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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Pathetic GOP field turns perennial losers into contenders


In a Twilight Zone political season where a celebrity-seeking real estate developer, a serial adulterer, a sexual predator, a brain-dead Texas governor and an intellectually-challenged Congresswoman can be touted as leading contenders at one time or another, it should come as no surprise that losers like Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul now find themselves one-two-three in the race for delegates for the GOP nomination for President.

For different reasons, no one in the crowded field of GOP pretenders deserves to be President.  Among the three delegate leaders, one is a shape-shifting political package molded by pollsters and strategists, another is a Bible-thumping evangelical fanatic and the third is a fringe flake who sees conspiracies under every rock and feeds fear-mongering Kool-Aid to a cult-like following.

Both Romney and Paul are empty suits: One expensive and tailor-made, the other cheap and ill-fitting.  Santorum is a right-wing rabid animal whose conservative and evangelical fanaticism should scare anyone.

Yet after two primary contests, Romney leads the delegate count.  Santorum is second based on his eight vote loss to Romney in Iowa.  Paul is third but he scored delegates in New Hampshire while Santorum struck out.

Romney’s back-to-back wins in Iowa and New Hampshire accomplished something no other non-incumbent Republican has managed and gives him momentum going into the critical South Carolina and Florida’s primaries — where he leads in polling in both states.

Of course the Paul faithful, who never met a conspiracy they couldn’t embrace — claim there was one in Iowa too and that their guy really won the caucuses.  They also claim Paul never had anything to do with his racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic newsletters so it’s obvious these folks will believe anything except the truth about their flawed candidate.

But’s Romney’s success is more testament to the weak GOP field than any strength on his part. So is perennial loser Paul’s ascension to the top tier.  Turnout in New Hampshire was tepid at best.  None of the candidates generate real enthusiasm for the masses.  Polls show most Republicans consider Romney as the candidate with the “best chance” of beating current President Barack Obama but no GOP candidate really polls that well against the unpopular incumbent — another testament to the weakness of the field.

“It’s a crap field,” a GOP consultant tells Capitol Hill Blue.

If Romney wins South Carolina and Florida, he will be hard to beat. Santorum — like so many other contenders in the mediocre GOP field — is fading and Paul’s rabid — but limited — base probably will never allow him to score more than 20-25 percent of the vote in any primary.

As in 2008, when the GOP put John McCain and Sarah Palin at the top of their ticket, all anyone can do was shake their heads and ask: ‘Is this the best the Republican Party has to offer?”

Sadly, that seems to once again be the case.

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21 thoughts on “Pathetic GOP field turns perennial losers into contenders”

  1. If Obama wins, he’ll claim it’s an endorsement of his policies. It feels like that is what we are being set up to endure. Perhaps TPTB feel that the first partially black President has a better chance of keeping the Middle East pacified with words than the “white devil infidels” that would like to take his place.

    Can anyone imagine Mitt Romney speaking in Cairo?

    • “Can anyone imagine Mitt Romney speaking in Cairo?”…extract from post

      Damn Woody,your comment made me snork my brewski through my nose…ouch! : ))

      Carl Nemo **==

      • We have to start looking at things with a post 9/11 mentality Carl. Forget about peace and our rights as individuals. Everything comes clear when you put the State first and the domination of the Middle East as the goal as set out by the PNAC. That does appear to be our foreign policy, Republican or Democrat.

        Sorry about your beer! 😛

  2. Hot dang, there’s some good writing, Doug.

    There must be a keyboard somewhere that is cowering in fear of the next attack!

  3. I’m not sure calling Mr. Trump a ‘real estate developer’ is entirely accurate. From what I can tell of what he has done with real estate is ‘take out huge loans to make an already tacky building tackier and then default on them’.

    I dunno about your world, but I don’t think that’s developing.


    • Tom. Don’t you have a political leader named Butch Otter? I remember years ago at a meeting in D.C. promoting him as a strong fiscal conservative. Have you buried him in red tape or can be not stand up to this mess?

    • Thanks Tom for the stunning link material. Seemingly Chinese strategists are looking at the U.S. as being a future province. Possibly too they have plans for exterminating us as a population in a non-nuclear sense in that one day we wake to the fact that everything within our vision field is owned by the PRC. They’ll have absorbed the USA as the “Borg” in Star Trek episodes.

      So “China Wants To Construct A 50 Square Mile Self-Sustaining City South Of Boise, Idaho” as the link article lays out along with other such projects throughout the U.S. They wanted to pull this off on Bill Clinton’s watch at the Port of Long Beach scam.
      The Clinton’s had a shameless connection with the PRC for campaign contributions.

      The PRC controls the Pananma Canal Zone which was basically handed over to them by Jimmy Carter. G.W. Bush was all for Dubai Ports taking control of our major ports throughout the US. This is an example of these globalist run amok traitors’ actions against “We the People”, yet the average citizen doesn’t seem to give a flying flip about losing their nation and way of life all for an endless supply line of electronic baubles and cheap entertainment; I.E., gazing at their HDTV’s like monkies at a shiny crystal to borrow one of Eve’s spot-on analogies.

      We’re witnessing our Congressional traitors along with our ‘dear leaders’ of the same stripe facilitate the carving up the Great American ‘turkey’, once the USA while handing it over to our sworn enemies, now ‘pirate capitalists’, but still not our genuine friends in a national sense. The PRC is anathema to everything that represents a free society. Stick your head up too high in China and they will hammer you down as a protruding nail. Believe it…!

