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Thursday, November 30, 2023

More Gov’t lies

MORE GOVERNMENT LIES! I am so sick of the constant lies that come out of our government. FDA says food from cloned animals safe I don't care what the FDA says. The FDA lies on a consistent basis. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE AM I CONSUMING CLONED FOOD.....AT LEAST NO KNOWINGLY. Get this -- Food's don't have to be labelled stating that foods are genetically modified and the FDA has no plans to require it in the future. However, they are considering requiring labels that state it is not genetically modified.

MORE GOVERNMENT LIES! I am so sick of the constant lies that come out of our government.

FDA says food from cloned animals safe

I don’t care what the FDA says. The FDA lies on a consistent basis. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE AM I CONSUMING CLONED FOOD…..AT LEAST NO KNOWINGLY.

Get this — Food’s don’t have to be labelled stating that foods are genetically modified and the FDA has no plans to require it in the future. However, they are considering requiring labels that state it is not genetically modified.

Eventually, the real stuff will be labeled “Organic”
…at a SIGNIFICANTLY higher price. Is this just another way for cattlemen and retailers to get more of our money?

So, if we want any control over what we eat then we need to start NOW letting restaurants and grocery stores KNOW that we will not patronize someplace that serves genetically altered or cloned food.

The alternatinve is you can eat cloned beef and drink milk full of artificial female hormones and eat genetically altered potatoes, vegies and fruits.

Have we hit Soylet Green yet?

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  1. Hey Carl — I think it is time someone in Hollywood remade the movie “Soylet Green” except updated it to a 21st century version. Not only would it be entertaining but it would be educational.

  2. Wouldn’t it be nice if our government embraced the idea of the mass production of organic foods; ie., replenishing the organic, humitic health of our nations soils along with the limited use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers etc. instead of charging off on a hi-tech, big bucks path for food production as they’ve done to present and evidently plan so into the future…?!

    I thought I’d pass on a seminal link in explaining where we are at as a world civilization and where we are headed unless we mend our ways on how we treat “our mother, the Earth”…!

    I also urge those eager for knowledge that allows them to not only understand our past as a so-called civilized race of beings, but to our ultimate desolate future and assured failure if we continue on this path…!

    Enjoy then weep…

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. FDA downplays long-term impact of animal cloning;


    “Meat and milk products of offspring from the 600 cloned animals in the United States most likely have not entered the nation’s food supply, an official with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said on Thursday, as the agency downplayed the long-term impact of cloning. ”


    “It could take four or five years before consumers are able to buy clone-derived food on a wide scale as animals need to be cloned, mature and give birth. So far, several major food companies including Tyson Foods Inc, the largest U.S. meat company, and Smithfield Foods Inc have said they would avoid using cloned animals.”


    Also, note the 4 or 5 years time frame. Maybe they think if it takes long enough we will forget about it.

    “”At this point in time we don’t believe there are offspring out there in the nation’s food supply system,” said Sundlof. “We are not really concerned with tracking progeny because they are in every respect a normal animal.””

    TYPICAL FEDERAL GOV’T AGENCY ….ESPECIALLY UNDER GW! They are not tracking it because they are not concerned with it.

    “Democratic lawmakers Sen. Barbara Mikulski of Maryland and Rep. Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut have introduced legislation that would require a label on products from cloned animals or their offspring. Some state lawmakers also have introduced similar legislation.

    “If cloned food is safe, let it onto the market, but give consumers the information they need to avoid these products if they choose to,” said Mikulski.”

    GOOD FOR THESE WOMEN! GIVE THEM A ROUND OF APPLAUSE! That’s all we ask is that we have a choice.

  4. Biotech critics challenging Monsanto GMO sugar beet;

    My favorite part: “The lawsuit is similar to one biotech crop opponents filed over the USDA’s deregulation of Monsanto’s genetically altered alfalfa, which led a federal judge last year to issue a nationwide ban against the planting of the Roundup Ready alfalfa.

    The judge found that U.S. regulators improperly allowed the commercialization of the biotech alfalfa without a thorough examination of its effects.”


    Antidepressant Studies Unpublished

    The makers of antidepressants like Prozac and Paxil never published the results of about a third of the drug trials that they conducted to win government approval, misleading doctors and consumers about the drugs’ true effectiveness, a new analysis has found.

