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Friday, December 8, 2023

The worst Presidential field ever? That’s affirmative

Mitt Romney: Leader of the clown parade?

Listen to the watchers and talkers in New Hampshire and you hear the same thing:  The current crop of Republican presidential candidates is the worst, most lackluster, most mediocre collection ever assembled by a political party.

“I hate to admit it but there isn’t a standout in the whole bunch,” longtime New Hampshire political activist Sam Ruskin tells Capitol Hill Blue.  “They are, on the whole, a sorry lot.”

MSNBC host — and former Republican Congressman — Joe Scarborough agrees.

“Political luminaries come up to me, grab me by the lapels and whisper in my ear that this is the worst Presidential field they have ever seen,” Scarborough says.  “It’s depressing.”

Perhaps the saddest commentary on the lackluster field is the revolving door of frontrunners that came and went before the first vote was cast in the primaries:  Donald Trump, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, etc.

Then, of course, there’s Ron Paul, the candidate who never met a newsletter he couldn’t deny.  Like Romney, Paul is an empty suit.  Paul’s, however, is a cheaper and ill-fitting suit.

If Mitt Romney secures the GOP nomination in the coming weeks, it won’t be because he’s either a qualified candidate or the best choice.  He will win by default among a field of born losers.

“You’ve heard of holding your nose and voting?  Well, there’s no amount of air freshener that anyone can take to remove the stink of this field,” says one GOP strategist who — for obvious reasons — does not wish to be quoted by name.  “There’s not an electable candidate or a leader in the lot.”

Politics is often called a circus.  This year, it’s more of a clown parade.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews calls it a “clown show” with Romney as the master of ceremonies.

“Romney is programmed to say whatever he thinks people will support,” Matthews says. “I don’t have the slightest idea where he stands on anything.”

So what can a Republican primary voter do?

“The Japanese have a solution for situations like this,” says Ruskin.  “They call it seppuku — ritual suicide.  You take a sword and you disembowel yourself.”

 (Edited on Jan. 10 to include more information)

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44 thoughts on “The worst Presidential field ever? That’s affirmative”

  1. Add Obama to the clown car mix, and I can sadly say that there is not a single candidate that I can identify who makes me think “we would be so much better off with that candidate as President.”

    Have we really reached the point where the best the two parties can offer is the lowest common denominator? What a sad commentary on this great nation.

  2. Oh,if only you Repubs would nominate Ron Paul, then the idiocy would be complete. A guy who speaks of undoing all things undoable, that’s what you need, yea.

    • “A guy who speaks of undoing all things undoable, that’s what you need, yea.” …extract from post

      What’s the alternative RK; I.E., sticking with candidates that will perpetuate the so-called “undoable” as opposed to a candidate that is making a stand against such ‘undoables’…?

      Citizen RK, it’s time to sober up, think smartly and take a sensible stand concerning your core freedoms. There’s no place for cyniciam or skewed intellectualism in these dire times for the soon to be once Great American Republic. : |

      Carl Nemo **==

  3. Pssst! You!…….yeah you…….Repeat after me….Ron Paul, that’s R…O….N____P….A….U…L.

    Come on, don’t be afraid…you can say it out loud now.
    It’s safe……Yes, he is electable.

      • “We just did (see story above)
        Be careful what you wish for…” …extract from post reply, Doug Thompson

        Damn, good buddy, you know I both value your intellect and site as a forum for unbiased, shared opinions, but methinks its time you took a stand, realizing this nation is in desperate straights.

        Mitt, Newt, Rick et al. offer nothing against status the quo politics of Bush/Cheney, Obama/Biden and now Romney/?

        I’m 67 in a few weeks, yourself 64, we don’t have much time left on this plane. Maybe it’s time that guys like you and myself who have the gift of words, I.E., “wordsmiths” make a stand against this perennial election year mediocrity, all leading to our national demise.

        If you are right on candidate Paul’s motives as possibly myself being oppositely the same; big deal, at this point our nation’s citizenry needs to “dare to be great” and break through the glass ceiling of our status quo paradigm and to support Congressman Paul regardless of imagined or concrete evidence to the ‘grey side’ of political correctness on his part in previous years. We’re in the here and now…no? In the event Ron Paul makes it to the convention it will be a sobering wakeup call for the evil oligarchs and their societal engineers that have worked feverisly for past 100 years plus to create our NWO prison.

        It’s time to take the “red pill”…no?

        Carl Nemo **==

  4. How come Ron Paul wasn’t mentioned? He has so much grassroots support and is the perfect contender to beat Obama in 2012.

