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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Ron Paul’s doomsday scenarios could doom America’s future

"Dr. Doom" Ron Paul speaks in Iowa (REUTERS/Joshua Lott)

Ron Paul disavows newsletters and direct mail solicitations from the 1990s that spout doomsday scenarios but his speeches on the campaign stump with a week to go before the Iowa caucuses promote the same doom and gloom about the nation he wants to lead.

Even worse, non-partisan experts as well as members of his own party increasingly raise concerns about the extreme positions he espouses and the drastic changes he advocates.

“Paul appeals to people whose knowledge of major issues is superficial (and) he sees conspiracies where there are none,” Greg Valliere, chief political strategist at Potomac Research Group, tell Reuters. “If he does well in Iowa, which is likely, it will be an enormous embarrassment to the Republicans.”

Republicans voice the same concerns.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, winner of the 2008 Iowa caucuses, calls Paul “out of touch” with most Americans and the GOP.

Indiana Sen. Dick Lugar agrees, saying Paul is too extreme even for an American public fed up with status quo in Washington.

And while Paul claims the racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic and isolationist rants that spewed from his newsletter like verbal diarrhea in the 1980s and 1990s weren’t his, his words on the campaign trail sound some of the same messages.

A direct mail that Paul claims he didn’t write, didn’t see and didn’t approve, warned of “race wars” in the cities.

Here’s what he said at a recent campaign stop in Bettendorf, Iowa:

I’m afraid of violence coming. When you see what the government is preparing for, and the arrests and military law, and the demonstrations in the streets, some people aren’t going to be convinced so easily that you don’t owe them a living.

“He’s toned down the rhetoric but the message is the same,” a GOP strategist tells Capitol Hill Blue. “That message is ‘be afraid, be very afraid’ and the remarks about violence and ‘owe them a living’ has a racial tinge to it.  He knows that message will resonate with those who are afraid of people of color.  He appeals to base fears of unsophisticated voters who are driven by ignorance, not reason.”

Paul wants to dismantle the Federal Reserve, which provides the underpinning of the not only America’s economy but that of the world.  He claims there is a United Nations-driven conspiracy to take over America’s monetary system.

Says Paul:

This monetary crisis is well known by the international bankers. They want the U.N. to come in and solve this problem. The dollar will probably eventually disintegrate and be taken over. But I don’t want the U.N. issuing that currency.

The answer, Paul claims, is a return to the gold standard — the same message advocated in those newsletters he said he didn’t write or approve and now disavows.

Paul’s proposal, economists say, would turn control of America’s money supply over to gold miners in South Africa and Uzbekistan.

“If you like what OPEC means for oil prices, you’d love what the gold standard would do to financial markets,” Michael Feroli, chief U.S. economist for JPMorgan Chase, told Reuters.

Meanwhile, more and more evidence surfaces that show Paul in 1996 not only did not deny writing the newsletters but even touted them in interviews and his campaign spokesmen at the time said the words were his.

A story in the July 1996 edition of the Austin American Statesman noted that Paul had refused to release copies of the newsletter in his Congressional campaign, saying that he had “written thousands of items over the past 20 years” and that releasing the copies would be “impractical.”  Paul, who was running against a lawyer, said releasing copies of the newsletters, which he did not deny writing, would be like asking his lawyer opponent to “provide documents for every lawsuit he has been involved in during his lengthy legal career.”

Michael Sullivan, Paul’s campaign spokesman at the time, acknowledged Paul wrote the newsletters and said:

Dr. Paul is being quoted out of context. It’s like picking up ‘War and Peace’ and reading the fourth paragraph on page 481 and thinking you can understand what’s going on.

You have to understand what he is writing. Democrats in Texas are trying to stir things up by using half quotes to impugn his character. His writings are intellectual. He assumes people will do their own research, get their own statistics, think for themselves and make informed judgments.

The Paul campaign did not respond to requests for comment.

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13 thoughts on “Ron Paul’s doomsday scenarios could doom America’s future”

  1. “Paul wants to dismantle the Federal Reserve, which provides the underpinning of the not only America’s economy but that of the world.” Doug Thompson.

    And that’s exactly why RP wants to get rid of the Fed – the world economy is stuffed, thanks to the Fed and its cabal of criminals.

    People are going hungry, some are dying because of financial sociopaths.

    In 2004 the FBI warned of endemic fraud is the mortgage game, nothing was done. Greenspan couldn’t give a crap regarding this endemic “control fraud” as illustrated by William Black.

