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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Is ‘New Newt’ an electable commodity?

Newt Gingrich and his trophy wife Calista

Meet the “New Newt,” a repackaged Newt Gingrich currently grabbing the spotlight as the GOP flavor of the month in a crowded and volatile race for the presidential nomination.

Some see him as the long-sought conservative alternative to frontrunner Mitt Romney.

Others see him as just another Washington establishment hack with too much political baggage and too many ties to special interests.

“Gingrich’s past is a problem,” a longtime GOP operative tells Capitol Hill Blue. “He’s damaged goods.”

Damaged goods or not, Gingrich is surging in recent polls, rising to a strong second place in New Hampshire, leading in some Iowa surveys and touted as a contender to win in South Carolina.

But the same social conservatives that Gingrich seeks to attract have doubts about the new and improved Newt.

“This is a man who talks family values out of one side of his mouth while cheating on two previous wives,” says GOP voter Michelle Atkins of Atlanta, Georgia. “I have no use for a Republican Bill Clinton.”

While his personal life raises eyebrows, his activity since resigning as Speaker of the House causes even more concern.

Gingrich banked $1.6 million as a consultant for Freddie Mac, the federally-back mortgage giant that right-wingers want eliminated.  He bragged in South Carolina Tuesday that he “didn’t need the money” because he pulls down $65,000 each for speeches.

Such extravagances don’t sit well with fiscal conservatives.

Then there is a changing religious affiliation. Born a Lutheran, he became a Southern Baptist for political expedience in his Georgia district but converted to Catholic after dumping his second wife for a younger woman — House staffer Calista Bisek.

Bisek and Gingrich were nailing each other while the then Speaker publicly chastised President Bill Clinton for his dalliance with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

Gingrich and his trophy wife have a fondness for the high life.  They ran up a half-million debt with Tiffany’s and Bisek had sizable balances on her charge account with the fancy New York jeweler while still working as a staff member for the House Agriculture Committee.

“Newt may say he doesn’t need the money, but he does need to keep those high-dollar checks rolling in to pay for Calista’s charge accounts,” says a former Gingrich campaign aide.

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10 thoughts on “Is ‘New Newt’ an electable commodity?”

  1. Newt is his own worst enemy. His mouth is too big. His mind is too hyper-active. He can’t resist annoying people. Obama at least had the sense to stick to the script his handlers gave him.

  2. I’m not worried about Newt, Obama, or any other politician. I’m way more concerned about the voters.

    Despite the many demonstrations in the streets, I still don’t believe that people, as a whole, grasp the reality that we support systems of government and politics that are literally self-will-run-riot.

    I believe that we are a nation that is constitutionally incapable of rising above the political brainwashing.

  3. Carl, I am more worried about the quality of the House of Representatives. I will vote but may have to write in someone else for POTUS. I will concentrate in removing my Congressmember. Many times my candidate turned out to be a dud and in fact the GOP has not run a decent candidate for many years. I have not voted for either party for years. I’m reading the book about Gabby Gifford (shot in Tucson) and her ability to win the House Seat from the Tucson District. I had known Jim Kolbe who chose not to run for reelection opening the seat for Gifford. It seemed so long ago when the GOP delegates booed him out of the convention in San Diego because he was a moderate Republican gay man.

    Interestingly, Ms Gifford had been a long time Republican until she took a good look at the agenda and changed parties before running for office. There are many dissatisfied Republicans running around loose.

    • That fact Rick is quite frightful in these challenging times for the Republic.

      Bush/Cheney were a disaster so Obama seemed very appealing especially with his “change we can believe in hype”.

      Now Obama has turned out to be a dud, so the likes of Gingrich et al. seem appealing, moving us all closer from the frying pan into the fire as a nation.

      Carl Nemo **==

      • I dont think Obama is a dude. I think it took him a few years to actually figure out how much the Boy King f’ed things up. Give him another 4 years and I feel he will get us on the right track…besides, the GOP has NOTHING of substance to offer this time around, if they ever did have anything to offer of substance…

  4. If I recall, de Tocqueville was not all that impressed with Democracy. One of my kids read his book on Democracy in French and we compared notes as I read through it in English. At that time, I was not worried as the people I associated with were active in politics. That was in the early 70s when people really gave a damn about American values. A lot has changed and most voters don’t give a damn about the federal government.

    I am not charmed by either side of the aisle. Both seem to want a never-ending war with some nation. Yes, Carl, I am frightened of any person in leadership in America who is under the impression that only the chosen will get to heaven.

    I’ve witnessed Newt take on others in a fight with no rules. I despised Bush/Cheney for their secret meetings that somehow never worked out for the American people. Opening this power up to Gingrich frightens me when it comes to the world that my grand kids will need freedoms from the government.

    We seem to have two generations of Americans who are more preoccupied with Dancing with the Stars.

  5. “He may be one of the most corrupt men in D.C.” …extract from post

    Sounds to me Ms. Price that he’d make an excellent end of days preznit…no?

    If they do elect this guy then it will affirm the quote from Alexis de Tocqueville that people end up getting the government they deserve.

    Carl Nemo **==

  6. Speaker Gingrich did more harm to the Republican Party than just about anyone in D.C. As Speaker he declared war on Liberals. He personally developed the rift between Conservatives and everyone else. In my opinion, he not only has baggage, but a mental problem handling others. He does not win a point of view in the Congress, he destroys his opposition. I have followed his career from the start as Speaker and he does not play fair with others; he is a proven liar and a bigot. He may be one of the most corrupt man in D.C.

    He speaks well except if one expects the truth. Newt Gingrich is the epitome of what Washington D.C. has become and he will destroy what is left of American values. However, he is the perfect candidate for the new culture he helped build. He will ride on the coattails of his new God. He was sucked into Opus Dei by his new wife and is now a born again Catholic.

    Obviously, the GOP is desperate to take down Obama and Newt has the vocabulary and hatred for the left to try and beat him. It is up to the voters whether this will work. The voters want a good fight and they might flock to back this man who plays by his own rules.

    It is men like Gingrich who destroyed the whole concept of individual freedoms and if he gets into the white house every one of us will feel his anger and bigotry.

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