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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Romney takes slim lead over Paul in new Iowa poll; Santorum surges

Mitt Romney: Showing strength in Iowa...maybe

A new CNN/Time poll for Iowa is good news for Mitt Romney, great news for Rick Santorum, fair news for Ron Paul and a disaster for the plummeting Newt Gingrich.

Romney has moved into a three point lead over Paul — 25 to 22 percent — which is a statistical tie when the margin of error is factored.  Santorum jumps to third with 16 percent and Gingrich continues his free-fall to 14 percent.

An early December poll showed Gingrich leading Romney 33 to 20 percent, Paul in third at 17 percent and Santorum well off the political radar at 5 percent.

Romney’s campaign took the news cautiously, continuing its strategy of keeping expectations low.  Paul’s campaign — which enthusiastically touts polls when they show their candidate in the lead — dismissed the CNN/Time survey as “meaningless,” because it questioned only Republicans while Iowans can change their registration at the door.

Santorum is gloating, saying the poll proves that people are starting to buy into his claim to the social conservatives who still haven’t made up their mind.

Gingrich, for a change, isn’t saying much.  He attacked Ron Paul Wednesday, saying the Libertarian Congressman’s views are “completely out of touch” with most Americans.

So what does it all mean?  Not much, because Iowa’s convoluted — and some might say outdated — caucus system often defies polls and pops out surprises.  It does show, however, that many potential potential Iowa caucus goers still haven’t made up their minds about the large and muddled field of GOP contenders.

“This is a race between Romney and Paul,” strategist Sharon Taft tells Capitol Hill Blue.  “A second for Romney is a win and if he takes New Hampshire as expected then he’s on the road to the nomination.  If Paul wins or comes in second, he’s still alive and remains an influence, particularly in South Carolina and Florida.”

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6 thoughts on “Romney takes slim lead over Paul in new Iowa poll; Santorum surges”

    • This also seems to indicate that Mitt is who the Democrats are betting will win the Republican nomination as this was put together by the DNC.

    • This is probably the most hilarious link I’ve ever watched concerning a flimflam, two-faced politican.

      Based on this vidclip, Mitt will be the perfect match for President of our now failing American ‘Empire’. The braindead electorate deserve this guy. : ))

      Carl Nemo **==

  1. woody. we must change the congress if we really want to even the financial mess. They write laws that allows the Stock Market to finance itself. Our government is run on corruption no matter who we elect for the white house. Since we added Tea Party members to the congress, the situation has gotten worse. We are sitting on the richest Congress in the history of our government.

    I never want earned wealth to be a problem but it has now caused an unbalance on the rest of the American workers. The system is broken and unless we clean it up within our own representatives, it will always be broken.

    The problem with Mitt is his religion. Even if he makes it, the Evangelicals will never stop hating him and he simply replaces Obama in their world of missionary zeal. Mitt is a Christian but not in the same way the Evangelicals operate. Mitt follows the Prophet in Salt Lake City and Evangelicals will never give him the respect our President deserves.

    I warned of this movement under Pat Robertson when candidate Bush was running in 2000. History again has proven me right. I thought the solution would come from the Libertarians but again they are sitting on their brains. Gary Johnson has finally joined them but unless he can get an agenda going, we will end up with Mitt vs Obama fighting it out with which same old same old has better ads.

  2. By all means, we might as well have Wall Street stop pretending to not run the whole country and elect Mitt. That would save a lot of lobbying/campaign/free speech dollars (graft) currently wasted on the present resident-in-chief.

    Another interesting Romney fact: With a net worth of some $230 million plus dollars, he is apparently the richest man to ever run for President. When money loses it appeal, the sick and twisted seek power.

  3. Thanks for keeping us up to date on where the numbers lie in this caucus primary. I’ve had a lot of company this last couple of weeks and feel lost when it comes to who’s ahead and who is falling behind.

    It is precisely Paul’s influence that is so necessary to even try to get some common sense in our government.

    The faster the people can nail Speaker Gingrich as a total failure, the better this election will go. He has always sucked the air out of anywhere he lands. We need to throw him out and slam the door if only to give others a chance to make an ass out of themselves. Fair is fair.

    Good writing.

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