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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Serial adulterer Newt Gingrich promises, again, to not cheat on his wife

Newt Gingrich and current wife Calista. Will the third time be a charm? (Kevin Wolf/AP)

Serial adulterer Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House who openly cheated on his first and second wives, has promised to be faithful to the his current wife, a former House committee staff member who slept with him while he was married and criticizing a sitting President for adultery.

It’s not the first time Gingrich has promised to not sleep around.  He signed a no-adultery pledge when he married Jackie Battley but broke that pledge by entering into an affair with Marianne Ginther.

Gingrich dumped Battley, serving her with divorce papers while she was hospitalized, and married Ginther in 1981, signing a second pledge to be faithful.

Then Gingrich, while serving as Speaker of the House bedded Calista Bisek, a House Agriculture Committee staff member.  At the same time, he openly criticized then-President Bill Clinton for an affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

“A man who ignores the sanctity of marriage should not hold elected office,” Gingrich said at the time. “He does not deserve the support or respect of the people.”

Then Gingrich, under fire by the House Ethics Committee for playing fast and loose with the law, resigned from office and dumped second wife Marianne and married his mistress Calista in 2000, signing a third pledge to be faithful.

Now, in a letter to The Family Leader, Gingrich promises — for a fourth time — to not continue his philandering ways.

“I also pledge to uphold the institution of marriage through personal fidelity to my spouse and respect for the marital bonds of others,” Gingrich wrote in a letter to the group.

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15 thoughts on “Serial adulterer Newt Gingrich promises, again, to not cheat on his wife”

  1. What’s most amazing about this ‘rebirth’ of Gingrich on the campaign trail is how the MSM, no doubt mandated by their corporatist owners, are shoving this loser down our collective throats. If they say he’s a winner then it must be so…no?

    Folks it’s time to move on and put this mattoid on ignore. This nation doesn’t have time to continually screw around with the likes of Newt Gingrich as a possible presidential candidate. The push to promote this guy is absolute in our face b.s. He might as well be ‘Vladmir Putin’ trying to shove his ugly presence upon the Russian people for another eight years or more…OUCH! As well as for Vladmir, it should be lights out for Newt too. : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. When it comes to infidelity or any other sex scandal in Washington, Bill Clinton mastered a tactic similar to Muhammad Ali’s Ropeadope.
    Ali discovered the power of hanging against the ropes, stood guarded and ready to receive any punch thrown that would eventually wear down his opponent’s strength. He pissed off the media and the fans using that tactic, but when Ali’s opponent hit the floor from his retaliation punch…the crowd forgot all about their booing, profanities, and obvious words of anger that they yelled out to Ali for what they considered to be unsportsmanlike tactics.
    Clinton figured out how to incorporate that type of tactic to cover his ass when all of his infidelities were exposed.
    Since that time, all of our wonderful politicians caught with their pants down tried to incorporate the Clinton Pokeadope tactic. Some were very skilled at the tactic, while others weren’t honed enough to endure and hit the mat after being hit too many times by the media, colleagues, and the public.
    Obviously Newt has decided to engage in a serious round of Pokeadope in his attempt to wear down media, his partners in crime Washington, and the public.
    I’m hoping to watch Newt hit the mat…

  3. What a hoot. This old far- is too old to cut the mustard anymore. Its a old song, just like Newt. The old puke is all through rabbit hopping period and he knows it.Who would want his stinky wood any ways, not even his funny looking wiggy wife I betcha. Also to old to run this once great country.
    Get real.

  4. Newt and Callista are winners in the all American competition of getting the best one can for oneself. I support and endorse the Newt and Callista adultery–and so do most Americans, if they are honest with themselves.

    American–indeed all humans–admire and respect manliness in a leader and Newt shows through his having attracted a young, blonde, fertile consort that he is a virile and bold man. The Bible recognizes and endorses this. King David was a strong leader and possessed strong appetites. God forgives his passions, and so do the people he leads.

    Obama lacks manly ambition and stays married to his first wife who is now well into middle age. He is a goody goody. We pretend to respect this but what we really respect is bold manliness and winning big. Newt did not settle for an aging wife. He traded UP.

