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Sunday, October 2, 2022

Sexual harassment is part of life in schools


At least 48 percent of school students in grades 7-12 are sexually-harassed in school, a new national survey released by the American Association of University Women says.

The report, released Monday, says sexual harassment is “pervasive” in American schools and starts as early as the seventh grade.

The harassment comes in many forms: in person, via texting and on social networking sites.

Says the report:

Sexual harassment has long been an unfortunate part of the climate in middle and high schools in the United States. Often considered a kind of bullying, sexual harassment by definition involves sex and gender and therefore warrants separate attention. The legal definition of sexual harassment also differentiates it from bullying.

Sexual harassment is part of everyday life in middle and high schools. Nearly half (48 percent) of the students surveyed experienced some form of sexual harassment in the 2010–11 school year, and the majority of those students(87 percent) said it had a negative effect on them.1 Verbal harassment (unwelcome sexual comments, jokes, or gestures) made up the bulk of the incidents, but physical harassment was far too common. Sexual harassment by text, e-mail, Facebook, or other electronic means affected nearly one-third (30 percent) of students. Interestingly, many of the students who were sexually harassed through cyberspace were also sexually harassed in person.

The report found that the harassers — mostly boys — thought their actions were “no big deal” and considered it “fun.”

The AAUW data coincides with other studies that show that sex is used as a tool for intimidation in schools — not just high school but also in middle schools.

“We’ve reached a point where sex is so pervasive that it is part of our children’s lives,” social worker Karen Smithson of Los Angeles tells Capitol Hill Blue.  “Oral sex is now as causal as a goodnight kiss.”

Smithson points to a 2009 “Good Morning America” series of interviews with teenagers and pre-teens who talk about sex in schools.

Said one:

I gave my first blow job when I was a freshman dating a senior in high school in south Florida – it’s pretty much whore central down there. I was actually considered a late bloomer! But hey – that relationship lasted six years!

“You can have 12 year old girls performing oral sex on a teacher in exchange for good grades,” says Smithson.  “You can also have a teacher or older student intimidating a young girl into such activity through intimidation.”

The AAUW report comes as the news from the upcoming 2012 presidential election is dominated by sexual harassment allegations against GOP contender Herman Cain.

“Kids learn from adults,” Smithson said. “Bill Clinton claimed oral sex wasn’t really sex so kids think its OK too.  The same could be true with sexual harassment.”

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13 thoughts on “Sexual harassment is part of life in schools”

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    What saddens me is the lack of response I get from American people on line. I stick with my authors that I began during the early 1980s when I sold their books. Many new authors appear every year and sadly most Americans write in the form of a formula on subjects that have been done to death.

    I’m back to history and I have a European group who feed my reading. Why I think that the answers to today’s problems are visible in the early History Books is shared by many. When it comes to American politics, they believe we are all insane.

    My youngest is flying in tomorrow and we are off to visit a newborn baby giraffe who is being shown in our Desert zoo here in Palm Desert. She is a beauty.

  2. Could be Carl but you will never know. I’m heading back into my private world of History. Trying to explain what has happened to the brains of homosapiens has opened up a whole world of scientists who have taken up the challenge of where our brain development went. Has our DNA changed for some reason?

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    “I already did, Miss Sandy” His new book is on its way here for me to wallow in.

    My world of books is not dead!

    Can you not accept the fact that we are all completely different? It has nothing to do with our color or sex but with how we see each other in this complicated world of the internet.

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      My main supplement provider is Swanson Vitamins out of Fargo, ND. I have no vested interest in the company other than for the purchase of my personal supplements.

      Enjoy your plunge back into history Ms. Price. : )


      “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” …George Santayana


      Carl Nemo **==

  3. “Carl, it seems that you are chasing after my posts like a puppy in heat.” …extract from reply

    I thought you took pride in being a highly educated, ‘connected’, genteel lady, but this reply indicates otherwise.

    “Scenting men, breeding cycles, puppies in heat”… Seemingly it’s an expression of your core persona…no? / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  4. Carl, it seems that you are chasing after my posts like a puppy in heat. I’m used it as I had attracted a car load of Evangelicals who tried to make me look foolish. I’m off on a new road to understanding the human mind and will continue to pursue this new line of science until I realize I might be wrong. Bragging about having books but not reading them took double digits off your I.Q.

