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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Cain accuser filed discrimination complaint at next job

Karen Kraushaar on the job wth INS in 2000

One of Herman Cain‘s victims of alleged sexual harassment also claimed “unfair treatment” at her next job after leaving the National Restaurant Association, the Associated Press is reporting.

Karen Kraushaar did not claim sexual harassment while working as a spokesman for the Immigration and Naturalization Service but did file a complaint because she was not allowed to work at home after a car wreck.  The complaint included a claim that a INS manager circulated a sexual email.

Kraushaar told the AP that she consider the complaint “minor” and later dropped it.

The revelation, however, will bring more accusations form the Cain campaign that the charges of sexual harassment are “politically motivated” by his enemies.

“The concern was that there may have been discrimination on the job and that I was being treated unfairly,” Kraushaar told the wire service.

Calls to Kraushaar’s attorney by Capitol Hill Blue were not returned.

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5 thoughts on “Cain accuser filed discrimination complaint at next job”

  1. It seems more and more that this issue is surfacing with various politicians. Clinton was portrayed as a serial harasser and then we just go right down the old political food chain and see one after the other. So is it a sense of male entitlement for the Alphas of business and politics? Appears that way.

  2. I’ll add one more piece on the psychology of male knuckle draggers. While Nancy Pelosi has many critics on CHB this isn’t about her…. so please don’t take my post as an opportunity to attack her…. I agree she grew may well have feelings of entitlement (which is how the term would apply in the vernacular).

    Cain called her a princess.

    Legislation has already been written — HR 3000. In the previous Congress, it was HR 3400. What that does is — it has already been written. We didn’t hear about it in the previous Congress because Princess Nancy sent to it committee and it stayed there. It never came out. HR 3000 allows the decisions to be with the doctors and patients, not with the bureaucrat in Washington, D.C.

    When asked about the comment afterwards he said “That was a statement that I probably should not have made.”

    In isolation I’d say this was merely a mildly pejorative sexist term but taken in the context of sexual harassment allegations that he would say this in public demonstrates objectification of women. Some in the crowd laughed.

    It shows how he doesn’t take the sexual harassment charges seriously enough to censor out any hint of sexism in is public comments.

    If he’d say this in public I can only imagine what he calls her in private.

  3. Spot-on commentary Sue.

    Upon reading this article, one would think that its focus was to cast aspersions concerning Karen Kraushaar’s sexually unrelated difficulties on other jobs she’s held, therefore she’s a troublemaker/whiner or whatever.

    I’ve witnessed a lot in my time and for sure women put up with a lot of b.s. from male troglodytes who seemingy can’t focus on their jobs; I.E., keeping their hands and crude comments to themselves.

    This revelation is not a save for Cain. He’s done…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  4. What’s the approach going to be? That a woman couldn’t possibly have been harassed at more than one job?


    I was harassed while I was in the Air Force in the early 80’s. Then I was harassed by a coworker in a civilian job in the late 80’s. Then I was the subject of rumors that I got my next job, in the early 90’s, by sleeping with the manager who hired me.

    I’m a pretty tough little beotch, so I handled these situations by getting directly in people’s faces – calling them out publicly – without resorting to legal means. And I had a pretty great husband who always backed me up, and when I thought I might lose that late-80’s job over the situation (before the harassment stopped, I’d told my supervisor and the harasser’s supervisor that they’d better stop him *now* because if he laid a hand on me once more I was going to deck him), he was fine with supporting me while I looked elsewhere.

    Stuff happens. Sometimes it happens more than once to the same person.

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