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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Cain throws in the towel

Herman Cain calls it quits (David Tulis/AP)

Like Richard Nixon in the final days of his doomed Presidency, Republican presidential challenger Herman Cain tried to ignore he obvious.

Sources close to the Cain campaign tell Capitol Hill Blue that even those closest to the candidate didn’t know until the last minute Saturday if he would abandon his campaign or not.

But, dogged by allegations of sexual misconduct and 13 years of cheating of his wife, Cain reluctantly accepted the truth:  His campaign for President was over.

“As of today, with a lot of prayer and soul searching, I am suspended my presidential campaign,” Cain said in an announcement from the spot where he hoped to open a new campaign headquarters in Atlanta. “I am disappointed that it came to this point that we had to make this decision.”

Cain’s closest advisers told him a week ago that his quest foe the Presidency was over. Already hobbled by multiple claims of sexual harassment from female employees of the National Restaurant Association when he headed the trade group in the 1990s, Cain’s campaign was rocked by an Atlanta businesswoman’s claim of a 13-year-long affair.

While strategists told him the campaign was over, Cain — a former CEO not used to seeking or taking advice — appeared to stand defiant, determined to soldier on.

He blamed the media, his opponents and others for the controversies that dogged his campaign.

Cain and his campaign responded to the latest claim with the same contradictory statements that raised questions about the earlier charges.  While Cain denied the allegation, his lawyer offered up legalese that neither denied or confirmed the charges.

Cain further damaged his ability to stay in the campaign by telling CNN‘s Wolf Blitzer that his lawyer would answer each of the charges with a detailed denial.  Instead, the lawyer hedged, saying the latest charge was not a case of criminal sexual harassment but one of matters “between consenting adults.”

In the end, even the lawyer apparently wasn’t willing to lie for Herman Cain.

Even in quitting, Cain went down swinging.

“I am not going away,” he said. “I will continue to be a voice for the people.”  The candidate announced creation of a new web site: The CainSolutions.Com.

“I not be silenced,” he said.

Cain also promised to endorse one of the remaining candidates in the primary.



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11 thoughts on “Cain throws in the towel”

  1. Ahhh, America’s best running for POTUS.

    Wow, we sure have a collection of deserving people running for office don’t we?

    We most surely couldn’t find anyone better than our current choices (with the exception of RP).

    Face it America, Goldman Sachs isn’t ever going to pick someone worthy of being POTUS …. for you or me that is.

    They’re an embarrassment to humanity, much less the nation.

    If they were holding a pageant for egomaniac liars then I’d say we have found some of the best America has to offer but as it sits, looks like another insult to the Average American.


    • A spot-on assessment Eve. : )

      These candidates are so pitiful that it almost seems as if the shadowy powerbrokers that own this nation lock, stock and barrel enjoy offering us a gaggle of losers.

      Over time they’ve engineered an in our face duopoly. Their attitude…tuff!

      Maybe these sick puppy oligarchs get their rocks off rubbing our collective noses in this preselected candidate excrement. 😕

      Carl Nemo **==

  2. I like your headline “Cain throws in the towel”.

    Can we put the towel under ultraviolet light and if anything shows up run an Acid Phosphatase Test on the stains.

  3. Here’s another take:

    This man KNEW he didn’t have a snail’s chance in hell of ever becoming the nominee because he also knew that all for his sexual escapades would eventually come out in the open. For that matter, so did his wife.

    But, just like Sarah Palin, Bill Clinton and others, he’s now going to earn a BUNDLE on the lecture circuit.

    It’s called “job security”.

  4. Did he ever get the Secret Service protection detail he wanted?

    If so, I wonder what they did after this speech. Probably just quietly turned away, went to their black SUV, and drove off.

    Of course, somehow I doubt he’s going to reimburse the U.S. taxpayer for what that detail cost.


  5. He blamed the media, his opponents and others for the controversies that dogged his campaign.

    Because personal responsibility is some thing only for the proles. Doesn’t seem to cross his mind that he should have kept his marriage sacred and his hands and comments to himself.

  6. Cain should have known that his sexual shenanigans would come out in the media during the campaign. He really should have known.

    One person who realized this elementary fact is George Clooney, who has been courted by the Democrats as a potential candidate. Clooney declined to run, saying he had “taken too many drugs and f*cked too many chicks”. Now that is self-awareness!!

    • Observer,

      Don’t know about you, but…

      I’d rather be George Clooney than President any day (even if for only for 1 term 🙂 ). Now that’s the guy with the power. But he earned his power where few politicians have.

  7. The really scary thought is what if Cain’s sexual shenanigans and whatever else that hasn’t been disclosed to date hadn’t come out until after he was elected to the Presidency?

    Gingrich is another of his type, both cut from the same cheap cloth.

    Visualize this egomaniac at the helm of state…OUCH!

    Ron Paul is the only sensible choice if someone wants a no nonsense, old fashioned American President with no serious controversy about him, just someone who will earn his paycheck as CEO of the U.S. without a lot of peripheral nonsense that we’ve suffered under most presidents since Eisenhower’s terms in office.

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Political games played on a national stage to entertain the mob readily willing to be distracted by it.

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