    In published trials, about 60 percent of people taking the drugs report significant relief from depression, compared with roughly 40 percent of those on placebo pills. But when the less positive, unpublished trials are included, the advantage shrinks: the drugs outperform placebos, but by a modest margin, concludes the new report, which appears Thursday in The New England Journal of Medicine.

  6. Ice cream’s secret ingredient? Antifreeze

    Just for the record….we have genetically altered fruits and vegetables, cloned beef products, milk full of artificial female hormones and now anti-freeze in ice cream.

    And you were worried about simple stuff like E. coli……

  7. I was just saying to my husband last weekend that I wish I could learn to like tea. I bet I could if I just forced myself to drink it every day. I do believe it’s good for you. I never was much of a coffee or cola drinker either, but I got into drinking the cola because it was the default beverage with many fast food meals of my youth. Now it has me in its evil clutches!

    They don’t still grow the stuff in China, though, do they? I hear the agricultural water quality there leaves much to be desired.

  8. Rest assured dear readers that the companies involved with cloning although seemingly involved with more efficient food production are also in the hip pocket of the MIC. The MIC and the NWO crowd plan on using both GMO’d organisms and cloning as the ultimate biological warfare weapon!

    I highly urge readers to study the content of these two provided links in depth.

    Once you fetch the links then scroll upward to the top read the main article. These were taken from their archives.

    One concerns a cloned cat that glows in the dark? Why, what for, I ask? They have their excuse as to why, but somehow I believe they’l use glow in the dark cat techniques for something dark. Or mice that are no longer fearless of cats and will attack them as if they are the predators and the cat their prey. Also the government is funding the development of “chimeras”; ie., dangerous animals with human brain tissue developing in their craniums in lieu of their resident animal brains etc. …!?

    GMO seeds that are being engineered to destruct after one planting; ie., the seeds that are produced from a crop are not simply F2~ or higher hybrids with unpredictable growth characteristics, somewhat useless to farmers, but are totally unfertile; ie., worthless! By selling seeds like this to third world countries they can eventually control political outcomes if these nations are foolish enough to climb onboard with these GMO’d seeds. If they don’t play ball then they can’t buy seed…!

    GMO seeds are being engineered to sterilize populations and to affect the human body in various ways. Monstrous huh! Guess what even the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has donated to the Svalbard Island project where a world seed vault is being constructed in the event of worldwide castrophe…yeah a catastrophe that they are engineering as I write this!

    Get it in your heads folks that these elitist NWO monsters have taken over the earth and have an army of scientists, engineers, social engineers, politicians etc. that do their bidding. Their army of minions have no idea they are part of much larger, evil plot since no one individual except those at the top know what evil schemes are being hatched for humanity. It’s called compartmentalizaton in the intelligence business.

    All these high level elitists are for a great pruning of the earth’s populations. Henry Kissinger one of their revered cognoscenti once referred to the starving in Africa as “useless” eaters as he stuffs another greasy “wurst” in his fat mouth…?!

    Nuclear war is far too devastating, a comet incoming is out their control, but using GMO’d seeds and animals along with cloning falls within their grand plan that could be executed quite efficaciously in time.

    Remember the content of the two links I’ve provided are just the tip of the iceberg that represents their ongoing silent conspiracy against “we the people” of the U.S. and the peoples of the world.

    They are soulless sociopaths;ie., elitists all, and more than simply dangerous to the well-being of mankinds’ future…! 😐

    Carl Nemo **==

  9. “I just wish I could kick my Coca Cola habit”

    Off topic (but it is my blog {gg}) try substituting TEA for your coke. It’s cheaper and healthier for you to drink no matter what type of tea you drink.

    I gave up soda 2 years ago when the FDA reported finding levels of Benzene in diet sodas but would not disclose which sodas it was in.

    Since I was about to quit smoking in order to avoid chemicals like BENZENE I decided it was time to give up soda. So I substituted Tea and it has worked out great.

    I must say I felt better after quitting sodas than I did after quitting smoking {haha – go figure}.

  10. The thing that scares me most about cloning is that the big producers seem keen to do it. They’ve come up with a number of ideas lately that, while they may be good for them, haven’t been so good for us — like in-field processing of vegetables. They seem to be more inclined to deal with recalls than ensuring food safety in the first place.

