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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Can Newt sink Romney’s political ship?

Mitt Romney: A problem named Newt

The Good Ship Romney’s once-smooth cruise towards the GOP Presidential nomination has sprung a leak, probably from a land mine named Newt Gingrich.

With Gingrich continuing to surge in polls, Romney faces a dilemma — how to sink the attack sub Newt without alienating the GOP voters he needs to win the nomination.

Gingrich has a solid lead in Iowa, is closing in New Hampshire, and could upset the Romney campaign in critical South Carolina.

Meanwhile, the Obama White House sits back and watches the GOP political circus with glee, knowing Gingrich will be a lot easier to beat in the 2012 Presidential election.

“Newt Gingrich is Obama’s best ally right now,” a long-time GOP consultant tells Capitol Hill Blue. “The last person Obama wants to run against is Mitt Romney.”

Gingrich’s surge has GOP political professionals shaking their heads, wondering how a serial adulterer in bed with the hated Freddie Mac and other Washington institution can become a favorite of the so-called party of family values and lean government.

“Newt Gingrich represents everything Republicans are supposed to hate,” says the GOP consultant.  “It just doesn’t make sense.”

Or perhaps it does in a political year where Donald Trump, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry and Herman Cain have — at one time or another — led the GOP Presidential field.

Democratic strategists say the roller-coaster ride to the GOP Presidential nomination is driven by Republican blind hatred towards Obama and a willingness to accept anyone — even philandering politicians or outright idiots — as the nominee.

“It’s a zoo, there’s no doubt about that,” says Democratic operative Sol Krantz.

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14 thoughts on “Can Newt sink Romney’s political ship?”

  1. Obama, just another incumbent. Newt, both a has-been and a wannabe incumbent.

    Maybe it’s time to consider someone other than has-beens and incumbents – regardless of their party affiliation.

    Naaaahhhh, let’s not screw up our obsession to repeat our voting behaviors that perpetuate a severely broken political system and government.

  2. Don’t underestimate the popular disappointment with Obama. Obama is the weakest president since Carter and Ford. It may get to the point where GOP can nominate a dog and the dog can beat Obama in the election.

    Which is good news for Newt.

      • Like yourself Almandine I’m not enthused with Obama’s performance to date, but cheering on a seachange via Newt Gingrich is a national ‘death wish’ and an assured confrontation with Iran that will escalate into first theater, then strategic based nuclear war.

        Gingrich like John McCain, Joe Lieberman et al. have a bloodlust for war, of course at tax debtor expense. These people are crazies, so too, are ‘weanies’. Yeah McCain was in the Nam theater, but after being shot down, then his captors finding out he was the son of the Pacific Fleet’s Admiral in charge of the United States Pacific Command (CINCPAC); I.E., Admiral ‘Jack’ McCain he got preferential treatment at the “Hanoi Hilton”.

        John McCain is a Navy ‘blueblood’ with his father and grandfather, John ‘Stew’ S. McCain Sr. having served this nation, both with sterling military careers.

        I’m providing a base link to the McCain family. I urge readers search the Jr. and Sr. bios. Quite impressive to say the least.,_Jr.

        It’s my understanding from close associates that he got preferential ‘treatment’ by his captors, including ‘pleasure women’ while his fellow aviators were suffering. So too McCain has demonstrated little empathy for the repatriation of missing POW’s. Why so…?!
        To me he’s a spoiled, now aged, Navy brat, only a shadow of his heritage and hopefully soon to exit the political scene where he does more damage than good.

        I both digressed and focused on John McCain III simply to show how even those that have had a taste of war can be hypocrites, regardless of the loss of life and ruinous tax debtor expense. These are the people we send to D.C. to ‘represent’ us when in fact they they morph into ‘princes, kings and dictators’ over us.

        Newt Gingrich is ‘bad kimche’ for this nation. Believe it…!

        “Gingrich avoided the Vietnam War draft through deferments because he was a student and then a father. “”Given everything I believe in, a large part of me thinks I should have gone over,” he said in 1985.[14] …extract from Wiki bio


        / : |

        Carl Nemo **==

        • I agree with your assessment Carl, but……..

          the tone around here lately is decidedly Pro Zero and collectivist policies, if the number of articles reflecting every sort of negativity against the Dem opposition (GOP) is compared with negative Dem articles.

          Exactly one current article (under the White House category on the masthead) has anything negative to say about Zero and none about Dems other than him.

          Whatever happened to Holder’s Fast and Furious, for example, or the myriad other policy issues that actually affect our daily existences?

          Just trying to balance the scales…

          • We’re collectively being played by a process of Hegelian dialectic.

