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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Romney captures key endorsements

Mitt Romney and Nikki Haley (AP)

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney gained a key endorsement Sunday from the Des Moines Register Sunday in a strong editorial headlined:  “He is the best to lead.”

Romney has recaptured the frontrunner spot in the race for the GOP nomination in recent days as former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich fortunes decline.

Writes the Register:

Sobriety, wisdom and judgment.

Those are qualities Mitt Romney said he looks for in a leader. Those are qualities Romney himself has demonstrated in his career in business, public service and government. Those qualities help the former Massachusetts governor stand out as the most qualified Republican candidate competing in the Iowa caucuses.

Sobriety: While other candidates have pandered to extremes with attacks on the courts and sermons on Christian values, Romney has pointedly refrained from reckless rhetoric and moralizing. He may be accused of being too cautious, but choosing words carefully is a skill essential for anyone who could be sitting in the White House and reacting to world events.

Wisdom: Romney obviously is very smart. He graduated as valedictorian at Brigham Young University and finished in the top 5 percent in his MBA class at Harvard, where he also earned a law degree. Romney also exhibits the wisdom of a man who listened and learned from his father and his mother, from his church and from his own trials and errors in life. He does not lack self confidence, but he is not afraid to admit when he has been wrong.

Judgment: Romney disagrees with Democrats on most issues, but he offers smart and well-reasoned alternatives rather than simply proposing to swing a wrecking ball in Washington. He is a serious student of public policy who examines the data before making a decision. His detailed policy paper on the economy contains 87 pages of carefully crafted positions on taxes, energy, trade and regulatory policy, complete with 127 footnotes.

Romney also gained the endorsement of South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, a tea party favorite, and former Sen. Bob Dole, the 1996 GOP candidate for President.

In a half-page in Sunday’s Des Moines Register, Dole wrote:

A number of my friends are currently candidates seeking the GOP nomination. But the time has now come for us to decide who among them can defeat Barack Obama in 2012. I’ve made my decision, and I believe our best hope lies in Governor Mitt Romney. I’ve run for president myself and twice I had the deep honor of finishing first in the Iowa caucuses. I have many friends in the state. Some of them even call me the president of Iowa. When I say that Mitt Romney is the kind of man that Iowans should support, I know whereof I speak.

Haley told The Washington Post:

When I met with the other candidates, we had good conversations. It was all good policy. They all had good attributes that made you like them. What really came down to everything was just really my frustration with Washington – with the fact that they can’t seem to come to a decision, they can’t seem to balance the budget, they can’t seem to find the first dollar to cut. There’s just no leadership there whatsoever. And the only way I’ve ever been able to describe Washington is chaos. I just didn’t want anybody else related to Washington.… But it was a matter of me sitting down and saying, ‘I’ve got to ask you some tough questions,’ and making sure that all those other things that you don’t hear in debates, all those other things that really matter, that you get your answers so that you can sleep at night so that you know, yes, this is definitely the right person.

Haley’s endorsement, however, comes at a time when her support among conservatives in South Carolina is dropping and her embrace of the more-moderate Romney may add to her woes.

The latest polls show Romney closing on Gingrich in Iowa, holding a strong lead in New Hampshire and passing the former speaker nationally.



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7 thoughts on “Romney captures key endorsements”

  1. Hopefully those involved with the Iowa caucus will remember Mitt’s infamous exchange at the Iowa State Fair this past August when he said “corporations are people” in relation to him advocating higher taxes to pay for SS, Medicare etc on the common people. When people said how about taxing corporations at higher rates, he became defensive, but in an illogical fashion; I.E., he wants to raise taxes on ‘commoners’, but not corporations whom he so too classes as people. Evidently he’s compartmentalized when it comes to enriching faceless corporations as opposed to taxing John and Mary Q. Citizen.

    Many people have never heard the term “Taxachusetts” for which Romney was a former governor. There’s a reason for the moniker. They solve all their bureaucratic profligacy by simply raising taxes in order to allow business as usual government to continue. He’ll want to do the same if elected to the presidency.

    Here’s a link to a New York Times article covering his rather weak performance and rebuttal to a group of regular, downhome citizens. If it had been 1876 they’d probably have thrown rotten tomatoes, cow dung and other foul stuff at the guy, but we’re living in kinder, gentler times…no? / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. I’m not sure how much significance I would give to any endorsement given to Romney. It appears that he is buying endorsements.

    In an article published on OpenSecrets.Org on 12/13/11, Michael Beckel cites some interesting data from the Center for Responsive Politics. He states that Mitt Romney’s Leadership PAC has made contributions to 45 of the 51 sitting members of congress that have endorsed him for the 2012 campaign so far. The total contributions made to those that have endorsed him comes to a total of $163,620.00 or an average of $3,636.00 each.

    He has also made contributions to another 151 members of congress totaling another $524,900.00.

    I was wondering where all his campaign dollars were going…

    • Thanks JohnMikal for this Romney ‘palm-greasing’ for endorsements information. Based on this, he’s simply another pol on the make. All I can say to Iowans and beyond in this nomination process…caveat emptor!

      If we want more of the same as under Bush/Cheney, Obama/Biden, then Romney’s their guy. / : |

      Carl Nemo **==

  3. Not to sound like I’m singling out Mitt Romney per se; the Des Moines register fairly sums up his bonafides and he seems to be ‘white bread’ genuine.

    The ultimate question is: has this man sold out to the corporate oligarchs that own this nation, lock stock and barrel in order to achieve the presidency and to serve their dark demands upon him as president?

    There’s something about this guy that seems synthetic to me. If something is too good to be true, then it most probably isn’t.

    His persona and delivery reminds me more of a cardboard cutout to be found in a ten-plex cinema as advertising for some upcoming movie. / : |

    Go figure. Who’s the real Mitt Romney?

    Carl Nemo **==

  4. “The more moderate Mitt Romney”? If you assume this is a two person race then Mitt Romney is the more Conservative candidate. I think that people are starting to realize that not only is Gingrich to the left of Mitt Romney but that he is also way too unreliable and bombastic to be our nominee.

  5. Hey wait a minute here! Just a few days ago I thought Newt was ‘queen for a day’…? : ))

    Seemingly there’s been a seachange on the part of the backroom powerbrokers that steer these sterling candidates our way. It surely isn’t being called by a bunch corn cob pipe smokin’ hicks sittin’ around the pot belly stove in Iowa. They probably still have a telegraph office in Des Moines with one of those guys with a green visor waitin’ for their latest marching orders from the Boston~New York~Tel Aviv axis of political evil as to who’s going to be proffered to American voters in 2012.

    I hate to say it, but seemingly Obama’s second term is going to be a ‘slam dunk’ proposition.

    Carl Nemo **==

    • “Seemingly there’s been a seachange on the part of the backroom powerbrokers that steer these sterling candidates our way.“

      And to think there are those who believe Ron Paul could be Prez. The powers that be, it ain’t going to happen!

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