    We are worlds apart and traveled opposite roads from the beginning. I did not have the advantage of having my brain paralyzed by television during the years of development.

  5. “Please don’t put me into your age range and expect for one minute to out think me.” …extract from post.

    Rest assured Ms. Price I would never have the hubris to ‘out think’ you. 😀

    I’m 66 turning 67 in January and I believe you to be 79 or thereabouts. We aren’t all that far apart.

    Carl Nemo **==

  6. No Carl, I was a typical female of the 50s. I was deflowered by force at the age of 12 and I became a hermit for years. Being a reader, I learned that there was much more to sex than force. But it took me many years before I could accept the action. I dissolved into my books rather than go mad from my experience. Men have no reason to understand what force can do to a female. I am not here to teach anything. I keep forgetting that the internet is a place where lies breed. Honest debate is not respected.

    My children know me better than anyone and they worked out a perfect environment for my last years. I am surrounded here by The N.Y. Metropolitan Opera Satellite radio. When I’ve had enough crap from the internet, I can relax in my office and live, love and die to the music of Puccini, Mozart and Verdi. There is a very special class of people who share with me stories of their opera background. Most of them live in Europe as opera is not an American speciality.

    What is unique is the fact that many Reader Ranters actually brag about not reading. I had company the last couple of days with some neighbors in Calabasas and we have been close friends since the 1970s and have shared our lives as close friends. My kids know them and love them as I do. Both are retired actors and there is not a single line of Shakespeare that they do not know by heart. We tend to renew ourselves after spending a couple of days together.

    Please don’t put me into your age range and expect for one minute to out think me. Stick with what you know Carl and leave the rest of us to do the same.

  7. This touches on many women’s aversion to oral sex but also on the acceptance of it when one is in a “breeding cycle.” My actions at home were based on my dancing around to inform the mate that he didn’t catch me this time. If I had to succumb to having an abortion, my husband would have burned me at the stake. I don’t do Joan d’Arc well.

    • “I no longer like the way men smell. I used to but no longer.” …extract from post to another article

      “This touches on many women’s aversion to oral sex but also on the acceptance of it when one is in a “breeding cycle.” …extract from post

      Damn…Ms. Price you write with primal ‘heat’. You must have been a ‘hot petunia’ in your younger days…no?

      Your imagery, no doubt leaves provincial readers somewhat hushed, but also very ‘hotttt’ at the same time with this writing of ‘scenting and breeding’…no? : D

      Carl Nemo **==

  8. I think Smithson is mixing up cause and effect: Teens don’t think oral sex isn’t “real sex” because of anything President Clinton said. Most of them don’t even know anything about Clinton, since they were not really following current events 10+ years ago!

    Teens (and Clinton and Lewinsky) thought oral sex wasn’t as significant as intercourse because the whole culture has moved that way. But it actually moved in that direction long, long ago. A lot of wives have preferred it if their husbands sought oral sex elsewhere, for centuries if not longer!

    • That’s interesting. My wife just told me last week that if I wanted oral sex, I’d have to find it elsewhere. I was like, isn’t that cheating? She said so long as I was still coming home and her needs were taken care of, then no. But I think it is cheating, so I don’t do it. I’d be hurt if she was getting oral sex from someone else.

      It’s like the scene in Pulp Fiction about a foot massage. If a foot massage doesn’t mean anything, then would you give a person of the same sex (not a relative) a foot massage?

      I also just read that we have to start talking to our kids about puberty and sex at age 8. I guess most kids now start puberty by 10 due to hormones in our food and water. So if you want your kids to not get freaked out, you have to talk to them by age 8. Crazy world we live in.

      • Wow, Woody188 with reference to the content of your first paragraph…!?

        Your sentiments on faithfulness are commendable concerning not cheating on your wife by engaging another for oral sex. Methinks you need to buy her a book on ethics in marriage.

        Sorry to hear you got that for an answer.

        We live in interesting times indeed. / : |

        Here’s a Wiki link so folks can educate themselves concerning the history of oral sex through the ages and as to how its been perceived over time. The article is clinical and not prurient in nature.

        Carl Nemo **==

        • My marriage would have ended three years ago if I had held her to any ethics. Griff and I fell victim to the same set circumstances with different people and with different results at about the same time. It was all rather surreal for me.

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