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Monday, July 15, 2024

Boehner fed up with obstruction by tea party GOP Reps

Speaker of the House John Boehner: Enough already

Speaker of the House John Boehner, fed up with the Republican freshman House members supported by the so-called “populist” tea party movement, is ignoring their whines and stonewalling and will work towards a compromise to avoid another public relations disaster on tax cuts and budget deals.

Capitol Hill Blue has learned that a frustrated Boehner recently told his close aides “to hell with them,” referring to many of the 85 freshman Republicans installed in Congress in 2010 by the tea party movement.

Polls show growing buyers remorse among voters who supported the tea party-backed Republicans in 2010 and Boehner — stung by widespread public criticism over his previous capitulations to the tea party types in Congress — is reaching out to Democrats.

“The Speaker has had it with the regressive policies of the tea party faithful,” a senior aide tells Capitol Hill Blue.  He wants progress on tax cuts and on a budget deal and the only way he can do that is by working with the Democrats.”

Boehner in recent weeks has talked to former Speaker Nancy Pelosi to try and craft deals with the Democrats.  When some tea party types starting whining, Boehner basically told them to go to hell and let him to his job.

“Boehner is finally realizing that as Speaker he needs to serve the interests of the American people and not the limited, self-serving interests of the tea party-backed group of newcomers on the hill,” said GOP analyst Scott Angle.  “He knows he has to deal and he’s ready to do so.”

Congressional sources say Boehner recently had a “come to Jesus” meeting with House majority leader Eric Cantor and told him to “get with the program” or “get out of my way.”  Cantor, a rabid right-wing tea party sympathizer from Virginia, is viewed by an increasing number of GOP leaders as a “back-stabbing Judas” who shows more allegiance to the tea party than the House leadership.

“Boehner is finally showing some backbone,” Angle says. “He’s standing up to Cantor and the extremists who are damaging the Republicans and hurting the country.”

Congress faces a Feb. 29 deadline to extend the tax cut that saves an average American family about a thousand bucks a year.

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26 thoughts on “Boehner fed up with obstruction by tea party GOP Reps”

  1. There are plenty of laws on the books against the kind of Ponzi-like crimes these folks continue to perpetrate… But, somebody has to hold the crooks accountable.

    • Unfortunately the ‘deepwater’ laws that prevented my aforedescribed collusion of financial interests to our national and the world’s detriment have been repealed and replaced with toothless ‘blue sky’ statutes that protect the ‘pirates’ from serious prosecution.

      Granted too our justice system has been totally compromised.

      As Thrasymachus said, a character in Plato’s Republic…”justice is the interest of the stronger” …how sadly true in these end times for our once great Republic, demonstrating the corruption of justice run amok.

      Carl Nemo **==

  2. “Is not the main goal of capitalism to put resources to the highest and best use and thereby maximize returns on investment?

    Does capitalism not use that best and highest use principle to apportion resources most efficiently?” …extract from post

    In a perfect world “theoretical capitalism” should work, but due to the evil that men do, along with their unfettered greed, capitalism without a governor, referee and a set of community friendly rules of order will not work…ever! There must be a symbiotic relationship between a system for maximizing profits to that of the community of citizens, otherwise it’s a bizarre caricature of what it was meant to be.

    And this my friend in thought is what not only this nation, but the world at large is suffering from: a mutation of theoretical capitalism, now run amok. A system gone sorely awry!

    If the model doesn’t benefit a society as a whole, then it’s a flawed paradigm regardless of the greater intellects that support such a free market system. I rest my case. : )

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Crime must be punished or our system cannot function as intended. There is no theoretical vs. practical Capitalism, and we both have said many times in the past, “there is no free market capitalism at work in this country.”

      Our governing apparatus has become a fascist entity, without the regard of the ruling class for anything or anybody other than themselves.

      Let us not skewer Capitalism, willy nilly, without pointing directly toward the real culprit of our societal demise… government intervention to pick (we) losers vs those winners, i.e., mostly politicians and their banker henchmen. Or, is it bankers and their politician henchmen?

