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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Good economic numbers: Bad news for Republicans

Jon Boehner: Something to cry about

The last thing Republicans on Capitol Hill wanted to see was economic recovery.

Good news on the economy is bad news for the GOP and some on Capitol Hill grumble that reports showing some improvement is sending shock waves through Speaker of the House John Boehner‘s office.

“Not what we wanted to see,” grumbles a Boehner aide, who asked not to be identified. “We can’t campaign against Obama on the economy if things start to improve.”

When new numbers came out this week, Boehner huddled with top aides to plot a strategy to offset the good news.

The plan?  Go after Obama’s plans to use executive orders to bypass Congressional stalling on his jobs bill and other economic programs.

“It’s almost laughable,” Boehner said on conservative Laura Ingraham‘s show Thursday.

Ingraham fed Boehner leading questions, including one that asked if the President was violating the Constitution by turning to executive orders.

“I have great concerns that he may be,” Boehner said.

But some Republicans worry that trying to ignore the modest economic gains could backfire on the party.

“Obama has been very successful in painting the GOP as the party of ‘no’ and continuing to naysay is dangerous,” says Republican political operative Jim Hildebrand.  “Boehner needs to be careful.”

Boehner, however, is showing no signs of restraint.

“I thought we were a nation of laws and that our country was governed by our Constitution,” Boehner said.

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14 thoughts on “Good economic numbers: Bad news for Republicans”

  1. There have been such “economic progrress” announements for the past several decades. So, GDP is growing.

    The most pertinent question is, who benefits from the economic growth? If every time there is a growth in the food supply (trough) it does not bode well for all the critters if the hogs continually keep the little guys from said trough.

    In the 80’s, greed was looked upon as good. Now it’s a god.

  2. This ‘tearful’ photo of Boehner is not related to this article per se, but he has a rep of having such episodes. / : |

    Wut da f**k…! This guy is the “Speaker of the House” of the United States of America and a crybaby to boot…!? This to me is a sign of a guy that has been hitting the sauce too much and only the gods know what else to reduce him to such a ‘sappy’ less than focused condition.

    I try to visualize the Persians confronting Leonidas at Thermopylae in 480 b.c and he breaking down with tears due to the formidable task at hand; I.E., to defend the Greek nation states against the invader. This wimpy, a*sclown seemingly is what America has degenerated to in the face of enemies at our gate; I.E., terminally greedy banking grifters who’s mission is to virtually suck this nation dry while these scumbag crimpols in the House and Senate facilitate their unholy mission, all for a few dollars, euros or shekels more of campaign contributions.

    John Boehner is a bottom-feeding parasite. Thanks Ohio along with his braindead, district constituents that allows such a mattoid to hold such high office. They seemingly love the ‘pork scraps’ he pitches them at halftime while their cities, state and nation rots, consequences be damned…! : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. >>“I thought we were a nation of laws and that our country was governed by our Constitution,” Boehner said.<<

    I said stuff like this all the time during the Bush Administration, Mr. Boehner, and folks like you would respond with "The Constitution is not a suicide pact".

    To which I would reply, "Ignoring it would be". To which you would subsequently say, "You're unpatriotic!"

  4. Good economic news or not, I think once your political strategy has become “Tank the economy by any means”, your party has jumped the shark. Republicans are going to have to answer for that for the next decade. It’s the perfect black-and-white campaign issue… for Democrats.

  5. From Reuters:

    FedEx Corp expects a 12 percent jump in holiday shipments this year and will add about 20,000 workers to handle the record volume driven by online shopping.

    The surge is driven by a combination of gradual economic improvement and ever-increasing Internet sales, analysts said.

    “This is slightly better than we anticipated,” and suggests some restocking by retailers as well as more online shopping by consumers, said Dahlman Rose & Co. analyst Jason Seidl.

    From Business Week:

    A summer of modest economic growth is helping dispel lingering fears that another recession might be near. Whether the strength can be sustained, though, is far from clear.

    Buoyed by a resurgent consumer and strong business investment, the economy expanded at an annual rate of 2.5 percent in the July-September quarter, the government said Thursday.

    The expansion, the strongest quarterly growth in a year, came as a relief after anemic growth in the first half of the year and weeks of wild stock market shifts.

    From Bloomberg:

    Toyota Motor Corp.’s Mississippi plant opens this month to build the Corollas that the Japanese automaker needs to get its U.S. sales growing. It’s part of a surge of hiring among car companies that’s a bright spot in the slow U.S. recovery.

    Among the 1,500 people Toyota is hiring for the Blue Springs plant is Karen Bowen, 39, a single mother. Her job with the quality-assurance team “means a better life for my family,” said Bowen. Along with a $15 hourly starting wage, more than she was earning in her previous job at a chiropractor’s office, Bowen now has health insurance, a retirement plan and job stability, she said.

    “I aim to work here until I retire — about 25 years,” Bowen said.

    U.S. and international carmakers plan to hire or rehire at least 25,000 workers between now and 2015. That includes 4,000 jobs in the fourth quarter alone from Toyota’s $1.3 billion plant, a new assembly shift at Honda Motor Co.’s Civic factory in Indiana, a third shift at Kia Motors Corp.’s Georgia assembly plant and an expansion at Hyundai Motor Co.’s Alabama plant.

  6. Where are these good economic numbers?

    The stock market?

    The President’s “Plunge Protection Team” and Federal Reserve interference are ensuring the stock market keeps rallying. That isn’t a reality based market.

    I’d like to know what good economic numbers are being cited in this article. All I’ve seen is Christmas sales will be worse than last year with more lay-offs and foreclosures for at least the next decade, Europe will have another banking crisis, followed by unannounced QE3 by our Federal Reserve and an additional US bank bail-out due to “systemic risk” from Europe,and inflation predicted at around 12% this year and next. Does that sound like good economic numbers to you?

    • Economic growth for the past quarter was at 2.5. That’s up from 1.3 the previous quarter. Not a huge jump, but an improvement nonetheless.

      • Yup. Numbers from the government that’s proven itself a liar. We need 6% growth every quarter to put a dent in unemployment. I wonder if Occupy Wall Street has them cooking the books out of fear?

        Do you got to a sporting event and cheer for a tie? That’s what we have here. Yay! We didn’t get worse this time!

        I’m glad it’s supposedly going in the right direction, but to say happy times are here is disingenuous. I’ll believe it when unemployment drops and my neighbors are back in the their homes, back to work, and off food stamps.

  7. “I thought we were a nation of laws and that our country was governed by our Constitution,” Boehner said.

    Hmmmmm, where was he during the Bush years? Two wars financed off the books, one war illegal, immoral, based upon lies; a Vice-president that believed, stated and acted as though he was not subject to the constitution and to its limits on power.

    Where was Boehner and his “Nation of laws”, “Governed by … Constitution” then?

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