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Saturday, June 22, 2024

America is a terrorist state

Canada has dared admit what other U.S. allies will not: America is a terrorist state that tortures prisoners and violates international law. A Canadian Foreign Affairs Department training manual, Torture Awareness Workshop Reference Materials, defines torture and lists Guantanamo Bay and the United States, along with Afghanistan, China, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Syria as nations which torture prisoners and abuse human rights.

Canada has dared admit what other U.S. allies will not: America is a terrorist state that tortures prisoners and violates international law.

A Canadian Foreign Affairs Department training manual, Torture Awareness Workshop Reference Materials, defines torture and lists Guantanamo Bay and the United States, along with Afghanistan, China, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Syria as nations which torture prisoners and abuse human rights.

This is not an enemy of the United States making wild claims about “the Great Satan” of America. It’s not even our sometimes ally France. This is Canada, one of this county’s strongest allies.

While Canada didn’t come out and say flatly that America is a “terrorist state,” the manual clearly identifies this nation as one that uses terror techniques in direct violation of international law. In our book, that makes us the United Terrorist States of America.

When America can’t even pass muster with its friends, America is in trouble. Our emergence as an international bully with no regard for law or human decency is now complete and even our allies can’t look the other way.

The destruction of America by George W. Bush and his followers is almost complete. He still has a year left in office to finish the job.

Just when you think the rampant arrogance that has dragged our country into the mire and muck of criminal activity and corruption can’t possibly get any worse…it does.

Missing White House emails, destroyed CIA tapes that show torture of prisoners, violation of wiretap laws and nonstop abuse of human and civil rights highlight a government out of control and a nation unable to stop the decline.

The Bush Administration is lying about troop withdrawals from Iraq, lying about clashes with Iran and lying about its continued criminal actions both at home and on the international stage.

Later today, Bush will unveil a so-called “economic stimulus package” that economists already say is too little too late. As he did with Katrina, Bush is routinely ignoring a problem until it out of control. The man who exports terrorism to other nations and launches invasions based on lies doesn’t have time to deal with issues closer to home.

And he doesn’t have time to earn or keep the respect of once-staunch allies of this nation.

Canada has, in effect, called America what it has become: a terrorist nation.

Sadly, their assessment is true: And the most dangerous terrorist of all lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

As an American, it scares the hell out of me that this terrorist has another year to complete his mission of destroying America.

And it may be too late to stop him.

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  1. Carl, thanks for the condolences.

    What do you call freedom? Seriously, I’m interested to know. From reading this site and others like it, I’ve come to believe that there’s a wide range of definitions out there. Some seem to feel that freedom is neither having access to nor having to contribute to a social net. Some seem to feel that freedom is being bound by almost no or as few laws as necessary (and living amongst other people enjoying the same lawlessness). Some seem to feel that being able to go shopping and buy whatever they want is freedom.

    I’m not sure I really know what freedom is. We’re told that the terrorists “hate us for our freedoms” — but really, what do they mean by that?

    I saw something on that site about the requirement for drivers’ licenses, and that reminds me of a good friend of mine who one day showed up annoyed that he’d been ticketed for not having a plate on his truck. We figured maybe he’d lost it or someone stole it, but no — he told us he never bothered to get one. !!! Another time, the same guy went to court for flying (in a commercial situation) without a license. It wasn’t his first offense. The judge asked him why he doesn’t just go get his license. He responded that if you looked at what it would cost him to do so and maintain it, it was cheaper and easier to get caught every few years and pay the fine. (He is a good pilot — I’d let him fly me any day over some of the bureaucrats I met at Transport Canada who have their licenses.)

    It’s an interesting question. Frankly, I’m not even sure what freedom is – or even what I think it is. It bears some thought, and I’d be delighted to hear your thoughts on the matter.

  2. Thanks for the reply and your thoughts JoyfulC. The only part of the link that I was focusing on was the lead article: Urgent Attention Required, with several .pdf/.doc type documents;ie., petitions to Parliament.

    The site has some fascinating concepts and might be considered fringe to most folks since they’ve never truly been free in their lifetime.

    We’re living in a modern age “Matrix” phenomenon that’s so far removed from the freedom experienced in 19th century America and Canada that they probably wouldn’t be able to function without all the handouts and womb-to-tomb percs that an all-knowing, all-controlling, modern government provides; but at very stiff price, along with questionable value in these times.

    My condolences to you and yours concerning the loss of your family member; ie., your dog of many years. My wife and I, now married 41 years, didn’t have children so we have always doted on our pets, they too being our defacto family members. It’s really tough to lose a creature that’s far more than simply a pet of many years.

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. Frankly, I don’t know, Carl. I took a quick look at that site and will have a better look later — but at first glance, it appears to be the type of site I tend to approach with a grain of salt.