    Although I don’t know what to make of cloning yet, I strongly agree that foods should be labelled. I have a lot of faith in science, but science doesn’t know everything yet or even close. Best to let people make informed choices, even when the choice is between something they know and something the jury is still out on.

    I’m a lot more concerned about e. coli or botchulism or something along that order immediately. We bought a freezer last summer, and have been buying our produce locally, or at least whole. We grind our own meats and buy from stores that have butcher shops. We’ve learned to can and freeze foods, and we’ve vastly eliminated processed foods from our diets. We gave up restaurants, fast food, and take-out (and don’t miss it). We found a site called that has provided us with recipes we’d never have dreamed we’d enjoy at home.

    I just wish I could kick my Coca Cola habit — not so much because I worry it’s unsafe, but simply because I’m trying to reduce buying corporate branded goods.

    (And then, if I could fix up my own still and make my own hooch, I’d be sitting pretty! 😉

  11. Ted in theory you are right, but not necessarily in practice. Science is not magic, and the cloning process is not perfect. Knowing that 1. the process isnt perfect, and 2. that people make mistakes, you have to understand that a clone is very likely not 100% identical to the parent. Errors can create mutations. IMO mutations are far more likely from human interventions than from natural causes.

  12. “Granted producers aren’t going to be taking genetic material from serial generations, but rest assured in the interest of making more bucks someone will figure out how to cut corners then go oops when something ugly happens in the food supply chain.”


    As usual, another well written and thoughtful post from the inestimable Carl Nemo.

    — Kent Shaw

  13. I like sex, I liked it when I had my first experience at 18 and I still like it now that I’m 65 (although I’m not nearly as vigorous now as I was as a late teen and in my twenties and even thirties)

    Nature likes sex also, although asexual reproduction does occur most reproduction in nature is through sexual means, male and female uniting and producing unique individuals.

    I like my corn, wheat, beef, pigs, deer, broccoli, apples, fish and coffee produced from plants and animals that are doing it as nature intended. This has been the way for billions of years.

    Now if sex and evolution are repugnant to you (poor baby!) then cloning and genetic alteration may seem a great substitute. But please never forget that the corporations are in control of these processes (as well as in control of our gov’t) and the purpose is corporate control of our food supply. Cloning is not done without genetic modification of some sort, otherwise a female goat, pig or cow would spontaneously unconceive (help for a better word? since conception involves an egg and a sperm) and give birth to a genetic equal or sameness as bacteria and viruses.

    But Mary gave birth to Jesus who had no human father so is He a clone? And many of us eat of his flesh and drink of his blood.

    So what the hell do I know-still tilting at windmills.

    the Don

  14. ” rather than try to assimilate ”

    Ted — here is the BIG DIFFERENCE between you and me. I DON’T WANT TO ASSIMILATE!

    assimalate – to bring into conformity with the customs, attitudes, etc., (At least to

    I want to be FREE to make my own choices. For that I take responsibility in learning about many things and keeping an open mind.

    But there comes a point in life when you have to stop learning and make a choice. And there are often more than one choice to be made.

    You may choose to assume that what you learned as a tech writer is true and therefore you are free to choose to eat cloned beef and their products.

    I choose not to …at least for now. But I want the right to know the difference so I can choose.

    There are all kinds of rules and regulations over labeling. There should be no difference here.

  15. Ted — who do you feel attacked you? Is it because you could not convince a few people that you are right that you feel attacked? Because I have reread the posts and do not see anywhere that you have been attacked. Debated, yes. Attacked no.

    Perhaps you have inadvertantly uncovered one of our biggest problems….we want everyone to agree with us.

    Look, if you want to eat cloned beef, so be it. It is a free country and you are most certainly entitled to save some money if that indeed happens. But as I said before, I DON’T TRUST THE FDA.

    So my philosphy much like others here is I will pay more to eat non-cloned beef until it is proven to be safe through time tested methods and not just the FDA’s word.

    My mind isn’t closed. I have made a choice to wait and see. You may in fact in the long run be correct.

  16. No, I don’t work for any of those. I’m just a retired tech writer who retained a lot of what he wrote.

    And I give up. This is the typical reaction of people whose minds are closed. Attack the messenger rather than try to assimilate and think about new information.



  17. Lo and behold they proved my point.

    FDA: Cold meds too risky for little ones

    How long have these been on the market? How many generations have been taking these?

