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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Occupy Wall Street comes to Capitol Hill

A protester from the Occupy Wall Street movement reads as he and fellow demonstrators from Missouri stage a sit-in at the office of U.S. Representative Sam Graves (R-MO) on Capitol Hill in Washington. (REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)

Occupy Wall Street activists brought their cause to Capitol Hill Tuesday, invading Senate and House offices and prompting the arrest of at least one protestor.

Capitol Police arrested a protestor in the office of Tea Party Republican Vicky Martzler (R-MO) on a charge of illegal entry but police reported office sit-ins at other offices, saying “we’ve been monitoring activity all over the Hill.

Other targets included Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH).

“We respect their right to voice their opinions,” a spokesman for Boehner told Capitol Hill Blue.  “The Speaker understand the American people want a government that listens to their concerns and works together to help create a better environment for job growth.”

Boehner’s attitude wasn’t shared by Hartzler’s office where aides called Capitol police with anguished claims that a “mob” had invaded the Congresswoman’s office.

“Rep. Hartzler overreacted,” a Boehner aide confided to Capitol Hill Blue. “That was unfortunate.

The sit-ins were part of a planned “Take Back the Capitol” campaign that grew out of the “Occupy” movement that began on Wall Street in New York.  The protestors planned to carry their campaign Wednesday to Washington’s K Street, home to the town’s lobbying industry.

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5 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street comes to Capitol Hill”

  1. Sandune, Carl Nemo… I friggin’ love you guys. I don’t agree with everything you say, but that’s irrelevant. What you might not realize is “Armageddon” has already begun, not in the mythical-religious sense, but in the sense of “the final battle for the soul of mankind”. This war is unlike any other – it is a war of perception. And we’re on the same side. The fight is ideology vs information, “TRUTH!” vs accuracy, and unified diversity vs divided homogeneity.

    I’m an #Occupier. Attending general assemblies is an uplifting expression of direct democracy. I have heard more respectful political disagreement at Occupations than I have in the entire rest of my life. There is always the firm belief among the core that discussion of actuality and diversity of ideas will lead us to a consensus. I can tell you plainly that this movement is not going away. I can tell you clearly that we are prepared to take any type and amount of non-violent action in order to create a better world, even if it means a total rebuilding of political and economic infrastructure. Our resolve is prepared to work within the system or without it. To ask us to focus totally on one aspect of a corrupt, oppressive system of centralized control is to miss the point. It’s SO TOTALLY AND THOROUGHLY F***ED. Every need, from housing, to energy, to communication, to transportation, to food production, to law is being pushed into the control of a few that will literally do ANYTHING for a short-term profit. We are ruled by criminal sociopaths, and many of us are waking up to the fact that the 99% are actually the ones in control. Through consent and cooperation, we allow the devious machine to run. Through consent and cooperation, we the people can do anything. We drive the trucks, file the paperwork, guard the prisons, plant the crops, build the machines, etc. If the labor-management relationship is replaced by labor self-management, a new world can be created.

    Please take the time to examine Wikipedia’s articles on Participism and its two aspects, ParEcon and ParPolity. The general assembly(#Occupy’s organizing “political” structure) is a form of ParPolity. I am trying to get my local #Occupy to begin creating a ParEcon model for labor and resource distribution. But alone I am powerless. Join us in the fight for sanity. Spread the word that We the People have the real power, which is the power of freedom, granted by life itself – freedom of thought, expression, association, motion, and tool use. The Bill of Rights didn’t create those rights – it only sought to protect them from the halls of power. It is failing us – the halls of power are too controlling and indifferent to the principles of freedom. Join us if you are willing to be heard, if you care about the future of human organization (post-capital, post-republic), because we are that, and we want everyone to be heard as we develop the social tools that will sustain everyone’s freedoms for the NEXT 200 years.

    Truthfully, I can speak only for myself and not the movement, but I absolutely believe that the above text would receive many, many up twinkles.

  2. Finally their chief strategist is realizing they’re wasting their time on Wall Street which is the fifteen year end result of politically enabled, unfettered ‘pirate capitalism’, a system where the few exploit the many with the blessings of our now rogue, crimpol reps. Our national financial wreckage is testament to this fact.

    They need to target the state offices of every sitting House Rep and Senator who’s demonstrated over time by their voting record as not being a friend of “We the People”.

    Politicans like the rats they are don’t like a mighty public spotlight shined down into the labryinthine rathole of corruption in which they reside.

    Possibly OWS should be changed to OPS, Occupy Pol Street wherever USA.


    “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves”…Edward R. Murrow


    Carl Nemo **==

  3. This is where “Occupy” should have started and not let up until the lawmakers start making laws that remove corruption from the very bottom of the pot. Every rotten thing coming out of Wall Street starts with the law on their sides.

    The first order of business should be to research exactly who was in charge when the money began buying the Congress to lean into tax free wealth. Oh dear, it was my Republican Party headed up by President George H. W. Bush. It was passed down to President Bill Clinton and finally into the hands of President George W. Bush who in my political life showed little integrity.

    With both sides involved in buying the Congress, who can we throw in prison? Lobbyists were legal. Giving money to the Congress is legal but wait…… guiding or changing laws to promote any corporation or downgrading any minority is absolutely against the law. Oh yes, the religious right spent millions of dollars into the House and Senate to bash abortions and gay marriages.

    There has been a litmus test even for nominating the President of the United States and anyone awake knows damn well it came from the Religious Right which may be the most illegal Lobby found in America.

    They want a Christian America and they just might get it. If there ever was an issue that could bring on another Civil War, this is it!

    Legislating religion into the Congress is against the law…..Its in the first amendment…..

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