    I agree that Harper is a Bush subservient. What is it Bush calls him? Steve? Yeesh! Stephen Harper has never gone by that name in Canadian politics, but right after Bush started referring to him as Steve, Harper obediently noted that he really did always want to be called that. Yeesh, yeesh, yeesh! I don’t actually think Harper’s government is significantly worse than the previous Liberals — he’s not our “Bush,” in other words. I’m not sure we need another election, either. We’ve sort of been through the mill on elections up here in recent years!

    Maybe the solution to every problem isn’t to boot out the current administration, but rather for the people to let the current administration know where the line to be toed is. You hear a lot of ranting about the Bush administration, but let’s face it: it’s not like Americans are out in the streets revolting. They’re all too busy shopping. It’s the same thing here in Canada. I don’t think the government is really going to take any objection too seriously as long as it’s only supported by a noisy few. Only when people start making a ruckus will we see change. People don’t like the price of gas — but they keep buying it. And further, it’s not like we’re seeing people ditch their huge gas guzzlers or turn down their thermostats or reduce the amount of driving they do (to the shopping mall) or take the bus more often.

    The business community seems devastated that Christmas shopping was a little off this year. Between you and me, we didn’t spend 1-cent on Christmas here in our home — and we had a really nice, relaxing time at home (except for our 18-year-old dog passing away). But most people did spend money on Christmas. Can you imagine the impact on big business if we all decided not to buy anything at all beyond bare minimum groceries for one month? Or if we all reduced our fuel consumption by 25%?

    Unless and until Canadians and Americans are willing to make sacrifices on this order, we really can’t expect to see our governments shape up. Our politicians are no different than my dogs are around here — they know how far they can push us, and they’re always looking to see if they can push us just a little further.

    I’ll say it again: the primary solution on either side of the border doesn’t lie with politicians. It lies with we-the-people. And right now, most of them only care enough to complain. Very few are willing to actually make any sacrifice for the sake of change.

  4. Warren, I fear that you are right! I have only my locals here to discuss this possible improvement in our government and many can see nothing wrong with Bush. I’m so tired of trying to discuss freedoms with these retired seniors as they have no clue what freedom is.

    I fear we are too late to even suggest a change in our government. I hope it is better in your area of the country. The numbers for Paul in Nevada were apparently a fluke.

  5. Hi JoyfulC…

    I’m not surprised at all concerning this revisionism. Stephen Harper; ie., Mr. Conservative is nothing but a Bush clone and he too is a running dog for the NWO/AIPAC/MIC; ie.,Canadian version…!

    So no doubt he’s received a priority call from Bushco, along with the head AIPAC Zionist and started quivering in his shoes.

    Harper is involved up to his armpits in the concept of the North American Union and is all too eager to hand over Canadian sovereignty to these shadowy NWO controllers that control he, Bushco, and most leaders in Central and South America.

    Hopefully Canadians will wake up and kick his traitorous ass out of office after his first term, hopefully before if he loses a vote of confidence. He’s a judas goat leading Canada to slaughter.

    Canadians weren’t doing all that well with their long term liberal government, but little did they realize they cut their collective throats by electing Harper;ie., Mr. Conservative;ie., in his case a NWO corporatist/fascist sympathizer to the core…!

    I thought I’d provide a Canadian based site that is concerned with freedom.

    What’s interesting is there’s evidently a process in motion in the Canadian Parliament to surrender Canadian sovereignty sponsored by PM Harper!? This site is urging citizens to petition parliament to show a vote of no confidence concerning this matter. Canadians should be going ballistic hearing that this recently elected traitor is selling out their country.

    What’s up with this JoyfulC…?!

    Carl Nemo **==

  6. The biggest part of the problem is that a majority of Americans don’t WANT the problem fixed.

    “a government out of control and a nation unable to stop the decline.”

    Bush is in office, and remains in office despite the litany of lying, abuse of the Constitution, etc., because the American people put him there*, twice, and a majority still want him there. A majority don’t want to stop the decline. They don’t even see it as decline.

    * Yeah, I know.

  7. Not in the least Joyful,smirky threw a fit and as usual got his way,no doubt through the usual tactics of coercion ,smear, and threat.Another example of capitulation by a sovereign government to US bullying tactics. PUKE, EH?

  8. You know Carl, this terrorism problem starts with children. Islam trains them to bring others into the flock or kill them. This was also the early actions done by the Christians.

    A friend of mine took a bus down to visit me and had 9 year old seat mate throwing out warnings of hell and damnation at her for not being an Evangelical. I attended a music recital in a Baptist church here and the usher heard me say hello to an old friend and understood that I was divorced. At intermission she asked me which church I was married in and I said we were married by a judge in his back yard as my husband had been his Physics professor. That woman began yelling at me that my children were illegitimate and I would burn in hell when I died. I got up and came home.

