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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

What is Mitt Romney hiding?

Mitt Romney: Time to come clean?

Releasing tax returns is so much a part of running for President nowadays that when a candidate refuses to disclose it immediately raises the question: What is he or she trying to hide?

Mitt Romney, easily the richest candidate in the dwindling field of GOP presidential hopefuls, refuses to release his tax forms.

Why? Good question. What is the former Massachussets governor hiding.

We already know he is rich.  We know he made a fortune from Bain Capital.  So what’s the big secret?

Romney, after weeks of stonewalling, agreed Tuesday to release his most current tax return but not the ones for previous years.  That could prove a problem if he becomes the GOP nominee because President Barack Obama released six years of tax returns in 2008 which forced a reluctant Hillary Clinton to do the same.

Romney says the law does not require him to release tax records.  He’s right but the law is not the guiding factor in presidential elections.  It’s public perception that a candidate who withholds tax returns has something to hide.

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5 thoughts on “What is Mitt Romney hiding?”

  1. Would you two feel better if he had a half dozen children out of wedlock? Gov. Romney never made a move without the LDS Temple in Salt Lake City knowing his every move. If he let wind, it was sanctioned by the Prophet. He not only has a Birth Certificate but a Baptismal certificate when he was 9 years old. He was brainwashed from that moment on to follow, support and finance his church. My mother was George’s first cousin and I have no idea what this makes me in his family tree as I cut out of that religion many years ago. I too was taken to the Temple for my baptism but I ran for my life before they actually put my head under water. The whole thing was a joke to scare me to ever thinking of leaving that silly faith.

    Romney and his father have been devout Mormons and nearly destroyed their wives in having many more babies than their bodies could deliver. We all were supposed to be brood mares and if that isn’t enough we were supposed to be proud of the label.

    The Mormons are a noble group within their own kind. They are very strong in laws governing their families and I would never trust one in the White House. I was raised by the Mormons and fully understand the minds of humans obsessed with going to heaven to be with other Mormons.

    My own family is much more diverse than in my home faith. Both my girls are married to Jewish men. My granddaughter is also married to a Jew and my grandson’s wife is Cambodian. It makes me proud to know my kids are not fooled by some form of the afterlife. At Christmas we all decided that we were simply typical California Liberals who just happen to be Capitalists. Match that, if you can.

  2. Unbelievable that Romney – or any other candidate – is called to account on tax returns – or any other personal information – when Zero hasn’t released any records about his past.

  3. Personally I could care less about his great wealth but I am concerned that he will announce an Amendment to the Constitution making marriage between a man and woman. Will he then follow the path of the religious right and outright ban all abortions and birth control. Will he then pull the rug out from all of us who have worked State by State to allow a death with dignity.

    For months I had hoped he would be the man he was years ago when he respected the individual choices of the American people. That’s all gone and he will follow his Christian handlers and fall into line with Pat Robertson and Tony Perkins.

    Every issue that he threw away were the ultimate choices for the American people to make on their own. Stopping these choices with Federal Laws is the ultimate insult to all Americans. The only one who would cheer would be George Orwell who tried to warn all of us.

    The GOP has not given us any choice for whom we vote because they want to remove the choices we make in our daily lives. NO GOP!

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