    The FDA used to be an agency that was pro-active and about protecting people.

    Today the FDA is REACTIVE and for sale to the highest bidder.

  18. “Rest assured the large food and restaurant chains; ie., such McDonalds et. al. will be vending this type of meat until there’s a negative customer response. ”

    This is why we must be LOUD AND PRO-ACTIVE in this area. We must let our grocers know. We must let the restaurants we visit know. We must write letters to the mfgs as well as the grocery chains.

    This is a country where unlike politics the law of supply and demand runs the market. If vendors are aware of the public’s concern, some of them MIGHT address this.

    My prediciton, though, already has been stated. They will label the orignal product — non-cloned — so they can charge more money for non-cloned beef. Just another way to add to the cost of inflation.

    The immediate probable result is there will be a decrease in the overall consumption of beef and milk in the long run and what started out as a way to produce a cheaper product will result in a higher price anyways.

  19. Truly an enjoyable well-researched post Kent Shaw…!

    The easiest way to demontrate your discussion of telemeres becoming shortened and somewhat “raggedy” would be that of aging and also the production of cancer cells.

    The experiment is to go a local copy shop and take any copy of print material. Make a copy then take the copy and make another copy etc. In short order the flaws in each subsequent copy will be ported to the next etc. until finally after many copies you end up with something quite unreadable. Human cells are not digital in nature where every copy either through mitosis or meiosis; ie., cell division and cell reduction division is exact;ie., a perfect copy of the original cell.

    Senescence is caused by among other things, the telemeres failing to work properly in the replication process due to “aging”. In vitro human and animal cell life replication expectancies can be extended for quite some time, but in nature there only x-number of cell divisions before aging begins to show due to ever-shortening telemeres that are somewhat raggedy on the ends.

    Granted producers aren’t going to be taking genetic material from serial generations, but rest assured in the interest of making more bucks someone will figure out how to cut corners then go oops when something ugly happens in the food supply chain.

    As the master sexual reproduction cells age they will be offering up less vital genetic material for the reproduction of clones. Obviously they will have to revitalize this supply from time to time from broodstock unless they are using some form of pharmacy to slow down the aging process of cells stored in cryogenic vitro.

    A few years back the food supply had the outbreak of “mad cow” disease. It was finally found out that producers were feeding animals their own reprocessed waste. Even cattle dung has residual protein and nutrients so they came up with the idea of processing the waste, but also to this process they added the unmarketable leavings from the butchering process. So in time no doubt brain tissue of diseased animals ended up in this processing finally making it’s way into the steer populations. Mad Cow is a variant of Creutzfeld-Jakob disease in humans.

    Obviously animals headed for the marketplace aren’t going to ‘senior citizens’ so generally speaking people are eating freshly generated stock.

    As mentioned for this plan of production cloning to succeed they are going to have to tap into fresh genetic stock on occasion to prevent genetic drift and to monitor it closely.

    Protein is protein, but there is a possibility that as enzymes and gastric juices in the human body break down this protein our complex immune system just might detect abnormalities in the meat over time and try to treat it as an invading organism; ie., an immune response causing allergies or worse. Humans and their food supply have evolved together over a great period of time.

    We don’t eat wood, but termites can. So these cloned and also possibly GMO’d animals are not natural fare for our gastronintestinal tract. Only time will tell, but by then it might be too late.

    Europe has banned GMO products and no doubt will ban cloned animals from their markets in short order if they haven’t done so already. Combine GMO techniques with cloning and we truly have a “Brave New World” indeed that just might turn into a rollercoaster ride through hell for the consuming masses.

    Of course this will expand markets for organic farmers and ranchers that cater to people who care about the food they put in their body.

    Rest assured the large food and restaurant chains; ie., such McDonalds et. al. will be vending this type of meat until there’s a negative customer response.

    My best suggestion even prior to this latest Frankenfood scheme is to limit meat consumption just for general good health maintenance. I’m not advocating a vegetarian regimen, but people in the U.S. eat too much meat…period! Start loading up on fruits and veggies with smaller portions of meat on the plate.

    People always bitch about the price of their food, but they seem to have money for large motor homes, fancy cars, boats and other bling, but will complain about the price of carrots, milk or whatever. I for one believe in eating quality, wholesome food and will pay the price with toys being secondary in my life. So householders need to frequent the local food stores that cater to organically grown foods that are certified by some testing body. California has some of the strictest laws on the books concerning the “organic labeling” of foods.

