be. That is understandable. That’s what fear does.

    Describing 13 year old gang members using “big”, and using it as the first word, is racist.

  9. In the meantime, the President authorized three drone strikes on American citizens, indefinitely detained others, kept open GITMO, and allows hundred of thousands of Black men to stay prison for non-violent drug war offenses.

    All hail the moral superiority of TNR and the Capitol Hill Blue.

  10. Other newsletters showcase bias against gays, praise right-wing militia groups and praise those who don’t pay taxes and called Leona Helmsley a “martyr” after she was jailed for failing to pay $1.2 million in federal taxes.

    Oops!! 🙂

    And we are to believe Ron Paul knew nothing about any of the info in “his” news letters over all those years? Boy that odd little old man really is senile if that’s the case.

    • Bill, when you talk about this home page of CHB and go whining to Reader Rant, it shows you have no spline. Nobody here hates you. What we do recognize is your ability to stir itsay even within the same site.

      Many here are members of this site and have come to the conclusion that nobody is running on an agenda acceptable to us. We do not agree on any single candidate but we do bring our opinions here for further debate. Sounds to me as if you are a dittohead from Fox News who has only an extreme point of view. Watch out for Issodhos on Reader Rant as he has very intelligent opinions and would make meat loaf out of you in a flat minute.

      Please Bill, do not ever agree with anything I write or I may have to change sites again. I tend to play on an even field and despise cry babies. I sharpen up my claws on Reader Rant so I’m ready for the exchanges here on the home page. If you can’t take the heat then don’t come back. Stop whining.

      • Sandy you are just a might confused my dear. I post on Doug’s CHB site strictly to post my opinion of the author’s article or subject. I am not here to debate. This is not a forum for that purpose. Doug’s site here at CHB is a news and opinion site by either himself or his various authors. If you believe this site CHB is the format for discussion you best look elsewhere. 😉

        • That’s the beauty of it. Doug has his goals, and Sandy has hers… but I’d be surprised if Doug would agree with you. This would be one sterile environment without discussion.

          Bottom line… you have to have something to say to get in the game. Trite opinion is rarely it.

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