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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Bialek’s ex-boyfriend confirms her story on Cain’s sexual assault

Victor Zuckerman at press conference with attorney Gloria Allred (ABC News)

Sharon Bialek’s former boyfriend stepped forward Monday to confirm her story of an upsetting encounter with GOP presidential encounter Herman Cain in 1997.

Victor Zuckerman says Bailek told him then that Cain groped her and wanted sex in exchange for help in finding her a job during a trip to Washington.

“Sharon indeed did meet and spend time with Mr. Cain. She said that something had happened and that Mr. Cain had touched her in an inappropriate manner.  I can confirm that when she returned, she was upset,” Zuckerman said in a press conference.

Biaek went public after Cain denied charges of sexual harassment during his tenure as president of the National Restaurant Association.  She said Cain took her to dinner during her trip to Washington and, in the cat afterwards, reached under her dress and tried to touch her crotch and also tried to push her head down into his crotch.

Cain denied the incident and claimed he didn’t have dinner with Bialek.  Capitol Hill Blue, however, has confirmed that Cain turned in the dinner on an expense report to the restaurant association and listed Bailek as his guest.

Zuckerman is a pediatrician with a practice in Louisiana.

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5 thoughts on “Bialek’s ex-boyfriend confirms her story on Cain’s sexual assault”

  1. Immoral behavior level 1 is sexual harassment.
    Immoral behavior level 2 is demanding sex for favors.

    Level 2 is form of corruption, since he (if true) is using the advantages of his position (controlling who gets jobs) to get something he wants privately (sex).

    We know enough about this guy already. Take Cain off stage please and bring in the next candidate.

  2. Looking upon Vic Zuckerman, Bailek’s ‘boyfriend’ at the time, fourteen years in the past, methinks she scewed up and should have exploited Cain’s advances for all that it would have been worth to her at the time…no? / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

    p.s. Why do women refer to mature men as ‘boyfriends’…? It sounds so juvenile and pedestrian, at least to me.

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