    • OK, we won’t. Nah, forget it. We will. Just added the following to the story:

      Then, of course, there’s Ron Paul, the candidate who never met a newsletter he couldn’t deny. Like Romney, Paul is an empty suit. Paul’s, however, is a cheaper and ill-fitting suit.

      Happy now? 🙂

  5. Fivebyfives. You are absolutely right. Would there ever be room for a Party based on absolute individual freedoms? People are allowed their bigotry but it should not be found within their government.

    Every Republican Candidate wants to end Planned Parenthood services which saves lives of millions of women thanks to the breast MRIs and uterine cancer tests.

    Why should a forced unwanted pregnancy for women be a punishment inflicted by the government? Why should two men have to hide their homosexuality by one of them being forced to marry a woman for cover?

    Not even Joan of Arc would tolerate that kind of hypocrisy.

  6. Where did the GOP go? That’s easy: the Democratic Party. If one goes to a political fast food joint, dine in and be served Republican food. Use the Drive-thru and be served by the Democrats.

    Either way, it’s the same lousy fodder.

    Happy New Year to all.

    • Spot on commentary Fivebyfives and a Happy New Year 2012 back to you and yours good buddy. : )

      I’ve missed your commentary to the site. Hope you stop by more often.

      Carl Nemo **==

      • Hello Carl and Sandune. I DO stop by a lot, but haven’t commented lately because my cup doesn’t exactly run over with those running for the presidency. To those who refer to the “Republican Clown Car” I’d add that you can put Barack Obama in the driver’s seat.

        I feel like the relatively sane citizen is being drawn and quartered by the insanity that is our national discourse. For instance, there’s Rick Santorum blithely stating that contraception is bad and that states should be able to ban it. I feel like I’m in pre-Vatican II Ireland.

        On the other hand, the wingnut mayor of New York had me snorting tea through my nose when he said, “The whole purpose of government is to improve the health of its citizens.” ???????

        Both views are tripe and do NOTHING to address the slow strangulation of a vibrant American society. Most people do not make the connection between an economy and the cohesiveness of a society.

        Those in public office today do not orient themselves towards the well-being of the republic, but rather their ideological and/or financial owners.

        This year is going to be a doozy!

  7. Coulrophobia, or fear of clowns, seems to be relatively common. A quick Internet search revealed 16,100 results. There are even websites dedicated to the subject, such as, where coulrophobes gather to share their thoughts. Clowns are common characters at Halloween events such as Universal Orlando’s yearly Halloween Horror Nights, which featured a killer clown as its main icon for several years. Clearly, the fear is real.

    Nonetheless, very little scientific research has been performed on coulrophobia, so it is difficult to say exactly how common this fear is. However, a January 2008 report from BBC News suggests that clown phobia may be more ingrained than was previously assumed.

    That article cites a recent study conducted by University of Sheffield researchers who polled children in several British hospitals about an upcoming hospital redesign. According to the news story, all 250 children (age four to sixteen) expressed a fear or dislike of clowns. The full results of the study have not yet been published.

    Link: Fear of clowns, an overview Be afraid Americans. be very afraid.

    P.S. Sandune, thanks for the cards My email is the same oil changed from con cast to

    • Fear of clowns might not have been as prevalent prior to the apprehension of the “Killer Clown”, John Wayne Gacy.

      Beware of clowns be they political or simply sick puppy’s such as the likes of JWG. They are all seemingly deadly to that which is good for “WE the people”…no? Then again, maybe not…? / : |

      On the lighter side here’s a link to “Send in the Clowns” a very poignant song indeed performed by Judy Collins at about the three minute mark.

      Carl Nemo **==

  8. Great article by Taibbi. Dylan Ratigan also has a movement to cut the money out of the elections. I loved the picture of Perry with a caption “The Greatest Little Whore” How about Montana???

  9. I’m thinking folks might enjoy reading an incisive article concerning the election of 2012. It’s written by Matt Taibbi a journalist and author who reports for “Rolling Stone” and “Men’s Journal”. I’ve always enjoyed his thoughts and writing style. This article fairly sums the banality of our entire political process in these seeming end times for the Republic.

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Excellent read, Carl.

      However, Matt’s points could just as easily be expanded to candidates for the US Congress and to State government as well….he who raises the most campaign cash wins the vast majority of the time.

      This is why today’s candidates for political office are far more concerned about raising campaign cash from their home districts than they are about doing what’s best for the country as a whole.