    When Brooksley Borne of the CFTC warned Greenspan about the dangers of unregulated OTC derivatives she was shunned by the club. a decade later Borne was proven absolutely correct.

    It would be a safe bet that 99 out of 100 US citizens would not have a clue regarding the history of the currency, how money comes into being and the Ponzi nature of the structure itself.

    In short it is a system that carries the seeds of its own destruction – to the advantage of those who pull the levers.

    I wonder how many plebs understand the nature of securitization, CDOs CDOs squared and cubed, CDSs and the nature of interest rate derivatives, the carry trade and so and so and on…

    Most of which has no relationship to the real world of wealth creation, or productivity whatsoever.

    The BIS reckoned the notional value of OTC derivatives at around 707 trillion dollars back in September, although many observers claim it be be at least 1.25 quadtrillion dollars.

    If this fragile and intrinsically corrupt financial maze takes hit then the game is up – if the counter-party on the other side of the derivative trades can’t make good (think AIG) then guess who gets to cover the bets?

    Yep the Feb with arrange to have the debt dumped on your front lawn, as they have been doing for yonks.

    The US government, at the behest of the bankers have succeeded doing to capitalism what we all though was impossible: totally eliminating risk. And that’s what they have done – the risk is now all the taxpayers, while the rewards belong to the club.

    Yep it would be safe to say that 99.9% of plebs simply don’t understand how they are getting robbed. Do you?

    And that’s what RP does understand (I think), like Kennedy, and Jefferson before, he appreciates fully the destructive nature of fiat money, and the manner in which it relates to the funding of wars, reckless spending and ultimately debt servitude for the many when it inevitably goes belly up.

    It would also be a safe bet that if the truth about money creation, manipulation and debt was understood by the plebs then 99.9% of them would be absolutely horrified.

    Today, it would also a safe bet that nobody could reckon the total debt, on and off balance sheet, that exists today – in the many quadtrillions no doubt taking into account personal debt, national debt, municipal debt, (which looks like blowing up sometime in the not too distant), corporate debt, derivatives (financial weapons of mass destruction), unfunded and off balance sheet corporate, national and state liabilities, and so on. Oh boy!

    Now, what wealth actually underpins all that debt?

    Total global wealth today is estimated at around 200 trillion dollars only. In short, our very clever captains of finance have leveraged the world by many multiples.

    All that can be done is either work the debt off (debt peonage for the plebs) over time, although that that would be impossible at this rate of growth v spending – or default, and start again.

    If default is the choice of the powers that be then how will they default?

    That is the most important question of all? And one I suggest you ponder seriously for personal reasons.

    I suppose it will be a case of preparing for either a deflationary depression, or a hyper-inflationary burn out. Or the first followed by the second, which is quite often the case, if one studies the life and death of currencies, and related political choices, motives, greed and stupidity.

    Anyway, best prepare for both deflation and inflation, as best you can – I have.

    As the saying goes: something that can’t go on forever won’t. RP understands this. No matter what happens now it can only get worse – it’s all in the numbers – and relationships; relationships that are based on deceit and fraud, rather than honesty and trust.

  2. Chief, we have seen racism, homophobia and anti-Semitism grow like weeds inside the Republican Party Base. I remember the day Obama got accepted as the candidate and my emails went off the charts against putting a black man in the white house. I wrote about this on RR and the words came from Rush Limbaugh along with Fox News. Many piled on me for my work with wanting rights for gays to marry.

    This cannot be blamed on Ron Paul as he is a Republican and the Party itself has all those horrible traits that are now found within his campaign. For Paul to stay true to his agenda, he should have run as a Libertarian. I probably will not vote for him now that he has assigned himself as a Republican.

  3. Doug Thompson,

    I do not think most Ron Paul supporters would accuse you of bias. I do think that most would accuse you of being inaccurate. I am a Ron Paul supporter and I will be the first to say that the newsletters debacle is an example of where Ron Paul was negligent concerning what was written in a few of them. Since the letters were in his name, and he was making some profit off of them and he did have his name auto-signed at the bottom, he should have read every single one to make sure they were legit and not misrepresenting his views.

    That being said, that does not equate with him being racist. The racist charge flies against every speech he has ever given, every interview, every book, and his ENTIRE LIBERTY PHILOSOPHY. If you want to claim you are not biased, which would mean you show both sides of the coin, why not dig a little bit into Ron Paul’s interviews, past debate performances, and maybe check out one of his books like “Liberty Defined” or “The Revolution: A Manifesto”.