      No other economic system in the history of mankind has done more to raise humanity from its ecosystemic roots and provide it with convenience, protection, and material wealth… average folks included.

      Keep the baby, just get rid of the scuzzy bathwater.

      • Almandine you are correct in your suggested solutions, but that can only be accomplished by solid statutes that move us back to before the elimination of “Glass-Steagall”, replaced with “Gramm-Leach-Bliley” along with the “Commodities Futures Modernization Act” that so removed many of the strictures against out of control speculation at the expense of stable, dependable markets along with the co-mingling of asset classes that should not be sold under the same ‘storefront’;I.E., banks/brokerage/insurance etc. due to conflicts of interest for which we are now paying dearly at this time, due to unfettered corruption; so too, seemingly indeminifed by our now terminally corrupt Congress.

        At this time everything has been reduced to gray scale in terms of what’s prosecutable and what’s not. So if we are to be a nation of laws, then we need strong legislation in place as before to regulate what has now become a crooked, global casino of ‘pirate capitalism’ run amok.

        In the event you didn’t watch the Dylan Ratigan/Eliot Spitzer interview; I urge you and others to do so. It’s invigorating to watch and leaves one with some ideas of what needs to be done in order reestablish the finer traditions of citizen friendly capitalism as you so propose. : )

        Carl Nemo **==

  3. “I realize that many members of CHB and Reader Rant want the government to get more involved in how Wall Street operates and control, if not eliminate profits from our businesses. I’ve never read so much hatred from wealth on this site before and I believe it comes from a lack of educating active people away from free enterprise.” …extract from post

    Ms. Price I simply cannot understand where you come up with the idea that the participants on CHB and RR want to eliminate profits from business and are ‘wealth haters’.

    There’s a big difference between reasonable and honest profits being made while benefiting the community at large as opposed to corporate raiders buying up companies at depressed prices, then gutting the quality of the product, the inventories and finally laying off the employees which is tantamount what is referred to as “mafia scam”. This is what Romney’s “Baine Capital” engaged as a business model to the detriment of the businesses they bought, then ‘processed’ them in the aforedescribed ‘mafia scam’ of gutting out a company’s assets.

    I suggest you read the book “Greedy Bastards” by Dylan Ratigan which lays out this past two decade phenomenon of ‘pirate capitalism’ run amok due to the lack of any controls such as the former “Glass Steagall Act” instituted back in the 30’s which separated brokerage, banking as well as insurance from each other in order to keep them from colluding and creating mass havoc as we now suffer.

    Also unregulated derivatives need to be registered along with stiff controls in terms of counterparty assets, margin requirements etc. As of now there over 702 trillion dollars of this ‘hot money’ shooting around the planet at the stroke of the “enter key” while the entire planet’s net worth is estimated at about 200 trillion so the excess ‘risk’ is 3.5 times the base planetary assets. This is NUTS…! They’re basically running a planetary wide ‘crooked casino’ with honest, hard-working people’s money; I.E., OPM (other people’s money) with no risk to themselves. If they screw up they stiff the taxpayers with the losses. This is not capitalism; but ‘pirate capitalism’ all to our national hazard.

    I understand Britain is going to reinstitute “Glass Steagall” type of legislation even moreso draconian than in the past to prevent these rapacious debacles into the future. We need to do the same, but the slimeballs we now have Congress have no interest in doing what’s best for this nation.

    Soon America will be similar to the empty parking lot scenes of a host of companies that have been gutted out by these raiders during the past two decades, an example of the capitalist model gone bad.


    “Behind every great fortune lies a crime”…Honore’ de Balzac


    Carl Nemo **==

    • Just another tribute to more govt, eh Carl? Clearly, the derivatives mess is beyond the pale… criminal at best and deserving of appropriate fate, but what of the capitalist raiders of which you speak?

      Is not the main goal of capitalism to put resources to the highest and best use and thereby maximize returns on investment?

