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Friday, March 1, 2024

Herman Cain is a damn liar

Herman Cain

Herman Cain is a liar.

He is a damn liar.

Forget the fact that the former Godfathers Pizza CEO is a puppet of the Koch brothers and their rabid right-wing plan to seize control of the American government. Forget the fact that he is inept and unprepared for the presidency.

He’s a liar. He’s also an abuser of women. He doesn’t belong in the White House. He belongs in prison where predators like him are given a whole new education in sexual abuse.

So far, three former employees of the National Restaurant Association have confirmed Cain is a sexual predator who harasses female subordinates.

“Everybody knew about it,” says Chris Wilson, a Republican pollster who worked for the restaurant association at the time.

“The word around town was to never be alone with Cain,” says Sherry Winston, who worked for another trade association at the time and who had friends at the restaurant group. “At one of their receptions a friend introduced me to him and he looked me up and down with a leer on his face that made me shiver.  I remember him saying something like ‘You sure do look delicious.’  I walked away from him and stayed away for the rest of the evening.”

The fact that someone like Cain can become a presumed frontrunner in the Republican party is the saddest commentary of all.  Powerful men who abuse women are the lowest form of humanity yet those who support this cretin continue to back him and claim he’s a victim.

Herman Cain is a victim? His victims are the women he abused over the years because he had the position and the power to do so and the resources to get away with it.

From the time Politico broke the story of the sexual harassment claims filed against Cain during his tenure as President of the National Restaurant Association, Cain has lied, changed his story multiple times and turned to the tired old political trick of blaming the whole thing on his enemies.

He first claimed the story was untrue, a “smear” and said he didn’t remember any such incident, even though Politico had contacted his campaign a week earlier for comment. How do you forget being charged with sexual harassment unless it is such a part of your way of acting around women that it doesn’t seem like a big deal?

Stop blaming others because the truth about you is emerging Mr. Cain. The only person to blame is yourself and your sorry behavior.

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18 thoughts on “Herman Cain is a damn liar”

  1. Now Gloria is a liar too. I had hoped she would cancel her interview in light of the scandal. Now all she’s done is ruin her own reputation standing up for this man.

    Face it. The Cain Family is not fit for the White House. I suppose with every election the crap from the bottom of the barrell surface to try and make a name for themselves. Well Herm….how does “SCUMBAG” sound?

    He sold lousy pizza 20 years ago, was a major league asshole in the hospitality industry, now he wants to trash U.S. image even more.

    Elect #1 Adultrist Hamburger Cain!!!!!

  2. Of course he’s a liar!

    He’s a (pseudo) politician!

    The glaring wrong in all of this is that we’ve been conditioned to tolerate our own abuse at the mouths (and minds) or in Cain’s case “hands” of our abusers.

    Toleration can be a bad thing. Try tolerating cancer in your body and see how THAT works out for ya.

    It’s way past time to say enough is enough.

  3. I believe this man is a LIAR.. he needs to come clean and step down .. Hes not presidential material.. if he cant admit to his mistakes what makes you think he would make a good president. I feel sorry for his wife.. She needs to leave his sorry -ss.. and Have nothing more to do with him.. How much shame has he caused this lady. Cain is working for the Koch brothers, is this what americans want.. And u noticed all these women were white woman.. Blonde hair.. what a jerk.. Not that Im being racist but how does this make his wife feel.. this is just wrong.. I dont know how all women can be lying I just dont believe Cain.

  4. The difference between Cain and Clinton is that Clinton was a philanderer and cheated on his wife. I don’t remember hearing how he tried to force a womans face to his crotch.

    This goes to Cain’s inconsistency and his character. He changed his answers as the news came out within a matter of minutes with each new report. This guy is a dishonest FOOL and we havent even started talking about his inappropriate campaign finance practices.

    As an admitted Koch brother of a different mother proves that he means to dismiss half the electorate. When these people are starving and on the street because of the policies of this group there will be a real revolution.

  5. Lord knows I am not a Cain fan, but begs the question, why did this not come up before now? There is the one who is represented by Gloria Allred who seems to represent women who set to cash in.
    Is Cain guilty of inappropriate behavior? I have no doubt.
    Is Cain the victim of some “gotcha” politics. Yup.
    Men of a certain station tend to be horndogs. Sad to say, but whether they are doctors, lawyers, politicians, judges, you name it, they tend to cheat. It’s kind of their candy for being a personal success. There is a whole psychology behind that. There are precious few people in congress who are faithful to their spouses. I am not saying I approve, just saying it is what it is.
    Just an FYI, I wouldn’t vote for Cain, because I don’t believe he has what it take for POTUS. I also said that about Obama. Didn’t keep a lot of people from voting for him. Yeah, He sux. We had it comin’. We had a choice between dumb and dumber.