      When I last lived in NH, prospective presidential candidates were hounding me and my fellow citizens for our votes fully THREE YEARS prior to the primary election.

      Indeed, as the primary dates draw nearer, it finally gets to the point where most NH citizens must remove their telephones from the hook lest they be incessantly bombarded day and night with “push polls”, “opinion polls” and other seemingly endless requests for election-day “help”.

      Clearly, Romney and Obama are the “anointed ones” who will continue to do EXACTLY what corporate America wants them to do ….keep the government “gravy train” of lucrative tax breaks for special interests flowing freely (and generous tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans firmly in place).

      Why they and their assorted “hod carriers” are even going through this continuing charade of primaries, caucuses and conventions (not to mention the November election!) is quite beyond me. It’s all a foregone conclusion as the “Republicrats” will once again remain firmly in power.

      And it would all be comic if it wasn’t so sad.

  10. The utter frustration of today’s politics and my not being able to find a home for my opinions has driven me back where I started 15 years ago. My old forum has finally caught up with my opinions and has welcomed me back. I will pop in to the home page here once in a while but the reader rant site is off base. I really enjoy all of you and your opinions and Doug will always be on my reading list.

  11. This morning I clicked on a number of old Republican discussion forums and discovered that many are closed up. The emails I received from very old acquaintances tell me the Conservatives are far ahead of all other parties on the Internet. Three that got started from Reader Rant are gone. Does this mean that the GOP is running on empty? Is this the end of the GOP as it exists at this time? Where are the current candidates getting their funding? I do know of one forum that has always been involved in the social issues, but they have dropped out of backing anyone for President. They are Evangelicals but have not endorsed anyone for years. They want to bomb Iran before they get a chance at developing nukes. I’ve mentioned that the Congress would never declare a war again when it is based on speculation. Could it be that there is no GOP at this time?

    I received an email from Gov. Tom Ridge looking for financial support for Gov. Jon Huntsman. Could it be that the GOP is embarrassed by the candidates? I am not looking for action but I am curious where the GOP went?

    • Where did the GOP go…?

      Our two party system has devolved into a duopoly both parties now representing the interests of corporate oligarchs via their operatives known as lobbyists. Relative to the “WE the People” it doesn’t matter one wit who sits in the White House or Congress, the results will be the same. They always win we lose…!

      Their wealthy patrons continue to get obscene tax breaks along with having their bad to criminally disposed business decisions;I.E., losses underwritten by the taxpayers. Whatever socially redeeming crumbs they pitch out to the unwashed masses are so too paid by American tax debtors, but not the one percenters that own this nation lock, stock and barrel. They’ve now engineered a paradigm where the gains are privatized; I.E., theirs, while the losses are socialized as in the TARP bailout.

      Elections have simply degenerated into a “Dancing with Stars” level distraction, but less so entertaining.

      Seemingly the American way of life, our Constitution and everything else that once made this nation great has been sacrificed on the altar of globalism run amok.

      Carl Nemo **==

      • Hello, Carl –

        Seemingly the American way of life, our Constitution and everything else that once made this nation great has been sacrificed on the altar of globalism run amok.

        Down comes the final curtain, accompanied by great opportunity. These are the most dangerous times for the international financiers – those who issue the directives in exchange for the ability for our governments to do business.

        Literally millions now grasp at least the basics of the game. They see clearly the false dialectic. They see newly-created phantom debt heaped upon them. Moreover, they now know the emperor is not merely naked; he is puny and ill-endowed.

        What chance will our once-high masters have now the tide in the affairs of men turns and tears in a great cleansing? The military will refuse to wage their old masters’ wars; the police will divide and purge the thugs from their ranks and all will know the difference between authority and power.

        Oh, I think it’s time for my Prozac!

        • Hi Frank…

          “Oh, I think it’s time for my Prozac!” …extract from reply

          Ha…! : )

          I’m sure our corrupt movers and shakers realize the rising threat to their ongoing ‘crooked casino’ paradigm and that’s why the likes of Levin and McCain tacked Amendment 1034 to the NDAA which will allow the military to police America’s streets or anywhere else in the world in search of ‘terrorists’ or simply ‘enemies of the state’ without the need for Congressional approval. No charges need be filed, no right to counsel, with indefinite incarceration provided until our Congress now simply a ‘politburo’ declares the ‘war on terror’ is over which means never.