    A great vid that helps dispel the accusation that Ron Paul is racist is:

    What has a lot of Ron Paul supporters upset isn’t the fact that the media is attacking him about the newsletters. It is the fact that they are trying to label him racist when not only did he not write them himself, racism is the direct collectivist opposite of individual liberty that he has been preaching for over THIRTY YEARS.

    Since Ron Paul is a front-runner now, he should be vetted by the media and rightly so. By all means, call him out on his slip up with being irresponsible at that point in time. Just be honest about it.

    I am like you in a way. You said ” Like Diogenes, I’m still looking for an honest man…or woman…in politics. I doubt seriously I will ever find one.” I was truly apathetic to politics and voting because I knew that damn near every single candidate pushed forward was lying, pandering, flip-flopping, and just flat out corrupt. I think I have found the real deal in Ron Paul. Now if you have some solid proof that says otherwise that I have been unable to find, please provide it. I will take a serious look at it.

    • I never said Ron Paul was racist. I said his newsletters were…which is a fact. It is also a fact that his story changed over the years. He never denied either the Dallas Morning News or Austin American articles that showed him defending the newsletters and the words in them. He did not, at that time, deny writing the newsletters. He just claimed the words were taken out of context, then he changed his story to say he wrote “some of the articles.” Now, his spin is that he didn’t write them, didn’t see them and now disavows them. Which one of these Ron Paul “truths” are we to believe?

      I’m sorry, but I can’t buy into the Ron Paul hype. In our view here he’s just another double-talking politician whose honesty is questionable and integrity is for sale — not to lobbyists but to a public willing to buy his newsletters and donate if he appears to support certain — and often explosive — points of view.

      From where we sit, Ron Paul is also an opportunist with a lot of get-rich quick schemes that he tried to foist on a gullible public with his economic news letters.

      That’s my opinion and until I see some real indication that he’s not cashing in on paranoia, racism, homophobia and other base emotions, that opinion will stand.

      • I agree with your opinions about Ron Paul, Doug.
        As a born and raised Texan…I do pay attention to our somewhat exotic politicians and Paul has always had his big toe stirring around in the pie of extremism.

  4. Ummm…In case no one has noticed the direction this country is headed the last two decades, there is plenty of doom and gloom to go around.

    Neither official party has made so much as a miniscule effort in actually doing any thing to reverse this trend, and all the other candidates promise more of the same.

    American Heritage dictionary defines conspiracy as “An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful or subversive act” and “A joining or acting together, as if by sinister design.”

    That definition would pretty much cover every thing this government does. When was the last time this government did any thing good? Every bill that passes the Congress is a conspiracy. Conspiracy happens each and every day on Capitol Hill.

    Every day.

  5. Congressman Paul, just like H. Ross Perot, will not win the election against President Obama but he will influence the policies of the House and Senate in the future years.

    We all hear him, right, middle and left and if we are smart our new and improved way of handling the government will grow. I also believe that President Obama hears Paul’s words of wisdom.

    Every member of the House of Representatives is up for reelection or replacement and it is a shame a third party candidate for the Congress cannot be elected. Paul stands alone but just think of a House of Representatives with three voices. There is room for other opinions in the hall of congress who writes our laws. Even if we elect men and women who will promise a strong oversight that has been missing for 50 years.

    My fear is the election of manic social conservatives who the Tea Party is promoting. A government run by dividing Americans into the kind of white, Christian straight men against the usual brand of voters will destroy all of us. Candidate Santorum has a history of voting against individual freedoms which puts him on my no-fly list.

    Not all Americans are Christians, not all Americans are White and not all Americans are straight.

    Doug has good and bad words for everyone who throws their hat in the ring politically. He also gets castigated when he exposes the warts on all candidates. I find no fault with his article. What I do know, is that with a man so completely honest in his words, I will never run for office as long as men like Doug Thompson write.

  6. “Paul appeals to people whose knowledge of major issues is superficial (and) he sees conspiracies where there are none,”

    I refer to it as the “Delusional Cult of Ron Paul”.

    That little old man that reminds one of Grandpa Moses who they believe will save us from doom. LOL!!

  7. I’m somewhat stunned with our site host’s intense negativity towards Ron Paul, ever-claiming to be non-partisan etc. Seemingly you have an axe to grind concerning this guy.

    Were you this fearful when “Mr. Change we can believe in” was on the stump, only to snooker us all in the final analysis? I voted for the guy, possibly you did too, thinking with hope beyond all hope that this guy would have made a difference. He’s simply ‘Bush Lite’ providing us more of the same without the dark presence of an ever-scheming Dick Cheney looking over his shoulder. Are we better off today by continually electing generic, one each, globalists r’us to the White House?

