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Friday, May 17, 2024

A tired-looking Ron Paul returns to South Carolina after four-day absence

Ron Paul: Is he running out of steam?

A tired-looking Ron Paul showed up in South Carolina Sunday after a four-day disappearing act that has some close aides wondering if their candidate is running short on stamina.

Paul, the oldest candidate in the GOP presidential sweepstakes, often takes time off between primaries but his latest absence from a key primary campaign leaves some observers and even ardent supporters thinking the candidate needs more than just a few days off.”

“Dr. Paul is tired.  Campaigning for President is hard work,” says Terry Andrews, a Paul supporter.  “But he’s in great shape.”

Others aren’t so sure.  Paul has shown increasing irritability on the campaign trial recently, snapping at aides, showing flashes of temper with interviewers and telling people to “get out of my way” when the crowds crush in.

He looks tired and his voice trails off in speeches and in interviews.

“Some of the pressures of the campaign are getting to him,” an aide admits to Capitol Hill Blue.

Last week, Paul bristled at questions during an MSNBC interview.  He has cut interviews short and walked off when reporters tried to question him about his involvement with racist newsletters that bore his name or his extreme positions on foreign policy and the economy.

“Paul looks tired.  He’s not a young man and that is showing.  Plus, his campaign doesn’t have the enthusiasm in South Carolina that you see in a place like Iowa,” state political activist Shawn Griffith tells Capitol Hill Blue.  “The people who might support him are more drawn to (Rick) Santorum.” Santorum draws support from the evangelicals, the home schoolers and other constituencies that traditionally flock to Paul.

On the stump Sunday to accept the endorsement of newly-elected state senator Tom Davis, Paul delivered his standard stump speech but his rhetoric lackws enthusiasm.

He predicted that his prospects in South Carolina are “rising” and predicted “we’re going to do well next Saturday night.”

The latest Reuters/Ipsos poll, however, shows Paul trailing GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney by more than 20 percentage points and tied for second-place with Rick Santorum.  CNN’s poll shows Romney surging and Paul in fourth place behind Santorum and Newt Gingrich.

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24 thoughts on “A tired-looking Ron Paul returns to South Carolina after four-day absence”

  1. A tired looking Ron Paul ???
    You got it wrong sweety. What is tired is the crap the media puts out.

    Dr. Paul is the ONLY candidate who will cut the budget.
    He is the only candidate who will bring our troops home now.
    He is the only candidate standing for liberty and life for all.
    He is a peacemaker.
    He has integrity.
    He gets the most support from our military.
    He is HONEST.
    And the media hates honesty.
    Ron Paul for President 2012.
    The only candidate I will vote for.
    Dr. Paul to heal America.

  2. I only hope I am as physically fit as Dr. Paul if/when I hit 76.

    Sadly, Susan joins the likes of Ari Fleischer, the former press secretary for President George W. Bush, in questioning Dr. Paul’s campaign schedule. We all know what a bastion of truth and facts Mr. Fleischer turned out to be.

    One of the better stories this week was the Facebook group “Stop Ron Paul 2012” telling people to dress up like the KKK and show up at Ron Paul campaign stops to make the media film Paul with white robbed figures behind him. Turns out the people advocating that passed out KKK literature in a court house back in 2000. Sigh. At least we know who the real racists are.

    Besides, Dr. Paul is the only candidate with a giant (Chris Lawless) as a volunteer. He’s like Gandalf the Grey organizing the good people of Middle Earth to rise against Sauron and cast off evil. “This unconstitutional bill shall not pass!” He definitely has the Hobbits vote. 😆

  3. Do you Paulites honestly believe I give a rat’s behind what a bunch of noname nobodies think of my opinion of Ron Paul here on CHB? You’re kidding yourselves to think I care. It obviously troubles you nonames. Let me repeat myself, Ron Paul that odd little old man will never be President. He is an old tired odd little old man. Is that clear enough?

    • As in the beginning when you first visited this forum, I challenged your, undisciplined, arrogant, ‘nasty tone’ when it comes to your posts.

      This reply is a reflection upon what you think of CHB, our site host and fellow participants.

      There’s plenty of ‘no name’ respondents on the www that have little to say of merit as yourself, so maybe you can find a watering hole for your juvenile name calling and shallow opinions concerning the order of the day…no?! : |

      Carl Nemo **==

  4. Ron Paul just scares the beJeezus out of these fools… they can’t imagine life without that great big govt tit to suckle… as if their own grand- and great-grand- parents, who had to make it independently long before govt grew so big, were as beholden on socialism as they, themselves, dearly want to be. Yep, the thought of liberty and the personal responsibility that goes with it make them pucker.

  5. Here is the text from the public editor at the new york times.

    It is disgusting to me to see what a paper does to push a narrative rather than report the progress of candidates or their issues.
    The presidential campaign: For Times journalists and their peers elsewhere, this quadrennial event is an adrenaline rush that requires sober oversight by senior editors to ensure that balance, fairness and accuracy survive the scramble to compete.