            We have a sitting Democrat (thesis) with a gaggle of seemingly inferior Republican candidates being offered to the electorate (antithesis) Regardless of which side wins the White House in 2012 the outcome is still “We the People” being controlled by an entrenched duopoly (synthesis), reporting to the same shadowy power elite who control the ‘game’ as a function of their lobbyists and has been so for quite some time.

            This “rope a dope” nonsense seemingly will continue until an overwhelming crisis of either a financial nature or a conflict between the major powers occurs, more than likely China/Russia vs. the U.S. that will cause a major destabilization of this political stasis under which we now suffer. What’s to follow is anyone’s guess, but I see the U.S. eventually Balkanized so that it will be unrecognizable as the nation it once was within a hundred years or less.

            As you know from my writings I’m not for either party, but when I balance personas; I.E., Obama vs. Gingrich, I’d rather have Obama as Commander in Chief of our armed forces. Gingrich like McCain is a hothead and would be quick to solve issues via the use of our military if the need should so arise. Gingrich’s political and personal track record is checkered with politically expedient lies and seemingly has exploited his various positions over time all for a buck or two more at the public’s expense.

            Carl Nemo **==

  3. Dave, for decades we’ve been inundated with loser candidates and presidents. But you may have noticed, we keep voting for them.

    And that brings up another real problem with our political system:

    I hear and people (a lot of them) say, “clean house, fire them all.” Unfortunately, it will never happen because so many people ignore the one of the most important elections of all…THE PRIMARIES!

    It might not be so much that people ignore primaries. It might be that many are really ignorant to how the process works. Maybe they don’t really get that in many cases the selection of those whose names will appear at the following national elections are voted in to participate in that privilege at the primaries.

    Want to get rid of an incumbent – start at the primaries. If the incumbent stands unopposed in the primaries…then be lined up at the national election. I say go to any length to get to an incumbent. So don’t wait just for national elections to try and kick their asses out.

    There are, however, some serious problems associated with Primaries.

    This country has an incredibly corrupt primary system. It’s used by the money folks as a staging arena to prepare their pre-selected candidates for the big show. The voters have to fight back and defy the money folks candidates. Suit up and show up and vote at the primaries – but very cautiously. We all need to know as much as possible about who we’re voting.

    So the question becomes – are people willing to go to any length to be change agents?

    The rest of the election process is nothing more than calling in the dogs that were bought and paid for – then very gingerly they are seated in office to do the bidding of those who own them.

    I’m well into my 60s and I don’t recall anytime in my life feeling such despair regarding our political system and government.

    Talk about a ball and chain situation. We the people have created a monster that we can’t or won’t dispose of.

  4. I hate to think we are down to three for the presidential candidates. Newt could never keep his schwantz in his pants. Romney gives white bread a bad name and then our current failed president. Am I going to have to sit out another election? Out of Three hundred million citizens in the US, this is the best we have to offer? …. Sad.

  5. Gregg, it’s deeper than that. Romney is a very religious man but he is not an Evangelical. Newt may be a horrible person but he is an Evangelical. We are heading for a new America and unless we are White Evangelical Straight Men, we will not be counted. I warned of this back in 1998 when the Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell people took over the GOP.

    The GOP is now the party of the new America and we will follow in the footsteps of all the other Dictators. I does not matter who sits in the White House as long as the Evangelicals remain in the House and Senate. Romney was a bad choice from the beginning as he is tied to the Prophet in the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City.

    President Bush 43, will go to his grave not knowing that he separated the church from the state and therefore killed the once proud Republican Party.

    From where I sit, there is not a single smart Republican running for office other than Ron Paul and I truly do not trust him completely. Christians in America have lost their ability to know right from wrong and will always follow the loudest voice from God.

    This voice destroyed Europe, South America and we in North America are next. It’s simply history repeating itself when handed to a very stupid population.

    • Gingrich started out Lutheran, then switched to Baptist for political reasons, but currently is Catholic. He is only religious so far as it helps his career. He is probably better described as a Catholic Zionist.

      Gingrich’s biggest challenge will be to defend NAFTA and all his flip-flopping on the issues. That is, if his low moral character doesn’t end him first. He was fined $300,000 and formally reprimanded for violating House ethics rules. He was for a personal health care mandate before he was against it. He was against the PATRIOT Act before he was for it. He changes positions based on his current location, flipping more times than a griddle cake.

  6. IMO, it’s not a matter of can. Newt already has knocked Romney out. He’s an airhead.

    The only thing that will put Romney back in is Newt’s ego, arrogance, and his growing ability to lie himself around the videos and articles about of his past that so clearly show what a hypocrite and liar he is.

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