    I endorse and support the Newt and Callista adultery. Newt Gingrich doesn’t hid her, he flaunts her, thus demonstrating that Newt hopes and expects other Americans to adopt my attitude of respect for Newt’s bold power. Americans want strength, not virtue. Gingrich is strong; Obama is good. Americans prefer strength. The Gingrich adultery is a positive for Newt’s campaign.

  5. Gingrich has studied the Bolshevik Revolution blueprint and is advancing this agenda in America (as are most in high positions of power).

    A serpent cannot change the fact he has scales.

    Lucky for him, Americans do not know Russian (and East Germany) history.

    Lucky for him, Americans still believe someone (a president) will do the hard work for them and all they have to do is vote in one of the “predetermined” candidates.


    The US deserves a liar like Newt because they have been lied to repeatedly and never held any of these liars accountable.

    Newt wants to extend the Patriot Act and is in favor of the recently passes senate bill 1867.

    For those of you who do not know this bill (and it’s contents) I suggest you Google it and then post it to everyone on your friends list so they may be made aware of it’s contents.

    Newt is many things but a trustworthy American who is a good choice for president isn’t one of them.

    • Thanks Eve for referencing SB1867. A few days ago I posted an ACLU link concerning this issue along with encouraging readers to become proactive and contact their Senators on this matter. Only Senator Rand Paul has stood up against the push to get this liberty destroying bill through. It’s as if it’s the final nail in Lady Liberty’s coffin.

      Here’s a link so folks can get up to speed concerning the ramifications of this bill along with amendments thereto.

      The White House claims the President will veto the bill if this indefinite detention by military personnel on U.S. soil isn’t eliminated, but I have my doubts. They’re all in this together; I.E., turning the U.S. into a ‘sovietski’ styled police state.

      It’s claimed too that this mandate would remain in place until there’s a cessation of the hostilities concerning the ‘war on terror’. The war on terror is a faceless one against a noun. There’s no one to parley with or to sign a peace accord, therefore it’s a crimpols endless dream war come true which will continue until the Republic is destroyed via national insolvency, violence or a combination thereof.

      Re: our sovietski Congressional contingent


      “We have met the enemy folks and he is them”…paraphrasing a Walt Kelly cartoon strip “Pogo”


      Carl Nemo **==

      • And of course, Carl, as I’m sure you know by now, Obama didn’t veto the bill. The official explanation was that the president didn’t want to do anything that would damage his intelligence gathering, chances to protect America, et. al.

  6. What’s really terrifying about this story is that “We the People” are gravitating around this losers serial adultery rather seeking quality candidates to represent this nation.

    I understand a right wing radio talk show host, Michael Savage, is offering Newt one million bucks to drop out of the race because he feels Newt cannot beat Obama. He’s right. Newt needs to take the money and run, although Mike says he can walk. : ))

    Maybe it’s best Obama gets another term with the House controlled by contentious Republicans and the Senate by Democrats of the same stripe.

    We only get in serous trouble as a people when they start working a ‘bi-partisan’ nation-destructive fashion.

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Re: first paragraph

      …rather seeking…
      should read: rather than seeking

      Re: last paragraph

      …in serous trouble…
      should read…in serious trouble…

      My apologies. : (

      Carl Nemo **==

  7. “The entire history of Christianity means the slaughter of innocent people and allows the members to rape, pillage and then beg for forgiveness. The influence over our government has turned our Congress into complete chaos and corruption.”

    Entire? Wow!

  8. Rick, Gingrich does not have to keep any pledge because he is an Evangelical and will always be forgiven by this God. What the rest of us think about him is of no interest to him.

    People like Gingrich constantly test the power of his God and I doubt Gingrich has ever developed a conscience and traded his own moral values for his Opus Dei label.

    It would give him the power of an Emperor over America and then the whole friggin world. The man’s ego has no boundary.

    His God wants him to destroy Islam and he will use his power of the White House to slaughter an entire religion all in the name of Jesus Christ.

    I’m beginning to think that the voters would like to see this as many have been told since childhood that Islam is the core of Evil.

    This is not the America I was born into and all I can hope for is a division in the Unity of the States. The entire history of Christianity means the slaughter of innocent people and allows the members to rape, pillage and then beg for forgiveness. The influence over our government has turned our Congress into complete chaos and corruption.

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