    • Sherry,

      The reason this didn’t come up before now is that people don’t go around putting themselves out for the ridicule that she has already endured in less than a 24 hour period unless there is a good reason. This man is RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!

      I can’t think of a better reason to bring this up now. Do we want a man of that kind of character running the most powerful nation on earth? I think not!

  6. “He’s a liar. He’s also an abuser of women. He doesn’t belong in the White House.”

    Au contraire, Doug, that’s exactly where he belongs. If not the White House, at least a high level cabinet position. Maybe he can be the Pizza Czar or head up the newly formed Pepperoni Regulatory Agency. We’ll find a spot for him, we can’t let a power-drunk sociopath like Cain slip away, we’ve got tax dollars to waste…

  7. I should clarify, if Clinton is to be used as an example and if I’m not mistaken I’ve read past posts on this board where Thomas Jefferson has been quoted with respect. My point is Thomas Jefferson, Woodrow Wilson, Warren G. Harding, Grover Cleveland, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Bill Clinton, all where horny bastards I suppose, but I’ll not judge them for that. Lying about it yes, but after all, isn’t that what politicians do?

    • Yep. In fact, I’m a horny bastard as well, and I refuse to lie about it any more. I’m coming clean, or, uh…dirty.

      We’re way too much interested in personal issues these days then we are important ones. I don’t like Cain for his stances on the important ones.

  8. And a big THANK YOU to author Doug Thompson for telling the TRUTH about the LIAR Koch-Cain. How can anyone not see the RED FLAGS waving around Cain????? Cain has lied about each and everything he speaks on. He is totally ignorant about foreign affairs and his 999 plan is a dream come true for the rich and a nightmare for the middle class. Haven’t we already had enough of being called racist for actually wanting our politicians to be honest? That anyone even considers another liar-in-chief is a sad commentary on America and Her lost values. 🙁

  9. The only respectable politician with a proven 30+ record or ALWAYS TELLING THE TRUTH is being totally ignored by the Koch driven media. I urge anyone to look up Ron Paul and see he is the real deal. Not just another liar like ALL the rest of those running including the one in office. Dr. Ron Paul has won more polls than anyone else. He has a solid plan to rein in the budget and spending. He is the only one to want to eliminate personal taxes completely and to audit the Federal Reserve. Please, if you care about our country, give Dr. Paul a chance and at least look him up for yourself. The media is scared sh*tless of him, so you have to dig for information about him. He does not take any money from corporate cronies, just donations from We The People. He follows the Constitution and advocated Liberty for everyone above all! Ron Paul 2012!

  10. Although this guy will never get nominated much less elected; folks need to visualize having this man for president.

    We suffered through several years of the Bill & Monica debacle with Bill lying to the American people and wasting precious time while in office trying to defend his sorry butt position, in addition to the lengthy Congressional impeachment circus.

    So if these scandals hadn’t come out now concerning Cain and if he made it to the White House; only the gods know what kind of sexual games he’d be playing as our national ‘leader’. So too, think of our wasted tax debt dollars via White House spinmeisters and the Secret Service who’s mission is to protect the office of the presidency and not the man per se in order to cover up his sorry butt sexual antics.

    If Cain made it to our highest office, he’d be a like horndog in a sexual boneyard…no? / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  11. Yep what we need is an honest man who knows how to keep his hands to himself. Like Billy Clinton, right?

    There’s a guy you can trust to look after your little girl.

    • Oh… well then that makes it alright. Really?

      Taking a cheap shot doesn’t change the facts. And at least it was consensual b/w BC and ML. Not so for the women Cain has groped.

      Or isn’t there any difference…to a Republican?

  12. In America, people in power cannot control themselves when it comes to the opposite sex. Whether these man are guilty or innocent doesn’t seem to matter when a “get rich quick” accusation adds to the problem. Are we castrating our American leaders or trusting them? Do we care more for “In God we Trust” than we do in Americans obeying the Constitution?

    I see no reason for voting for anyone in 2012. Cain has not sold himself as an American leader and, in my opinion, neither has anyone running as a Republican.

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