          As far as the troops turning on their officers and the police purging the ‘thugs’…forget it. As long as they get their paychecks as a function of COG (Continuity of Government) along with access to food/rations for their families they’ll do whatever is necessary to maintain the aforedescribed dark order of the day that now shadows this land. This is the problem with having a professional military along with our national and state based police forces militarized in terms of training and gear. They’ll both murder and incarcerate millions of Americans on the command our now and into the future ‘dear leaders’ who would make old time sovietski enforcers as well as the Gestapo of yore envious with the efficiency of these New World Order enforcement tactics. As our elitist leaders so too our military in terms dealing with the unwashed masses. Life is good to better for them…no?

          Possibly we’ll all meet up at ‘Camp Halliburton’ one day… : (

          Carl Nemo **==

  12. I personally think that Gov. Romney would make an excellent President. It may be popular for the media and pundits to make fun of him; but he is a good man, smart and pragmatic and actually has some experience running a government. He isn’t afraid to try to deal with hot potato issues like health care. I like people who are open to others points of view and who are not afraid to change their mind based on what they learn. He is a traditional Republican, non-extremist; and that is what we need at this time. If he is nominated, those who call themselves conservatives had beter get out and vote for him or take direct responsibility for the Obama Administration they dislike so much staying in power.

  13. Which means: Four more years of Obama & Co.

    No matter, even if Romney could win, we’ll still have four more years of the same policies that started in earnest under G.W. Bush/Cheney, those two being an example of ‘evil clowns’…no?

    Thanks Doug for your solid article concerning mediocrity seemingly run amok this election cycle.

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Carl,

      You get the “Bring up Bush-Chaney Evil Award” for injecting that nonsense into what could habve been a reasonable discussion.

      • Chuck,…baby…what’s up? Are you uncomfortable discussing the Bush/Cheney legacy of war crimes, treason and betrayal…?

        Funny,…the whole article mentioned the “deadbeat” candidates who couldn’t muster a crowd at a $0.19 Hamburger Day at McDonald’s,…

        …but the white-haired old dude defending liberty,
        ……who is receiving “Rock-Star” like crowds,
        …crowds so large, excited and supportive,…
        …behavior so bad that they had to step away from an out-of-control media crowd yesterday,…

        …no, lets not even mention his name in the article or the comments section,…


        RJ O’Guillory
        Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family


  14. I have a vintage Volks Beetle that they could all travel around in while campaigning.

    Look at the money it was save on gas – and preserve the environment at the same time.

    Can you image the chaos you might see over who gets to sit shotgun?

  15. The Republican National Committee rewrote the popular agenda of the Party when the Separation of Church and State was cancelled by Governor Bush of Texas promised federal grants to the churches.

    It removed the whole process of a more limited federal government and focused on religion as the new base of the Republican Party. It happened at a time when the culture across America accepted gays as equals. More families saw their gay members come out of the closet and enter politics and corporations as well as the arts. The NRC had to take an action and they brought a prohibition of gay marriages along with abortions into the base of the GOP.

    Without the Separation of church and state, the government saw the growth of the religious right bloom in the Congress and the terrorism of hell and damnation enter into many elections.

    The GOP has been divided into a firm Christian agenda and a anyone but a Mormon (Mitt) take over the primary elections.

    Every candidate running as a Republican has had to change their own agenda to fit into this new division. It would not surprise me if millions of Republicans like me will leave the party as it no longer represents what we have worked so hard to build.

    Our old GOP groups are now fighting within themselves weakening any effort to vote President Obama out of office.

    There is nothing attractive to lure independents or even LP members into the GOP. It’s a classic case of a Party self destructing even before the major primary elections are being held.

    Friendships and even family members are now fighting over trivial issues. There are no other issues being discussed.

    • For God’s sake don’t tell Almandine. He’s still laboring under the illusion that this site supports Romney and that I’m a shill for his campaign. 🙁

      • Have no fear Doug I think most of your readers do not see it that way. Besides I wouldn’t be too concerned about the opinions of nobodies who use anonymous handles. 😉

        • Get a grip, Bill… better yet, get something meaningful to say.

          Pick an issue – any issue – and dazzle us with your intellect, instead of using bandwidth for ad hominums.

      • Now, Doug…

        I was merely reflecting on the number of CHB hit pieces aimed at Romney during this campaign (until this one I can find only 2 mild attacks in the last half-year or so)compared with the litany of bombshells fired at the others…

        just makes a guy wonder, ya know?

    • Great article Doug. Spoken like a true presstitute. I like your expose’ of the clown Ron Paul. Oops. I forgot, you didn’t mention the only honest statesman on either side. Don’t worry, step n fetchit will win after Paul is thrown under the bus by the likes of you and your fellow travelers. Aren’t you proud?

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