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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Sexual harassment charges start to hurt Cain in polls

Herman Cain

Sexual harassment claims from the past and a history of harassment of women are taking their toll on the once-rising campaign of Presidential contender Herman Cain.

A new poll from Reuters shows Cain’s support dropping five percent since the charges surfaced a week ago.  The poll also shows most of those surveyed believe the reports are true.

“It’s starting to sink in that Cain is a damaged candidate,” Democratic operative Jonathan Langstrom tells Capitol Hill Blue.  “He might have had a chance to rebound from this but he has changed his story too many times and ignored the basic rules of crisis management.”

The poll also shows Cain sinking fast with Republicans and GOP talking heads went on the Sunday news shows and suggested Cain is someone they would just as soon forget.

“He was the flavor of the week,” said Republican Rep. Tom Cain of Virginia.  “His week is up.”

GOP Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman says Cain failed to be open and honest about the allegations.

“Legitimate questions have been raised,” Huntsman said.

When the controversy surfaced a week ago, GOP readers of Capitol Hill Blue bombarded the web site’s offices with indignation, saying the stories were a “witch hunt” and a “high-tech lynching.”

But the tide turned over the weekend and most now say they are disappointed and feel betrayed by Cain.

“I believed in him,” says Shirley Chasen of Atlanta. “Now it turns out he is a monster.”

Cain, in the meantime, continues to stonewall on the issue and refused to answer questions or fill in the blanks.


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6 thoughts on “Sexual harassment charges start to hurt Cain in polls”

  1. Who gives a damn?

    Every one and any one that gives half a rat shit about this country and where we’re headed, Democrat or Republican, Independent or Space Alien, needs to read this article. Period.

    Nothing else matters. Not Herman Cain. Not Barack Obama. Not Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romny, Hillary Clinton or Harry Reid. Not Rush Limbaugh or Rachel Maddow. Not who started or ended any war, not who promises what to whom. Not global warming or same-sex marriage, not free trade or building walls.

    None of this shit matters.

    This is not America.

    Distractions, distractions, distractions…

    • Thanks Griff for the heads up link. The big problem is thinking is painful and material of this nature is such for the greater unwashed masses. Surely most if not all readers and contributors to CHB would concur with the link’s recommendations, but the running dog leader facilitators near the top of our ruling class pyramid would not concur since it is to their benefit to keep the bankers, brokers and large insurers content with operating their ongoing ‘crooked casino’ moneymaking scams. It’s a big feedback loop for their benefit and to our collective detriment as a nation. If greed is good, then seemingly its unholy bedmate, endless is debt to them, is better…no?

      When the balloon goes up and there’s rioting along with blood running in the streets they can board their their private Lear jets or Air Force one and find the safety of their distant retreats or bunkers provided by U.S. tax slaves. It’s all good for them and bad for “We the People”, the ‘debt bag holders’ so to speak. / : |

      Carl Nemo **==

  2. We may be seeing the revolution of American women. I’m personally tired of fighting for the rights of women’s choices. Every time a political discussion starts up, women are overlooked as being of importance within the family unit. Since I was a teenager, women never were fully accepted as equals. Many of us were trained as hostesses to wine and dine our husband’s contacts to improve their business partners. We were often raised to do this with a certain amount of class and style. Our homes represented our income and our children were educated to represent our own level of education.

    Many of us fought the whole battle of keeping the number of children under control to be able to keep them in private school where they would be able to make it into the best universities. We played a good game of golf and tennis and our manners often were modeled after Kate Hepburn and Grace Kelly.

    What went wrong? Roe vs Wade made the Christians aware of our need for an occasional abortion. I was one of the lucky ones and managed to have my 2 girls and a step son. My husband was not as lucky until he asked me to raise another girl from his little fling with his secretary. He took off and left me without a dad for my girls.

    If women can manage to keep from getting pregnant why can’t men? I see his group of Conservatives meeting in the churches to plan for more social laws to control their wives. Every time I think if the inequality between the sexes, I am often tempted to shoot these pius religious husbands and be done with the whole can of inequality. This time the men have gone way too far and now want the body of a women to be a potential crime scene.

    Doug is right and Herman Cain is a damn liar with all the bells and whistles. I do not like the way men treat their women. I no longer like the way men smell. I used to but no longer.

    • Try being a stay-at-home dad. Men laugh at us and treat us like we are less than men. Women act like we are a threat, like we have ulterior motives to get into their pants and won’t allow us to join in conversations about our children at the parks or at school functions. We are social pariahs. Backwards from the “natural order.”

      Doesn’t matter that I work 40+ hours a week nights and weekends. Because I stay at home during the day with my youngest kids, I’m considered a lazy loaf about less than equal man.

      Just watch the generalizations Sandy. All men are not equal. Nor are all women for that matter. 🙂 Folks like Mr. Cain turn the stomachs of both sexes.

    • “I no longer like the way men smell. I used to but no longer.” …extract from post

      Jeez, Ms. Price you sound like you either have or have had ‘feral’ tendencies in your lifetime; I.E., scenting out one’s mate. Yikes…! / : |

      Carl Nemo **==

  3. Republicans used to claim (1) that aberrant sexual behavior should disqualify you from political office, and (2) that just because you criticize a politician who’s black, it doesn’t mean you’re a racist.

    Now that these allegations have come up against Cain, at least some Republicans (particularly among the talk show set) are trying to back-peddle on both assertions. But despite what many politicians hope, the average American’s memory isn’t *that* short, and it does seem that most Republicans aren’t going to give up those two convictions simply to save one candidate.

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