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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Bachmann: Republicans are socialists too

Michelle Bachmann (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

GOP Presidential contender Michelle Bachmann, and the tea party that holds her so dear, have long maintained that President Barack Obama and the Democratic party are socialists.

But Bachmann also thinks the socialist menace also runs in her own Republican party.

Said Bachmann Monday at a speech to the Family Research Council in Washington:

Unfortunately for too many Republicans, they also aspire to be frugal socialists. We cannot preserve liberty if the choice is between a frugal socialist and an out-of-control socialist.

Her comments brought guffaws from some GOP political operatives.

“It’s too late to say Bachmann has gone over the edge,” GOP activist Randall Jenkins, a former Bachmann supporter who lives  Minneapolis in the home state of the Minnesota congresswoman, told Capitol Hill Blue.  “We went over the cliff a long time ago.”

After her speech, reporters tried to get Bachmann to specify which Republicans are “frugal socialists.”

“That’s for you to figure out,” she sneered.

When another reporter tried to ask the same question in a different way, she dodged it and fired back: “Nice try.”


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6 thoughts on “Bachmann: Republicans are socialists too”

  1. Oopsie. I should have wrote, “The problem is that Fox News (GOP TV) has convinced the Right that anyone to to left of Rush, Sean, and Bill is a Leftist.”

  2. Bachmann has bought the Bircher-Bagger lie that all Democrats are Leftists, who believe in what the Right calls the “primacy” of the group. This is because the Bircher-Baggers believe in the primacy of the individual, and therefore think that everyone across the aisle believes the mirror opposite of what they do.

    Leftists may well believe in the primacy of the group. The problem is that Fox News (GOP TV) has convinced the Right believes that anyone to the left of Rush, Sean, and Bill is a Leftist.

    What they don’t get is that (a) few if any Dems are Leftists, and (b) it isn’t even about primacy, it’s about balance.

    “Primacy” is a paranoid Bircher frame, through which the Ayn Randians and the Tea Baggers view national politics. It’s a false frame.

  3. As usual Carl Nemo you are spot on.
    Two wings of the same bird.
    Good cop/bad cop.

    Thank goodness for the political parasites PT Barnum was correct when he said “there’s a sucker born every minute.”

    Both parties have taken human feces, wrapped it up in a Tootsie Roll wrapper and are trying to tell us it’s a Tootsie Roll.

    I ain’t buyin’ it.

  4. I am unsure of America, who we are, what we really stand up for and it really does bug me that the working people in this country, (as in other less fortunate countries) have a hard time keeping a roof over their heads.

    We abolished slavery to become more efficient slaves? So a penny a day paid for jobs well done is a rich man telling a poor man, well we paid you, so your really not a slave, and you can quit if you don’t like it because we have 50 more standing in line for that pennys a day job.

    This just is not the American dream, this is the Capaitalistic Nightmare on Elm street. Everyone spits out the words liberal and social like these are a disease,if so, everyone needs to get the flue, so all the people can afford a doctor or a dentist when needed.

    I am ashamed of this countrys miserly attitude toward 99% of the population that cannot afford the doctor because the 1% is too busy flying around the world twice a year on a leasure tour.It is a scandal.

    As they are traveling around the world, visiting civilized countries where people can actually live under a roof and have nearly everything they need provided by a social system they should feel ashamed to their very souls as to the way they have bought and sold our fair country down the river.

    There is no fixing this system, It needs to be scratched, all sins forgiven, all debts take to null and void, it needs to just start over from scratch..If the 1% don’t like it they can move to China and keep there companies company.

  5. Of course Republicans are socialists. Since they are the flagship party for the wealthy class in this nation, they enjoy privatizing capital gains for their corporate constituents while socializing the losses via taxing the unwashed masses for their criminally disposed, profligate business practices seemingly gone awry during the past decade.

    The Dems being simply ‘bottom feeders’ are satisfied with whatever scraps are left over from a rethug feeding frenzy at the expense of U.S. tax debtors.

    This is what we’ve gotten as a function of many years of increased political corruption; I.E., a nonresponsive emergent duopoly, both parties reporting and serving the same corporate entities via their influence peddling lobbyists.

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Preach it, Carl.

      Soon Michelle Bachmann will start railing against libraries, non-privatized fire departments, the postal service, and bus systems.

      Well, Mrs Bachmann, we’re not in Iowa any more, and your tent does not have refrigerated air, just lots of crazy words.

      Why is socialist a pejorative anyways? Sure there’s problems with Robin Hood socialism, that robs the rich to give to the poor, but the heart of socialism is the egalitarian distribution of power even more than the equitable distribution of wealth. If you give workers partial ownership and authority in industry, the wealth will sort itself out. You can have capitalism and socialism in the same society.

      Let’s put it another way: monopolies suck. Whether that monopoly is government-owned(public schools, communism) or privately held(federal reserve, laissez faire) or government-sponsored(privatized prisons, fascism), it will suck. Healthy competition breeds efficiency. Concentration of power stagnates innovation and creates abusive policies.

      Sorry I got off topic. Bailouts are corporate welfare. GM at least produces and exports something. What does the financial sector do these days, other than play high-risk casino games with money totally detached from any real value?

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