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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Perry ready to quit but Bachmann may prolong the misery

Michelle Bachmann (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Texas Governor Rick Perry left Iowa after a disappointing fifth place finish in the GOP caucuses Tuesday night and headed not to the next primary contest in New Hampshire but home to Texas to “assess” his failing campaign for President.

Perry told his dwindling cadre of followers that he needs to “determine whether there is a path forward.”

“There is no path forward,” a disheartened strategist for Perry told Capitol Hill Blue. “It’s over.”

With just 10 percent of the Iowa vote, the former frontrunner faces a dearth of contributions as donors look for winners.

“With a little prayer and reflection, I’m going to decide the best past forward,” Perry said.

While Perry appears ready to throw in the towel, Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann is putting on a determined public face.  The candidate who won the Iowa straw poll last August finished in sixth place with just five percent of the vote.

“There are many more chapters to be written on the path to our party’s nomination,” Bachmann told supporters.

Perhaps, but with money running out and defections from her campaign staff, Bachmann is no longer a character in those chapters.

She claims she still has a grassroots network in South Carolina but with former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santroum emerging as the latest darling of Republican conservatives, that may be more hyperbole than fact.

“She won’t quit this week,” a campaign aide tells Capitol Hill Blue. “She can stay in the race a little longer but we all know it’s over.”


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3 thoughts on “Perry ready to quit but Bachmann may prolong the misery”

  1. Interesting development from POLITCO who received a tweet from Perry saying he would return prior to Florida. Politico is checking on this as it seems strange after Perry quit last night.

    Maybe he will return now that Bachmann is gone. I’m certain Doug is on the mailing lit for Politico emails and should write up something.

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