    I think not!

    Candidate Paul talks about disassembling a goodly portion of our blood-sucking, out of control government along with achieving accountability from our central banker,the Fed; these statements seemingly causing fear among those that somehow think their comfortable,’I’ve got mine’ screw the rest of you paradigm will continue forever.

    It’s a fact we’re dead broke as a nation, our debt load is astronomical in nature. Nothing is paid for, yet our profligate leadership on both sides of the aisle continue to swipe the national CC by ever-borrowing more money to float our failing societal construct. We’ve truly become the “paper tigers” as the Red Chinese referred to us during the height of “Cold War” tensions. Now we’ve genuinely become that toothless tiger in a financial sense.

    I’ve read your “Blue Ridge Muse” commentary concerning the changes in Floyd and the surrounding area with a downward trend in the quality of life along with the increase of crime with once viable businesses now defunct etc. Granted this is a local issue, but it’s a direct reflection of criminal mischief at the highest levels of our government, particularly the engineered, now failed housing boom/bust debacle that could have been avoided.

    There’s limits to what candidate Paul can accomplish. It’s unlikely any federal agency is going to be terminated, but as “Commander in Chief” of our armed forces he surely has the power to pull the plug on our uber expensive military adventurism in far off places. The MIC has become a monster; I.E., a vampire that’s sunk its fangs in our nation’s jugular. Ike warned us, “We the People” failed to listen. We simply cannot continue along our path without catastrophic consequences as Ron Paul espouses. He’s spot-on and the naysayers concerning his candidacy as well as his platform for real change we can believe in want to provide more of the same until we fail as a nation… / : |

    Mitt, Newt et al. aspiring candidates aren’t going to provide the necessary national triage to prevent what’s to come, since none of them discuss any of these issues with the urgency of candidate Paul.

    Carl Nemo **==

    • I’m sorry Carl, but your claims are as baseless as a Ron Paul spam campaign. In this campaign season alone, we’ve run far more stories critical of Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Michelle Bachmann etc.

      In the 2008 primary season, we ran 79 articles questioning the qualifications of Barack Obama. We ran 74 questioning Hillary Clinton’s ability. In GOP primary season, we ran far more stories questioning the abilities of John McCain or Sarah Palin than we did of Ron Paul.

      The only “ax” I have to grind is with candidates who lie (which means I have a problem with most candidates) and with those who follow such liars. Nobody gets a free ride here. Nobody.

      • “The only “ax” I have to grind is with candidates who lie (which means I have a problem with most candidates)[and with those who follow such liars.] Nobody gets a free ride here. Nobody.” …extract from reply my brackets

        Referencing my brackets, it seems you only cotton to people that march lockstep to your thought constructs, if not they must all be wrong, liars or worse by association with the candidate. / : |

        You seemingly forget we all have opinions and should respect others even if there are differences while maintaining a civil interface.

        In these challenging times for the Republic, seemingly what’s wrong with it has become ‘right policy’ and what would be an Rx for our national problems as proposed by Dr. Paul have become both wrong and toxic. Bizarre indeed! / : |


        “A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the Police State Dictatorship it’s going to get.” – Ian Williams Goddard


        Carl Nemo **==

        • Carl:

          You misunderstand. Yes, everyone is entitled to an opinion here but I will not let a charge of bias on my part go unanswered. Every candidate for office is treated with equal disrespect here — no exceptions. I also have no respect for partisans who excuse the actions of their candidate while criticizing the same actions of the opposition. Such excuses, in my opinion, display both hypocrisy and dishonesty.

          Partisans, as a general rule, apply a double standard and the partisans for Ron Paul are no different. I find it both amusing and pathetic that his supporters claim he — and they — are different when it suits their purpose and then defend his questionable actions with “everybody else does it too.” You cannot have it both ways.

          Do I think Ron Paul is honest? No, I do not. I think he is lying about his involvement with his newsletters, I think he uses political paranoia to line his own pockets (and those of his family) and I think at the very least he is a liar and quite possibly a crook.

          That is my opinion and as long as I pay the bills around here that is the opinion that will drive this web site’s coverage of Ron Paul (as well as other candidates for public office). Like Diogenes, I’m still looking for an honest man…or woman…in politics. I doubt seriously I will ever find one.

  8. Ron Paul warned about the housing bubble, warned about the trillion dollar bailouts of the Federal Reserve cronies, warned about the unnecessary wars. Nobody listened then but we are listening now and no matter what the elitist media says he has the support of the people. After all he was the only one supporting them the last 30 years.

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