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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Georgia went after Herman Cain for unpaid taxes

Herman Cain

Republican Presidential contender Herman Cain may claim to have the answer to America’s tax problems but he has problems when it comes to paying what he owes.

Public records show Cain failed to pay income taxes to the State of Georgia in 2006 and the state went after him for it, filing a lein in 2008 for $8,558.46 in unpaid assessments.

Cain, the former Godfathers Pizza CEO and a multimillionaire, claims the whole deal was just “an oversight” and came while he was battling cancer.

Cain’s campaign calls the whole affair an example of “overaggressive tax enforcement” and says it shows how the entire tax system — local, state and federal — is out of control.

“The experience serves as an example of how broken our federal and state bureaucracies are with respect to the collection of revenue,” Cain campaign spokesman J.D. Gordon told The Daily Beast, which first uncovered Cain’s tax problems. “The entire process is driven by automated letters generated in response to deadlines.”

Cain’s lawyer settled the matter and the tax lein was withdrawn in December 2008.

However, a former campaign worker for Cain says the tax issue is “just the tip of the iceberg” for Cain.

“He has a habit of stiffing people,” says the campaign worker, who asked not to be identified. “There are many skeletons in Herman Cain’s closet.”

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4 thoughts on “Georgia went after Herman Cain for unpaid taxes”

  1. I find the tax excuse lame. Where was Hermie’s wife? Could she not write a check to the IRS for taxes while her husband, Hermie was battling cancer? What sense does that make? You expect us as voters to believe that? And you want this guy for president? May God help us if he is elected!

  2. Cain rocks. Even if he did stiff the IRS , more power to him. The Feds throw away our money anyway. We need a guy like Herman to fix this country.

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