      Here’s a great link that lays out the treason we’re witnessing in high places, although none dare call it treason much less a conspiracy on the part of our Congressional traitors and interlopers of the same stripe in our highest office. It lays out this evil construct on Clinton’s watch, but seemingly the beat goes on with this self-sustaining city in Idaho, building solar and wind farms in Texas, Nevada and else where on the PRC’s behalf worse yet using U.S. government ‘grant money’ to do so in many cases, courtesy of the Harry Reid’s and other such slimeballs that infect our government.


      “The end is near” …photo supporting article


      Carl Nemo **==

  4. Ah yes, South Carolina where denizens still do the Carolina Shag, a six-count partner dance done to moderate tempo music. Picture it. The upper body and hips hardly move as the legs do convoluted kicks and fancy footwork.

    Indeed,this is a state whose official beverage is milk.

    And don’t forget their good old boy senators Lindsey Graham and
    Jim DeMint.

    Of course a mention is also due for the illustrious South Carolina senator, Strom Thurman who ran for the Presidency of the United States in 1948 as the segregationist States Rights Democratic Party (Dixiecrat) candidate, Good old Strom, known for the longest one senator filibuster in history at over 24 straight hours. Claiming not to be a racist, it was in opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1957.

    No way is Romney going to win in South Carolina. I predict Newt will scoot into first with Santorum a close second and Paul third.

    • I agree Hal. Strom Thurmon was an embarrassment to America. I was extremely fortunate to have a great Liberal History Teacher in my private school and she gave all of us the truth about racism and bigotry and this was back in 1948. We all knew better than to talk to our parents about this.

  5. I have an incredible need to put on my fishing waders every time I see, hear, or read anything about the Republican candidate wild-bunch.

    The only thing that would have made the circus complete would have been Palin’s presence in the ranks of the candidates.

    If anybody would like to adopt Rick Perry, please apply. Texans everywhere would love to see him find a new home.

    • I’m sorry that you and your fellow Texans are ‘saddled’ with this guy. I’ve read quite a bit about his ‘leadership’ skills or lack thereof. / : |

      As far governors are concerned, Texas has been saddled with ‘banana republic’ styled governors over a many year period. It’s seems that Perry has camped in the state capitol far longer than most former governors.

      Carl Nemo **==

    • Your “fishing waders” are needed mainly because of the stench of the “fish” in those Republican waters. A gas mask would also be helpful. Not that the Dems are a whole lot better.


  6. On January 21st, Gov. Romney faces the South Carolina firing squad also known as the Conservative arm of the GOP. This will be the true test of whether a Mormon can win in a hotbed of Evangelicals. By my calculations, it will be Senator Santorum who will become unraveled trying to prove he is the only legitimate Christian on the planet.

    The First Amendment is supposed to remove any possible litmus test for these Candidates when they jockey for position of “number one Christian.” In my world, President Bush 43 broke the first Amendment when he handed out federal grants to the Churches.

    Has the Constitution been rewritten in the last 50 years to the point that nobody has a clue how to run a decent political campaign? The GOP had a great agenda at one time but they sold it for votes in 2000. Are we supposed to toss out our copy of the Constitution and simply take it day by day?

  7. . . .and the third is a fringe flake who sees conspiracies under every rock and feeds fear-mongering Kool-Aid to a cult-like following.

    Oh boy, now you’ve done it. I hear them coming. 😉

    • Gee Bill, you surely seem fearful of this “little old man”, Ron Paul. / : |

      What do you want in a President? We’ve got Obama, now possibly Romney and according to Doug they’re all perrenial losers, although he didn’t reference our current President, but I’m sure he has his reservations about him too. One thing we know about Obama he’s a slick talkin’ campaigner whereas these presidential wannabes couldn’t hold a candle to his histrionics while on the stump.

      I personally don’t think it matters one wit who sits in the White House because the root cause of all our national problems lies with our terminally corrupt Congress and the system itself, particularly out of control lobbying ‘grease’.

      So unless voters develop a national tradition of never reelecting any incumbent regardless of the pork they pitch back home to Mayberry then this death spiral of our nation will continue until we see ‘ground surge’ then splat in a financial sense.

      Carl Nemo **==

      • It’s the fanaticism of the Paulites that I find humor in Carl. 🙂

        I personally don’t think it matters one wit who sits in the White House because the root cause of all our national problems lies with our terminally corrupt Congress and the system itself, particularly out of control lobbying ‘grease’.

        I completely agree. You stated in another post that Paul would have if nothing else veto power, that’s true, but what powers behind the man would truly be controlling that pen? Paul talks tough for such a little man but to believe he would simply end the wars and bring them all home or return the US back to a gold standard, that or any of the other unobtainable nonsense he spews forth would never happen under a RP presidency. You know it and I know it. With politicians it is spoken words with no truth behind them.

        • Exit polls show older (read: too set in their ways and too invested in a lifetime of robotic partisan voting) folks and the rich (yep – those pesky rich) went for Romney while the younger and less well off went for Paul.

          Maybe, just maybe, there might be more to Paul than meets the jaundiced eye. And mybe young people are finally starting to figure out that the system is rigged and they’re getting screwed by it. And maybe they’re a little smarter than simple fanatical conspiracy theorists.

          But you go ahead and continue ridiculing those that actually believe in some thing and get off their asses and attempt real change, and cast a vote for whatever Establishment puke you find least offensive, and have fun.

          Because no thing will ever change unless enough people demand it.

      • “I personally don’t think it matters one wit who sits in the White House because the root cause of all our national problems lies with our terminally corrupt Congress and the system itself, particularly out of control lobbying ‘grease’. ”

        A standing ovation, Carl!! This comment, especially the last phrase, hits the nail squarely on the head with a 15 lb. sledgehammer.


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