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Monday, October 3, 2022

Bachmann drops out, Perry stays…for now

Michelle Bachmann: Exit, stage right (AP Photo)

After a night of disappointments for Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann in the Iowa caucuses, it looked like Perry was ready to quit but Bachmann would stick it out.

But just the opposite happened. Bachmann dropped her GOP Presidential bid Wednesday morning and Perry — after flying home to Texas — said he would resume his campaign in South Carolina.

Perry told his dwindling cadre of followers that he needs to “determine whether there is a path forward.”

“There is no path forward,” a disheartened strategist for Perry told Capitol Hill Blue. “It’s over.”

But it wasn’t over.  Perry, perhaps buoyed by Bachmann’s decision to quit, tweeted his followers to say he would see them in South Carolina.

“I’m surprised,” the strategist admitted later Wednesday.

So were others.  With just 10 percent of the Iowa vote, the former frontrunner faces a dearth of contributions as donors look for winners.

“With a little prayer and reflection, I’m going to decide the best path forward,” Perry said.

Bachmann, at first,  put on a determined public face.  The candidate who won the Iowa straw poll last August finished in sixth place with just five percent of the vote.

“There are many more chapters to be written on the path to our party’s nomination,” Bachmann told supporters Tuesday night.

Perhaps, but with money running out and defections from her campaign staff, Bachmann finally accepted reality.

“Last night, the people of Iowa spoke with a very clear voice. And so I have decided to stand aside,”she said Wednesday morning.

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4 thoughts on “Bachmann drops out, Perry stays…for now”

  1. Go Perry Go! Go Perry Go! Go to another state and live Perry!

    So many Texans like myself have had it with his idiocracy.

    • “Hello Americans – Satan here. Some time ago the aforementioned gentlemen signed the standard contract with me – you know, the usual deal, power, wealth, sex, hair etc. Anyhoo, turns out this stiff can’t get started even with my todally ossum power behind him. . . . .

      Bottom line, I want out. He’s making me look bad. Cut price Perry soul going. Do I hear $666? No? $66?”

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