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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Ron Paul’s con: Using hatred of America to get rich

Ron Paul: The joker in an out-of-control political poker game?

Hypocrisy is the constant bedfellow of most — if not all — politicians and even afflicts Ron Paul, the so-called “savior of America” on the GOP primary ticket.

Yet the grandfatherly doctor so revered by his followers is a flagrant hypocrite who evades the truth and preaches one game while practicing another.

If one is to believe the self-righteous proclamations of Ron Paul and his fanatical followers, the long-time Texas Congressman is so clueless that he had “no idea” that newsletters bearing his name spewed out racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic bile during the 1980s and 90s.

Yeah, right.  And there will be pork in the treetops by morning.

But it gets worse. Paul, if we are to believe his campaign spokesmen, also didn’t know that direct mail solicitations sent out over his signature encouraged Americans to “cash in” on the “coming chaos” by capitalizing on the misfortunes of others. He didn’t know that his direct mail pieces predicted a “race war” in big cities and claimed the Israeli lobby plays Congress “like a cheap harmonica.”

If this kind of behavior were attributed to Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney, Ron Paul supporters would be flooding web sites with their usual collection of obscenity-spouting comments and emails attacking Romney and Gingrich.  They also resort to such tactics when defending the leader of their cult.

In the end, Ron Paul is just another double-talking con-artist who bilks millions out of a gullible following by playing on fear, paranoia and ignorance.  He allows race-baiting comments to be sent out under his name while voting for a national holiday for Dr. Martin Luther King.  That way he can still appeal to the racists and homophobes who make up such a large part of his base while cultivating the grandfather image with baseless claims to be concerned about ordinary Americans and the Constitution.

Consider this:  If Ron Paul couldn’t control what was done in his name as an on-again, off-again Congressman from Texas, how can we trust him as a leader of America?

We can’t.  Ron Paul doesn’t love America.  He hates this country.

Capitol Hill Blue took a look at Ron Paul’s finances and finds he is another political con man who uses his office and campaigns to make money at the expense of those dumb enough to buy into his act.

Want to pull down close to a millions bucks a year?  Just publish The Ron Paul Political Report and the Ron Paul Investment Letter for $99 annually and then deny any involvement when the crap hits the fan.

It doesn’t matter if the story changes or the excuses run from “the comments were taken out of context” to “I didn’t see them, I didn’t read them and I wasn’t aware of them.”

According to his Congressional financial reports, Paul banked the money from the newsletters.  Are we to believe he put nearly a million dollars a year into his bank accounts and didn’t look or care about the source of the money?

Every time he runs for President, Ron Paul holds on to most of the millions raised and then coverts those funds for his own use after he loses — which is exactly what will happen when he fails in 2012.

Such is the art of the con. Paul knows that no matter how unbelievable or outrageous his actions, his ardent followers will still defend those actions and claim he is a modern political messiah.  That is how cults operate and thrive.

The bottom line is simple: Ron Paul is a crook. He took the money. He just can’t take the responsibility.  He knows he can’t win but he knows how to cash in.

Ron Paul is no better than any other candidate.  In too many ways, he’s far worse.  He’s a zealot with a fanatical following that blindly buys into the hype of Ron Paul while ignoring the reality of the con.

Thankfully, most don’t take a bite of the Ron Paul apple.  Even the right-wing Wall Street Journal, owned by Rupert Murdoch, isn’t fooled:

Dorothy Rabinowitz, a member of the Journal’s editorial board, calls Paul “the best-known of our homegrown propagandists for our chief enemies in the world.”  In other words, someone who gives aid and comfort to the enemy.”

Most people call that treason.  We call it using a hatred of America to get rich.

When you take a close look at Ron Paul’s finances you find that he sells the United States short and invests heavily in South African and Canadian gold.  Paul is a millionaire several times over but he doesn’t invest in U.S. companies.  Since 2002, the bulk of his investments have been in Canadian mining firms and South African gold.

The Wall Street Journal asked investment counselor William Bernstein to examine Paul’s investments.  Bernstein said Paul’s investment strategy is based on paranoia and bets heavily on failure of the United States.

”This portfolio is a half-step away from a cellar-full of canned goods and nine-millimeter rounds,” Bernstein told the Journal.

Which may explain why so many militia types, homegrown terror organizations and survivalists support Ron Paul.

Ron Paul hates America. He wants it to fail so he can get rich.

Just another con by just another con artist who cares only about himself.

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66 thoughts on “Ron Paul’s con: Using hatred of America to get rich”

  1. So you’re basically just calling Ron Paul a racist cult leader who steals money. And you have no proof of that what so ever. Even if all of this information was true, he would still be a better candidate than the others. It’s funny how Ron Paul gets money and support for his campaign through donations and volunteers, or THEFT. But I’m sure that the funding Romney and Gingrich have is from clean, reliable sources that outline the American interest better than the citizens themselves. Outsmarted by a 19 year old, sit down.

  2. So….bombing Iraq, ignoring Bosnia, Sudan, Ruwanda, threatening Iran, Syria, bombing Libya, war threats to North Korea, sanctions, and last but not least the support of Israel over Palestine of 60 years…need I go on? Has any Anti- Ron Paul(er) listened to the candidates? EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. is racist and bigoted toward Muslims and people of color and constantly beat the war drum to “Kill ’em all”. There is NO such language with Ron Paul.

  3. Ron Paul does convert the maximum amount of campaign cash to personal funds as the law allows. This is a fact folks. No sense in denying it.

    Is Paul a racist? Perhaps in discussing the LA Riots he came off as racist as any other white person might talking about predominately black riots. It is being taken out of context just as Paul contends, but that doesn’t matter to media talking heads looking for sound bites.

    Is Paul investing in gold and commodities versus fiat dollar currency?

    Undoubtedly! Pretty easy bet when interest rates are at zero and the Fed is saying they will remain there for as far as they care to look into the future. Gold and guns are the only things selling!

    Is Paul a step away from a cellar full of canned goods and 9mm ammunition?

    I’ll go one step further and bet he has canned, freeze dried, and frozen. I’m sure he also has .45’s, .300, .30-06, .357 etc. The American Red Cross and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security recommend keeping at least a 3-day supply of food and water. Most “preppers” believe you need at least one year, preferably up to three years of these things. Some people like to paint these people as crazy but these are the people that are going to survive a terrorist attack or natural disaster while the finger pointers perish.

    Mitt Romney as a Mormon is a “prepper” which isn’t discussed at all. I was raised Mormon and nearly every Mormon family grows a garden and cans the food. Period. That church has been claiming the end is near since at least 1980. We were told if all of time was condensed into one day, we were in the 11th hour, 59th minute with just seconds to go. This is common practice at Mormon sermons. Go to one and find out.

    But again what is most telling are the comments. Diss Mitt’s camp and the comments are, “Yup, he’s a tool and loser.” Or slam Newt and everyone agrees the guy is bum, but only a couple of comments and no one is defending them. These are media’s so called “front runners” which supposedly majority support.

    Diss Ron Paul and all of sudden there are 25+ comments all with the majority defending the man. There is OBVIOUSLY some lying going on in the media about who the “front runner” really is in the GOP race.

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