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Sunday, October 2, 2022

Santorum stepping up attacks on Romney, Paul

Rick Santorum: He's mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore (AP)

A fired up Rick Santorum, saying he is upset over attacks from Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, plans to hold a press conference Monday to say campaigns are too negative.

Then he will go negative himself with strong attacks on both Romney and Paul.

Many see South Carolina as Santorum’s last chance to prove his close second-place finish in Iowa wasn’t a fluke.  After a miserable showing in New Hampshire, a bad finish in South Carolina could finish Santorum’s campaign.

So, in desperation, he will condemn negative campaigning before launching his own scorched-earth attacks on the two he see as his main rivals.

“It’s just yuck,” Santorum said of the negative ads currently dominating airways in the Palmetto State. “I expect that kind of stuff from Barack Obama but I don’t expect it from a Republican.”

Santorum’s communications director. Hogan Gidley. hit the news interview circuit over the weekend to condemn the ads.

“It’s time for these negative, false attacks to stop,” Gidley told ABC News.  “Mitt Romney and Ron Paul both tied these kinds of tactics in other states and they tried these same type of tactics four years ago.  It’s time for Rick to set the record straight.”

In politics, “setting the record straight” means going negative against the other candidates.

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7 thoughts on “Santorum stepping up attacks on Romney, Paul”

  1. Here’s another Santorum revelation: How Rick Santorum Ripped Off American Veterans.

    At the behest of the Roman Catholic Church, and unbeknownst to the Home, Santorum slipped an amendment into the 1999 National Defense Authorization Act handcuffing how the home could cash in on those 49 acres. The amendment forced the Home to sell—and not lease—the land to its next-door neighbor, the Catholic University of America.

    Little Ricky sells out US veterans to a church. Imagine that!

    Looks like slipping things into an NDAA is the modus operandi for these thugs. The last one brought us indefinite detention without charge. Can’t wait for the next!

  2. I had my eyes dilated this afternoon and decided to catch up on the Primary information from South Carolina. Gov. Romney was making a speech to a group of Conservative religious voters and made a remarkably insulting comment about the voters. He said he was interested only in Christians for support as Secular Americans have no value to anyone. According to my information from the Secular Humanists, there are nearly 35 million of us in America and we are being separated from the government.

    So we might as well be African Americans or even homosexuals or even house pets and ignored by all candidates running for office.

    Comments like this absolutely irritate many people from other nations. The Brits used to laugh at this absurd look at the American people but at this time they are worried that we may lose our ability to produce and educate our children.

    Before science explained the growth and development of the human species, there was good reason to believe in some occult spirit but why is this still a belief in today’s world of wonderful science and the study of stem cells?

    Has the human brain been voted out of existence? What do we expect to do with all the millions of secular Americans? Romney wants them out of the GOP and I had to face that fact when the Arizona GOP told me to leave the party. Where is this coming from?

    I remember reading some of the early writings of professors of Nazism and how to weed out everyone but the Aryans would take some doing. I believe they chose the firing squads. Our early Americans wanted to weed out the American Indians and they simply declared them as animals and slaughtered them.

    I know of no Secular American who wants to close a church or even Christian colleges. We see no reason to allow the Christians to take over any level of government and issue laws made by God. I have no problem obeying laws made by American legislators unless they are uber corrupt which seems to be what has happened at this time. I will never obey a man made God from the actions of a corrupt Conservative group of hypocrites.

    How far will Romney go to pressure Americans into making Secular Humanists 2nd class citizens on his way to changing the Constitution to fit his brand new political leanings. A man without a strong belief in himself will demand a change from those around him. He is beginning to smell like Hitler in his desire to blend in with the rest of the GOP fools. No wonder Huntsman left the party.

  3. Santorum doesn’t have a choice, particularly now that Operation Good Neighbor has come back to bite him in the rear. Seems little Ricky was doing the same thing as Ron Paul with his non-profit organization, lining the pockets of his friends and family.

  4. Senator Santorum is just another 2 bit politico who is trying to sell Jesus to the GOP. He obviously has no clue what free enterprise Capitalism is about. But he is very familiar with back-stabbing dirty-street fighting when anyone crosses his path. Poor man can’t sell anything else.

    Maybe in 2016 or 2020 when America will be voting for a Christian Leader and the voters throw Capitalism out as unChristian, then Santorum will have his chance. By then the U.S. Constitution will have all the new words of Jesus and America can settle into the kind of nation that the Evangelicals can work with. We won’t need elections and Crusades will determine who lives in the White House.

    When it gets this bad, I will lead my own neighborhood in a revolution and I am 5 years older than Dr. Paul.

    These elections should never be pitching one man against another man. They should be based on Capitalism against Socialism. That might involve someone reading a book on the difference and of course after American Idol has determined their winner first.

  5. Santorum voted for the bridge to nowhere.

    He voted to raise the debt ceiling 5 times.

    He’s not evangelical.

    A group of war-mongers in Texas purporting to be Evangelical, backing a guy who is obviously not evangelical, is very transparent.

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