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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Bloomberg: Iowa is a four-man race

Ron Paul: Strongest level of support in Iowa

With the Iowa caucus just weeks away, the latest poll from Bloomberg News shows the race for the GOP nomination for President is a four-man race and a statistical dead heat.

Bloomberg’s latest numbers:

Because the differences fall within the poll’s margin of error, the poll is considered an even split.

However, support for all the candidates is shallow at best. Some 60 percent of those polls say their choice could change, given more information.  Ron Paul’s support is the most solid while Cain’s is the weakest.

Says Ann Selzer, president of Selzer & Co., the polling firm for Bloomberg:

In Iowa, it’s long been a two-person race between Romney and someone else. It is now a four- person race between Romney and three someone elses.

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4 thoughts on “Bloomberg: Iowa is a four-man race”

  1. “…globlisist,…”

    should read:


    My apologies. I loathe myself when I do such. : (

    It’s too bad this site doesn’t provide a function for editing posts as it does on its RR sister site.

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. So what if…just what if Ron Paul wins the Iowa caucus?

    How will these running dog, MSM movers and shakers try to derail him in New Hampshire?

    Methinks they’ll find themselves between a rock and hard place without exposing themselves for what they really are; I.E., agent provocateurs for their globlisist, NWO corpo-fascist controllers…no?

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. This commentary may be the most horrible news item possible. Many of us believe that Ron Paul has the right idea but can’t seem to hold back on what is possible and what is preferable.

    America is too far in the hole for any quick fix to help. It puts us in a pickle to even discuss what has happened to America. We have allowed the government to get over-bloated with pork and this baby will never get born without s severe diet of common sense before birth.

    I feel sorry for fiscal conservatives who have sat back and watched our freedoms and liberties to get so packed with fat that many of us want out next year. Dr. Paul is the right one for the job, but it will take time to prepare the voters to see how unclear this situation has become.

    The GOP still has no plans for individual freedoms and it is a sacrifice I will not make.

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