      Does capitalism not use that best and highest use principle to apportion resources most efficiently?

      If a more profitable outlet for those resources – other than the failing or otherwise unprofitable business consuming them – can be found, is that not a better and higher use?

      Is not your stated commitment to lesser use and deficient profitability nothing more than socialization of the economic process?

      Many have thought there’s a middle ground between capitalism and socialism… wrong.

      Either we continue to support the system that has made this country the economic engine of the world, or we don’t. And if we don’t, we will get the crumbs that we deserve.

  4. My main objective is to get the corruption out of our government so that wall street no longer has the power to remove the American middle class. When we can return to the American people having honest investing in our corporations, it would end all influence from our Congress.

    Getting the corporate money out of our government’s laws would give all of a chance at investing for our own profits. This is the basis of capitalism.

    I realize that many members of CHB and Reader Rant want the government to get more involved in how Wall Street operates and control, if not eliminate profits from our businesses. I’ve never read so much hatred from wealth on this site before and I believe it comes from a lack of educating active people away from free enterprise.

    Without free enterprise, we will have to face socialism from a corrupt government that will always kill our corporations. Is that the endgame?

    Do we really want the government to run our corporations? This crap is exactly what destroyed Russia. The sick movement is what our government is facing unless we work to remove the PAC money out of our laws in Congress.

    The DNC wants to run our wall street laws and the RNC wants to run our personal lives. There is no choice left unless we throw the bastards out of the house and senate. It is the American voters who need to grow spines and work to correct what ails us. If CHB chooses government control over individual laws, then I am on the wrong site.

  5. Sometimes I wonder just what country the candidates for U.S. President think they are running for the presidency of.

    When they claim on the campaign trail that they will make some law or other, they’re omitting the minor detail that in the USA, it’s Congress that makes the law, and the powers of the executive are limited to either approving or disapproving them.


    PS – Aside from declaring war, which is, by the ‘goddamn piece of paper’ restricted to Congress but apparently in practice cheerfully ignored; the results being so unambiguously pleasant to all involved (e.g. the ‘police actions’ in Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Grenada, Nicaragua, Somalia, Iran, Iraq (twice), Pakistan, and Afghanistan, among others) that obviously that restriction as written was just silly. J.

    • “…e.g.the police actions’ in Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Grenada, Nicaragua, Somalia, Iran, Iraq (twice), Pakistan, and Afghanistan, among others) that obviously that restriction as written was just silly. J.” …extract from post

      A spot-on assessment Jon. What’s interesting is your list of our so-called ‘police actions’ when analyzed in depth can all be linked to simply being engineered “profit centers” for the MIC facilitated by their running dog, bought off Congressional shills. Also these conflicts whenever and whereever also help the energy patch’s bottomline too causing oil, gas and heating resource price spikes. The trouble is that this parasitic, unfettered “greed is good” paradigm is soon to be the host organism’s undoing; I.E. the United States of America.

      China is manufacturing solar panels, wind turbines and other green energy devices, along with most of our daily consumer products while our nation is being consumed with the manufacture of an endless line of uber spendy ‘killtoys’ for the MIC. We have record numbers of unemployed citizens on food stamps and other public assistance programs. We’re seemingly a poster child for a soon to fail warfare/welfare state. / : |

      Carl Nemo **==

  6. Boehner is fed up with “Tea Party” GOP reps?

    Woody188 nails it in his explanation of the cause of our nation’s ills!

    The elephant in the room just knocked over the China cabinet and everyone in the US living room continues to pretend nothing happened.

  7. griff wrote: “When was the last time this government passed any legislation that did any good? Some one answer me that.”

    TARP – helped business, a Republican main stay yet they opposed it, and so far has returned a profit for the government.

    • TARP has not returned a profit. AIG losses alone makes it a net loser. The banks claim profitability based on mark-to-myth housing values and by shuffling all the bad assets to Fannie/Freddie. Factor in the losing stakes in GM and Chrysler and TARP is an utter disaster.

