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Monday, June 17, 2024

Gingrich’s always-massive ego is out of control

Newt "I'm the greatest" Gingrich

Talk to Republicans and Democrats alike about former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and one word emerges.


In a field where ego reigns supreme, Newt Gingrich’s ego is considered supersized by those surveyed by Capitol Hill Blue.

“He’s out of control,” says former Congressman and MSNBC talk show host Joe Scarborough.

In recent days, Gingrich has taken credit for ending the cold war, for engineering the “Reagan Revolution,” bragged about how he doesn’t need money because people pay $65,000 a pop just to hear him speak and compared himself with legendary world leaders like Winston Churchill.

“Give me a break,” says Scarborough. “His comments are an insult to Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and others.”

In Congress, Scarborough was part of a group of young GOP conservatives who engineered Gingrich’s ouster as Speaker of the House, saying he had abandoned the principles of the Republican Party.

Scarborough isn’t the only Republican sounding warning signs about Gingrich’s illusion of self-importance.  Republican strategist Rich Galen, a longtime Gingrich confidant, warns that “sooner or later,” Gingrich’s ego will sink his Presidential bid.

This week, Gingrich said he “helped Ronald Reagan bring down Communism.”

That came as a surprise to former members of the Reagan administration.

“Newt Gingrich is a loudmouth, boorish asshole,” says one former Reagan White House staff member who asked not to be identified.  “When Republicans took control of Congress in 1994, he killed the party’s chance to make a difference with his extremes. Now he wants to do the same thing to the GOP chances to defeat Barack Obama.”

Heads turned this week when Gingrich called himself “an enduring celebrity” whose fame — he claims — matches that of top tier stars.

That comment provided fodder for cable-TV satirist Stephen Colbert, who said Gingrich thinks he is a bigger star than dozens of celebrities.

“At least his head is,” Colbert said.

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14 thoughts on “Gingrich’s always-massive ego is out of control”

  1. Is there a new sign on the White House door now? “Only narcissists and egomaniacs need apply?”

    Newt makes Obama, an self-loving figure if there ever was one, look modest and shy.

  2. Newt has been politically bit*h slapped in the past and just maybe that will have a slight impact on his hubris. Probably not but the thought is always pleasant.

  3. Keith, no one has worked harder than I have to search for and promote a third party candidate. I have been laughed off of Reader Rant for my efforts. My best effort was Ross Perot. Eleven years ago I moved to Arizona to try and find a group who would work for a new man or woman of integrity. I jumped from the fireplace into the fire. I had to move back home to California for my sanity. I’m working on my own problem and try not to give a damn any more.

    It takes a load of time and money to locate and promote and new candidate and party. I’m running out of both.

  4. Keith, there is no man or woman with “upstanding moral character as well as proven leadership skills” running for office. So that is the biggest impediment. Such a person, if he or she does exist, would never be given a chance to run and wold not run, being a person with “moral character.”

    Another problem is that we Americans are looking for people with “leadership skills.” We are supposed to elect representatives not leaders. We Americans are supposed to be the leaders, not those we elect.

  5. Keith, many Congressmen are hypocrites and adulterers. The first Mrs. Gingrich is still alive. Americans are used to men like this. I question his leadership ability that has been replaced by his big rude mouth. He may be just what the religious Conservatives want. He is not what I want.

    • Keith, many Congressmen are hypocrites and adulterers. Americans are used to men like this.

      All of which begs the obvious question: Why do we CONTINUE to settle for “men like this”? What’s now preventing us from electing people with upstanding moral character as well as proven leadership skills?

      The people our mainstream political parties are offering up to us these days are nothing more than bums. Yet we continue to elect (and then re-elect) these clowns over and over again! Why?

      Clearly, it’s LONG past time for another party (besides the “Repbublicrats”) to emerge with some decent alternatives than this growing den of ignorantly arrogant bums and thieves.

  6. Gingrich’s always-massive ego is out of control

    So what’s new?

    Toss in “serial hypocrite” and “adulterer” (while his then current wife was dying of cancer) and you probably have the guy pretty well pegged.

  7. For years, I’ve been watching Speaker Gingrich closely and figured that his “Contract with America” was what the Congress needed for a positive focus. At that time, he showed all the qualities of intelligence and the ability to explain the situation in D.C.

    His own weakness for women did not bother me at all until he came after President Clinton with a vengeance of a Christian Missionary out to destroy Satan. He changed his attitude and began to attack anyone not a member of the religious right. He was thrown out of the Congress and it damaged his ego to such a point that he followed the words of others rather than his own agenda. It was obvious that his agenda was to win anything at any cost.

    He took note of himself and decided to change his public image. He became an Evangelical Christian and found a new guide to his new Catholic image. He had divorced his first wife and after finding this new guide, divorced is second wife. To a secular observer, he had never known right from wrong and he chose to follow the strongest Christian group possible and his chosen guide of his current wife.

    The current religious right loves a repenting sinner. In my opinion, this fits Newt’s lack of ego and his desire to take leadership any way he can.

    The problem is that he wants to lead America and has given every indication that he will force religion down the throats of all of us. It might work with the majority of voters over the age of 50+ but he will lose the younger voters.

  8. Egomania is an obsessive preoccupation with one’s self and applies to someone who follows their own ungoverned impulses and is possessed by delusions of personal greatness and feels a lack of appreciation. Someone suffering from this extreme egocentric focus is an egomaniac. The condition is psychologically abnormal.

    This is NOT a personality one would want in the Oval Office. For the sake of the entire world, just say NO TO NEWT!

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