    Also the issue of hormones, antibiotics, pesticide uptake and other such compounds used in the raising of livestock and produce is another ugly story that really hasn’t been addressed properly. Many compounds that are banned in America are sold to emerging market producers of foodstuffs; ie., Central and South America, China, India, Malaysia etc. So with world leaders pushing globalisim down our collective throats and without proper testing of imported foodstuffs due to treaty overrides etc. such as NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO etc. Many chemicals etc. find their way back into America within foodstuff imports having been banned from useage to our producers…?!

    Our FDA and current government oversight is wanting to say the least. Fatcat rethuglicans et. al. that care about their health are no doubt eating the finest organic, safe foods, but could care less if the unwashed massed turn into “mutant ninja turtles” or worse… 😐

    Carl Nemo **==

  20. Telomeres are structures found at the ends of chromosomes in the cells of eukaryotes. Telomeres function by protecting chromosome ends from recombination, fusion to other chromosomes, or degradation by nucleases. They permit cells to distinguish between random DNA breaks and chromosome ends. They also play a significant role in determining the number of times that a normal cell can divide. Unicellular forms whose cells have no true nuclei (prokaryotes) possess circular chromosomes that, therefore, have no ends. Thus, prokaryotes can have no telomeres.

    Cloned animals generally have shortened telomeres at the ends of their chromosomes. I don’t know if offspring of cloned animals will exhibit the same telomere shortening, even more shortening, or possibly less shortening leading to a more normal chromosome structure. If cloned animals are declared by the FDA safe to eat, and if it has been proven that the milk from clones or from their offspring is safe, then research must have shown that there are no adverse affects due to shortened telomeres.

    It might be more accurate to say that because so far no adverse effects have been found due to this phenomenon it would be safe to consume animal products from clones or their offspring. The FDA is convinced. I on the other hand am not, because the FDA has been mistaken previously. See Vioxx.

    Genetic “engineers” are blundering forward in their arrogance, convinced they know it all, and that there will be no unintended consequences.

    If you google “define telomere” and browse some of the sites that come back, you will learn more than you ever wanted to know about genetic engineering.

    Cloned animals are NOT, strictly speaking, genetically identical to the donor animal. Supposedly the DNA contained between the telomere ends of chromosomes is identical. But the chromosomes themselves are not identical to those of the donor animal.

    Never forget the “law of unintended consequences”.

    I will not knowingly consume cloned animal products until several years on the market prove they are safe.

    — Kent Shaw

  21. Hey Ted, can I ask you a question? Who do you work for ? The FDA? The Cattle Industry? Or a scientific lab that deals with cloning and other genetic processes?

    Besides it doesn’t matter what you say, for now, I CHOOSE to eat only beef that I know is not cloned and to ask at every restaurant and grocery store about it. And I will fight for the right to know which is which.

    PS — I also choose to believe that gov’ts lie.

  22. Why is it so? Because there are no other genes available to get the egg to mature into a viable animal. It is that simple.

    An egg and a sperm cell each carry one half of the normal gene material that are in a regular cell. When they merge together to form a fertilized egg (zygote) the offspring gets one half of its genes from the mother and one half from the father.

    In the cloning process, the genetic material in the egg is removed and replaced by a full-complement gene set from an adult animal. Then the egg is induced to mature. So what you have is an EXACT genetic copy of the adult. If all the gene material were not there the egg would not mature. If too much is there the egg might (and it’s a mighty darned big might) mature but the fetus would not be viable, i.e. would be incapable of staying alive in the world outside the uterus.

    Cloning is not per se dangerous, what it is though is a dead end for evolution; the mixing of the genes from egg and sperm give rise to completely different genes which are almost always an average of the two parents. But once in a while there is a small change in the genetic material, resulting in a mutation. Most mutations are lethal either immediately or over several generations. A very few are beneficial to the gene pool. A gene that is beneficial will eventually squeeze out the strain of animal or plant which does not have the benefit, though that might take hundreds of generations. With cloning there is no change possible because there is no mixing of genes. But if you have the perfect beef cow, one that produces superior meat faster with less food consumed, the very best you as a cattle farmer can do is clone that animal because it is better for everyone. If you breed it with another animal you take the chance that the offspring will only be almost as good.


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