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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Romney opens up big lead in South Carolina

Romney campaigns in South Carolina (Reuters/Randall Hill)

Uh. Oh. Bad news for the “Occupy Mitt Romney” movement.  The candidate who is supposed to be in trouble after a close call in Iowa still holds a huge lead in New Hampshire and has surged to a “major lead” in South Carolina.

A new CNN/Time magazine poll shows Romney’s support down South climbed 17 percentage points in the last month — up to 37 percent and a 20 point lead over second place Rick Santorum.

Not a bad showing for a candidate who all but ignored South Carolina until recently.  After picking up the endorsement of Gov. Nikki Haley — a tea party favorite and pal of Sarah Palin — Romney has stepped up his presence in the state and it appears to have paid off.

Romney continues to hold a big poll lead in New Hampshire but is expected to be battered by Santroum, Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry in back-to-back debates there over the weekend and all three candidates say they will go after him in South Carolina.

But polls suggest Romney is becoming the candidate that most GOP voters think has the best shot at defeating President Barack Obama and that feeling helps them overcome others reservations.

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8 thoughts on “Romney opens up big lead in South Carolina”

  1. I’ve been a Lew Rockwell reader for many years and lot of the commentaries from his site pretty much agree that each and every one of us must control our lives as individuals. For years, I’ve tried to keep the banks and mortgage brokers out of my life and after the kids were all out of college, I paid all my loans and mortgages off so that nobody could take advantage of a single senior old lady. Sadly I had to give up many of my charities for this illusion of financial safety.

    Can I trust Gov. Romney? Can I trust Dr. Paul to keep Romney on the right road? The more Dr. Paul’s numbers grow, the more the voters will think more seriously who they put in the Congress. That is where the changes must start. It is hopeless to believe that the Congress will turn honest when Romney gets into office.

    I may have started out with the silver spoon in my mouth but I have lived a middle-class life and would love to die in that same category. I don’t look good in poverty.

  2. When I see Romney speak and I see his eyes, it s like seeing that same strange glare that I see in Pat Robertson’s eyes.

    • It’s called ‘fire in the belly’, self righteous fanatacism, although cleverly hidden at least until he gets enough power to turn America into his personal pulpit for pushing his personal political agenda down our collective throats whatever that might be…? / : |

      The question is: Who is the real Mitt Rommney, since publicly he’s both yes and no on just about every issue? The candidate that tries to please everyone on the campaign trail will end up pleasing no one in the end, no differently than that of our currently ensconced ‘silver-tongued’, world class, campaigner in chief, Obama.

      If Mitt makes it to the White House it will be business as usual no different than under G.W. Bush/Cheney, Obama/Biden. There may be some variations on the theme, but he will continue to move this nation down the slippery slope of it’s seemingly imminent destruction; I.E., to be sacrified on the altar of globalism run amok. Believe it…!

      Carl Nemo **==

    • Reminds one of that old ditty, “Don’t let the stars get in your eyes if you’ve got water on the brain”…

  3. One of my best friends has declared his allegiance to the Christian Conservative Candidates. This would not surprise me except he is a fairly religious Jew. He claims that the Christians will destroy Islam before Islam destroys us. This seems to be the driving force within the GOP. I live in a heavily Jewish area of Palm Springs and I’m hearing none of this here. In fact most of the GOP may go to Obama. I get this from conversations around the pool and the golf club house.

    Has America turned into a killing machine?

    • That was the goal since the end of the Vietnam conflict. The military industrial complex bought up the media to ensure “those hippies” would never be able to stop them again.

      We are a fascist military empire. There is no sense in denying it. We’re all just cogs in the murder machine.

  4. Even if Romney gets the nomination he cannot beat Barack Obama in November. Why so? Romney’s republican contingent in Congress have demonstrated to be obstructionists in terms of doing what’s best for America and if given a majority in both the House, Senate and the White House will engage in stripping the last flesh off “Lady Liberty” in the interest of more profits, less taxes for their wealthy patrons along with putting the finishing touches of turning America into an absolute police/garrison state with citizens stripped of all Constitutional rights. Remember folks they are rights, not ‘privileges’ as our Congressional ‘politburo’ would have us believe in these seeming end times for the Republic.

    When it’s time to vote this November folks are going to hestiate on Romney due to this aforementioned phenomena of ‘rethuggery run amok’.

    Obama ain’t great, but Romney in the White House will be a complete and utter disaster. Why so? Mitt Romney is a ‘shapeshifter’ on all issues. He talks out both sides of his mouth and never had a position that he couldn’t flip in a NY minute in order to further his candidacy to whatever. He’s an applause ‘junkie’ and craves being in the limelight.

    With his pedigree being that of a corporate guy, I’m sure the guys at “Government Sachs” are quite eager to have him in the White House, all to our collective hazard.

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. This is better news than having Senator Santorum take the lead. There is little difference between any of them, with the exception of Ron Paul. I do not want a vote for Jesus to win this Primary election. Not all the voters in America are Christians.

    I like the fact that many Republicans consider Gov. Romney as a Moderate as my position of being pro-choice on everything must gravitate towards a Moderate versus an Extremist.

    Romney has looked at all the issues and has changed his position basically to get elected and it is my hope that he will change back and put all Americans in an equal position according to the law.

    If he cannot do this, then I will cast my first vote for a Democrat. My allegiance to the GOP was washed away by the religious right.

    Shoot me!

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