      Then add insult to injury and look at the Federal Reserve’s 16 trillion dollar bailout of US and foreign banks, all guaranteed by the US Treasury since the Federal Reserve now moves losses to the Treasury’s balance sheet instead of impacting their own capital.

      Must be nice to be a banker. Print the money (out of thin air), loan it to the government at 3% interest, take that profit and invest it, and if your investment turns up as a loss, dump it on the Treasury, ie the taxpayers. Name any other private entity that has it so good!

      This scam is what Boehner, the Neo-cons and the Democrats are fighting to preserve? Talk about limited, self-serving interests versus the needs of the American people!

      • And unfortunately, it hasn’t stopped at all. Fannie and Freddie come back to Congress for another $150B or so every quarter, and the housing crisis is no closer to resolution than when it started to crash. And now, plans are afoot to rescue home buyers who are underwater by writing down their mortgages to “only” 110% or 125% of the current home value, so long as the mortgagor agrees that should s/he default and the home has to be sold, that person is still on the hook for the balance of the debt. Indentured servitude anyone?

  8. Obstruction? How about disaster mitigation?

    If any one in the Congress is set on obstructing this government from doing more damage. then I’m all for it.

    When was the last time this government passed any legislation that did any good? Some one answer me that.

    Some one answer that.

    Obstruction? I’ll take it. And I’ll vote for it.

    • Superb analysis concerning the order of the day from both Woody188 and Griff.

      I realize the site host et al. don’t cotton to Congressman Paul, but he’s the only candidate offering the ‘sea change’ that USS America needs in order circumvent an imminent incounter with the aforementioned financial iceberg field that Woody mentions as so too myself over many postings.

      The average citizen is so brainwashed that America is still the bestest and the baddest that they don’t realize they are living in a broke-assed and broken nation in terms of adhering to the rule of law and our founding document the U.S. Constitution. We’ve become a pariah among nations thanks to these PNAC madmen and women ‘thinktankers’ who push their oligarchical patrons’ dream; I.E., globalism run amok, their “New World Order” which is a stillborn paradigm that will never happen, ever. I smell worldwide revolution in the air. These wealthy mattoids are pushing their terminal greed to the envelope and will soon pay the dear price throughout Europe first then the U.S. They’ve sown this evil wind and so shall reap the mighty whirlwind of retribution on behalf of the unwashed masses that they wish to enslave.

      Risking Ron Paul as our next President is worth it when balanced against more of the same provided by Mitt Romney et al. into the future, what little future we have left as a nation. I believe he plans on taking only a $39,336 per annum salary which represents the average income of federal workers across a broad spectrum titles or possibly the U.S. working class. A short term gimmick yes, but at least he’s setting an example that our “Imperial Presidency” needs to be disassembled with America getting back to the defensive posture of a Republic as opposed to an offensive, corporatist friendly version of the “Fourth Reich”.

      Carl Nemo **==

  9. What we are actually witnessing is the division of the Republican Party between the traditional Conservatives (Tea Party) and the Neo-Conservatives (Trotskyist liberals). The so called “moderate” Republicans are the Neo-conservatives and are the ones in power with the help of their corporatist (fascist) allies.

    Neo-Conservatives are the ones that insist that invasion is equal to defense, that money is equal to free speech, and that our rights are null and void on their say so. They are very much responsible for a large portion of the predicament that we find ourselves in at this time in history. Our military is over stretched, our economy is in tatters, and our Constitution is being largely ignored. We are either with them or against them.

    Tea Party Conservatives see the erosion of our freedoms and our Constitution. They urge fiscal restraint and a re-thinking of our knee jerk reaction to 9/11 with the PATRIOT Act and our foreign adventurism.

    Look at this way. The good ship USA is heading for a iceberg. The “obstructionists” have finally entered the wheel house demanding the captain turn the wheel, or at least throttle back on the engines and be more careful.

    “No way, full speed ahead!” says Boehner.

