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Monday, October 3, 2022

Cain fades while Newt gains, mouths off

Newt Gingrich: His mouth will do him in

Looks like Herman Cain‘s 15 minutes of political fame are up.

The former Godfathers Pizza CEO, reeling from multiple charges of sexual harassment and hobbled by gaffes, dropped to third place in the latest USA/Today Gallup poll — joining an ever-growing list of short-term frontrunners who rose to the top tier and then dropped into the political dung heap of obscurity.

Republicans have a new flavor of the month — former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich who is statistically tied with the party’s only longtime frontrunner — former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

The poll shows Gingrich with 22 percent support from Republican and independents, Romney at 21 percent and Cain dropping five points to 16 percent.

Ron Paul is a distant fourth at 9 percent with former frontrunner Rick Perry at 8 percent.

“Cain’s fame game is over,” says GOP strategist Ron White.  “He will be in single digits by the end of the month.”

A senior GOP aide for the Republican National Committee predicts Gingrich’s tenure at the top will be as short as the only flash-in-the-pan contenders.

“Newt’s mouth will do him in,” the aide told Capitol Hill Blue Sunday. “It always does.”

Gingrich appeared well on his way to fulfilling that prediction. At a roundtable discussion sponsored by a right-wing Christian group Saturday night, he said this about the Occupy Wall Street protestors:

All of the occupy movements start with the premise that we all owe them everything. The take over a public park they didn’t pay for; To go nearby to go to bathrooms they didn’t pay for; to beg for food from places they didn’t pay for; to instruct those who go to work to pay the taxes to sustain the bathrooms and to sustain the park, so they can self-righteously proclaim that they are the paradigms of virtue for which we owe everything. Now that is a pretty good symptom of how much the left has collapsed as a moral system in this country and why you need to assert something as simple as saying to them, “Go get a job right after you take a bath.”

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14 thoughts on “Cain fades while Newt gains, mouths off”

  1. That Newt quote is priceless. He’s more out of touch with reality than the Big O. Reminds me of a political cartoon. I still can’t find any supporters of Gingrich. Hard to believe these polls.

    Maybe we can take a collection and send Newt some t-shirts and mugs with that cartoon on it?

    • Newt’s quote confirms the guy is evidently ‘brain-damaged’. He may be right in principal, but it’s quite stupid to mouth such assertions in hopes of getting a vote from these same unwashed masses.

      Obama & Co. pander to Gingrich’s enumerated societal freeloaders and he’s currently our ‘dear leader’. Seemingly, like it or not, people like Gingrich, Romney, Cain, Perry et al. will ensure Obama’s reelection mouthing such reichwing ‘truths’…OUCH! / : |

      Carl Nemo **==

      • Clearly, he’s not looking for votes from the unwashed… but thinks instead that more voters agree with his assessment than disagree. If he’s correct, then not so stupid, no?

        Perhaps as the coming occupier violence takes off, that becomes the case, if it’s not already.

        • Good point Almandine, except when voters who might share such sentiments with Gingrich, realize it’s just campaign trail b.s., they’ll lose interest quickly. His past performance is testament to the fact he’s all smoke and mirrors.

          Gingrich is finished even before he starts, the same as Cain, Perry, Palin, Bachmann et al. rethug presidential wannabe’s. Unfortunateluy all the rethugs have at this time is Romney who’s not all that appetizing to the electorate either.

          Seemingly Obama is headed for a second term, affirming the old maxim that “in the land of the blind the man with one eye is king”…no?

          Their Congressional performance to date is abysmal and their candidates less than lackluster. They have nothing for “We the People”, not that Obama & Co. represent something of merit to date.

          Carl Nemo **==

  2. >>“Go get a job right after you take a bath.”<<

    Which people are now translating as "If you'd just go out and look for a job you'll get one, and therefore there must be plenty of jobs out there and Obama has helped the economy". Good job, Newt, with your little piece of helping Obama get reelected.

    Newt may practice good hygiene but he's still plenty dirty.

  3. I must compliment the editor for always choosing an appropriate photo to go with an article.

    Just look at this guy folks. His visage along with his sorry track record as a pol and family man says it all.

    Is this what America wants or needs in these very desperate times for the Republic…?

    I think not…!

    It’s lights out for the Republican party with a*sclowns such as Gingrich and Romney in the lead, not that I care, since both parties are absolutely corrupt to the core and report to the same corporate oligarchs via their army of lobbyist operatives. Both parties need a seaboot launch over the stern rail of the USS America into hopefully shark infested waters. : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  4. Speaker Gingrich is an embarrassment to the base of the Republican Party and it is a very serious problem to see his political position even growing in a small way. He does, however, epitomize the shocking attitude of what is posing as the religious right. Were I a Christian I would be demonstrating outside his office as a form of rejection for his terrible attitude toward Americans.

    I was an early member of GOPAC when I approved of the Contract with America. When I realized it was based in the mind of a psychotic two-faced user of his political position, I was out the door in disgust. Where or with whom he slept was of no interest to me until he turned on Clinton and went after him when, behind the doors, he was doing the same damn thing.

    The religious right accepts and even praises hypocrisy in their political leadership roles and this is terrible. They do lead in the Conservative House, Senate and they are working on the Supreme Court. Apparently all is fair in politics and the use of God when necessary. Wars are often welcome when a President is told by God to kill the enemy.

    What version of the New Testament do these fools read?

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