    This use of terrorism being planted on our children is what feeds the fires of “the war on (fill in the blanks)”

    Right from wrong is gone from our early training and certainly missing from our churches and temples. Our leaders are elected to be our moral authorities. We need one-on-one moral training without a television. The religious right always looks to a religious leader even it if is the white house. Most are terrified not to look to the white house.

  9. Nicely stated Pablo…! Of course you’ve no doubt read my views concerning this ongoing “war on terror”; ie., a faceless war against a “noun”. The “war on drugs” fits the same category. These are “dream wars” for the criminal, power elite that have taken over this once great nation and possibly the world.

    These wars represent a goldmine to them in terms of MIC related profits. There’s no one to parley; ie., to make peace and these wars can be protracted until the 12th of never; ie., truly Orwellian Wars of financial convenience for these shadowy, criminally inclined, planetary oligarchs…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  10. “Terrorism” is a buzzword. That is, it’s a word meant to confuse people and muddy the waters, rather than make things clearer.

    A “Terrorist” is just someone fighting a war in which he, the terrorist, is hopelessly out-gunned. Therefore, the “terrorist” engages in so-called “Fourth Generation War” tactics.

    A “terrorist” can be a “resistance fighter” in many cases. In the view of the Nazis, French Resistance fighters, who gunned down French citizens who were too cooperative with the invaders, were “terrorists.”

    George Washington, who fought against the 100 percent legal, recognized, and established British government, was a “terrorist.” The men who fought the Brits on the streets of Boston were “terrorists.” The Boston Tea Party was a “terrorist act.”

    Which is morally worse: setting off a homemade bomb in a crowded city, killing dozens, or carpet bombing the city from 30 thousand feet, killing thousands?

    What was the more “terrorist” act: the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, a city of virtually zero military value, or the suicide bombing of a pizza restaurant in Tel Aviv?

    In the context of our attempted hegemony over the Middle East, the “terrorists” are more properly called “resistance fighters.” We are invaders and occupiers.

  11. Yep, I think so too.

    We had a chance to change things all along, but too many of us were busy shopping.

    Now we’re just going to have to take our medicine. But I think it should be open-season on all those who set this whole fraud up only to walk away well-heeled. Sure, we should have known better — but now they’d better run!

  12. OK, Depression is the word. I have bunkered in. Two years ago I bought a laundromat cash. Paid everything off but my mortgage. Lose the house I can live at my laundromat. My family and I will be okay. People, if you do not see it now… then rant when the Depression comes. It’s a hard rain… it’s gonna fall.

  13. Ah yes…

    … “W’s” grand plans for peace to break out before he leaves office.”

    …yet another sign Dumbass The 43rd ain’t abidicating his throne –

    …peace in the Middle East in

    …it is TO LAUGH – no way!


  14. As for Bush trying to alter his legacy, I got a kick of the news from Israel, their shutting down access to Gaza in the wake of “W’s” grand plans for peace to break out before he leaves office.

    And yeah – on the economy – he still doesn’t get it – it’s his mishandling of national and international affairs that have gotten us INTO this damn mess –

    Perhaps the right wing evangelists have the right idea – maybe we’re in such bad shape now we need their God to fix our problems – but I doubt it. What we need are rational, responsible people in positions of power. Now, just how can we empty the halls of congress of all lawyers and replace them with engineers and scientists?

    From wiki “Engineers use technology, mathematics, and scientific knowledge to solve practical problems.” – hmmm.



  15. It makes me so sad and ashamed that we, the American people, have allowed these rich thugs to destroy our country, it’s reputation, it’s financial future, it’s environment, it’s economy, it’s shining place in the world.. and to destroy the American dream of every citizen here (except the 1%). We have sat on our collective rear ends and watched OUR country being pillaged and our VALUES being destroyed by a bunch of Bible thumping righteous hypocrites. And we’ve done NOTHING to stop it. Sure, we tried in 2006 and gave the Democrates the majority – but what have they done?? Nothing!! Not even drawing a line in the sand – which they COULD have done with the support of the majority of the American people.

    “We have meet the enemy; and he is us.”
    Kelly, Walt

    No truer words have ever been spoken in this context. Why will this faux leadership in Congress not impeach? It would be our only saving grace.

    And now, Bush, who has yet to do ONE thing that is right for this country – is going to attempt to sold the recession woes. Fat chance! I can’t believe anyone even cares anymore. I sm so sick of being so angry at so many things. I know why there are grumpy old folks – because they have had a belly full of the B.S. from stupid people. Natural selection used to work!

    If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.
    Mark Twain

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