    Funny how the Neo-Con led Congress with the worst approval rating ever thinks it’s always right no matter what they do. We are the best Congress that corporations around the world can buy! The people be darned!

    • And another thing, isn’t it interesting the spin on how the people that would like to see our Constitution followed and balanced budgets are labeled as “damaging the Republicans and hurting the country.”

      The Neo-Cons fractured the country by invading Iraq and Afghanistan, bankrupted our Treasury with trillion dollar wars and trillion dollar bank bailouts, and have ripped up our Constitution with the PATRIOT Act, the NDAA, and other Orwellian legislation, and they have the AUDACITY to claim it’s some other group that is destroying the USA? SHENANIGANS!

      • Now if some group would come along and start “damaging” the Democrats, we may just be able to right this ship.

        Yeah, I know…

  10. Carl, I have been contacting several Republican leaders in Ohio to throw him out on his arse. He is the worst leader possible in this time of trouble.

    I don’t mind his tears but his lack of spine is killing the Speaker’s political position.

    I’m doing a review of Dylan Rattigan’s new book which could be the answer to many of our problems. I still have hopes of removing the corruption on both sides of the aisle because I want capitalism back and out from under the huge money being accepted by the Congress.

    I will have to wait until my words under my old name passes the moderators. I’m a witch and must be obeyed.

    The book “Greedy Bastards” is difficult reading for me as economics is not my strong point. I wish Issodhos would read it and add some words on CHB. He is glued to R.R.

    When I get the review approved by Rattigan, I’m hoping Doug will do a commentary on the subject of corruption and I can reply with my words.

    • Ummm…. Capitalism, as a governing philosophy, basically *means* that money talks. This quote seems to me to be completely internally contradictory:

      “I want capitalism back and out from under the huge money being accepted by the Congress.”

      Consider that getting a law passed in your favour is simply an investment, and one with quite a nice return ($200 for $1, I’d heard).

      Unless I’m unfamiliar with your definitions of the terms involved, your ideals and your desired results are incompatible.


  11. The sooner his Ohio Congressional district jettison’s him then maybe some progress can be made in Congress. Boehner’s problem is that he’s not a leader, but simply another business as usual, ‘bottomfeeding rethug’, all to our nation’s hazard.

    Worse yet he’s demonstated to be a ‘crybaby’ in public which indicates to me he doesn’t have his oars in the water…scary indeed!

    Carl Nemo **==

  12. By the time the GOP figures out why they are losing the majority of their own members, President Obama will be going over the menu of meals in the West Wing.

    The action to focus om the social issues is killing the movement to take down Obama. For the first time in my life, I will vote for all Democrats. Most of my best friends and family members will be affected if a single Republican makes it back into office. This action is in spite of the knowledge that I am a Capitalist.

    When human freedoms are on the chopping block, I will lean to the left to keep this from happening.

    The best thing that could happen during these primaries is for the voters to send a message that individual freedoms are far more important to America than allowing the religious right to change the constitution.

  13. I agree with SDRSr above, this is just a stunt to try to dupe voters in an election year.

    In reality, he could cross the isle on any legislation he wanted to pass and ignore the 70-80 hardcore assholes. But he refuses to promote anything that requires even one Dem vote.

    Forget what he says – watch what he does. I’m betting on more lying and more obstruction.

  14. “Boehner is finally showing some backbone,” HAHAHAHA

    Backbone? Right! This is an election year, he as is the Republican Party are afraid they will lose the House as Republican and many Independent Voters go or not go to the polls this November.

    “Eric Cantor … a “back-stabbing Judas”” why such an insult to Judas.

    “Eric Cantor … shows more allegiance to the tea party than the House leadership.” What about the allegiance he is supposed to have to his constituents and the American people? I would almost lay dollars to doughnuts that Cantor does not come back

    • I’d suggest that “his constituents and the American people” are not the same.

      It is a very very unusual Congressman (or woman) who puts the good of the entire country over the good of those who vote for and contribute to their election.


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