    In a Dec. 4 column, I wrote about journalists’ reflex to impose their own narrative on a race, a dynamic that can eclipse what candidates are actually saying. Well, as last week’s Iowa caucuses demonstrated, the Republican nomination contest steadfastly resists any coherent narrative.

    Early in the campaign, The Times decided to remain low key in its coverage of Ron Paul, the libertarian Texas congressman, and Rick Santorum, the former Pennsylvania senator. Their strong showings on Tuesday, following the serial derailments of other contenders, showed just how hard it is for the paper to read the plotline of this contest.

    In its coverage of Tuesday’s results, The Times moved quickly to set a new narrative: New Hampshire might not be so important now (a premise that undercuts Mitt Romney, who hopes New Hampshire is important); this will be a long campaign (Mr. Romney, hoping to lock things down in January, is dinged again); Rick Santorum is the new rising star (or, I wonder, is he the next whack-a-mole victim?).

    The premises of the emerging Times narrative are defensible, to be sure, but the nomination battle so far is teaching journalists a lesson: Be humble, because nobody knows what comes next.

  6. Let’s see if the Senator Tom Davis thinks Dr Paul is tired. Nope, He endorsed him.
    Tom Davis is a leader in the Tea Party and a known conservative Senator right before the South Carolina Primary.

    A Senatorial Endorsement means a lot and the lame media is printing trash like this?

    Ask why.

    New York Times just had to apologize for keeping Paul under the recognition he deserved. Big Surprise because NYT is a big OBAMA BACKER and they know that Dr Paul could win Obama on ideas, without any dirty political tricks needed.

    Thanks Tom Davis for a well deserved endorsement.

  7. Hard to fathom that that odd little old man could ever stand the pressures of the presidency. His status as Dr. No makes him equally as obstructionist as all the other members of congress who spew out nothing more then the same old lies all politicians do. RP really does remind one of a dried up prune.

    • “RP really does remind one of a dried up prune.” …extract from post

      Bill, all we have are shared opinions on CHB, hopefuly of substance, but when you poke fun of anyone’s physical appearance it demonstrates a level of juvenility in your persona. From your writings and admission of such, I know you are an older man as myself, me being 67 in a few weeks.

      At times you write some good stuff with merit, but your obsession with Dr. Paul along with your “little old man…now dried prune” content only diminishes yourself.

      Most of our nations’ founders in the 18th century didn’t look all that good either, but they founded a great nation, a unique experiment in freedom and justice for all that has stood the test of time until post WWII, traitorous, usurpers at our highest levels with a globalist bent have sold this nation out all for a few dollars, euros, shekels or yuan more.

      ***** Ron Paul for President 2012! *****

      Carl Nemo **==

  8. I’ll have to agree that this site has hit a low metric when the featured editorialist, Susan Walker seems to get Schadenfreude pleasure from focusing on any candidates’ fatigue, Paul or otherwise…OUCH! / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Reporters don’t write the headlines or cutlines for photos. Editors do. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Ron Paulites — who offer themselves up so often as media critics — don’t know even that simple little fact. 🙂

      • You’re right of course. Criticism is deserved, just not of the reporter. I’m ex-media but Paul supporters come from all walks of life.

  9. I think Dr. Paul is running out of ideas to keep in the top 3 spot. What is being forgotten is the Republican agenda which has been manipulated into a plan of such weak promise that many of the candidates are having a problem selling whatever the GOP stands for at this time.

    Free enterprise Capitalism is being washed away with grown men acting like 3rd grade little boys on the playground. Americans want a redistribution of wealth.

    Most understand the corruption that is now our government and all they can work FOR is trying to increase their income before they head for the poor house.

    There have been warning signs from people like Ross Perot and even Thomas Friedman who write about how the individual Americans and their families can change the focus of the Congress from their ability to attain great wealth to keeping the corruption under control so the rest of us can count on jobs remaining home.

    Perot attacked two of our Presidents for supporting NAFTA and predicted the jobs being sucked out of America. Friedman wrote of the failure of our schools academically who could not prepare our kids for the technology needed for jobs.

    What the hell can we do with the voters themselves have no clue what is needed to restore American jobs? Did any of us march into the schools when the kids go and demand higher standards? Did any of us hold our Federal Reps’ feet to the fire against NAFTA? No! We were too interested in who won “American Idol.”

  10. I just got tired of reading this article… The irony is that the more hit pieces they do on Ron Paul the more popular he gets. They still don’t get that….

    They hammered Paul with the racist stuff and still do, and he hasn’t been stopped… now they are on to him “looking tired” LOL

  11. After reading another boring and lame attack on Congressman Paul, I’m tired now too.

    Can’t seem to make racism stick,
    Can’t seem to make ‘unelectable’ stick,
    Can’t seem to discredit the guy with his own record (he flew first class is the best you got),
    so now you are trying to run with the “old and tired” bit as a last resort?

    Give it up already, you media people are looking quite desperate now.

  12. This boring “article” made me tired too.

    I think maybe Paul’s tired look comes from having just endured another Capitol Blue “article” from Walker.

  13. All of those “bristles with reporters” are entirely justifiable.

    I’m surprised he hasn’t punched any of those half-wits. They shoved his wife to the ground saying “get out of the way”.

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