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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Republican plan for 2012: Stall economic recovery


Republican party strategists hoping to hold on to control of the House, take over the Senate and recapture the White House have a simple plan for 2012:  Keep the nation’s economy in chaos and hope the fallout dooms President Barack Obama‘s re-election and takes other Democrats down with him.

GOP strategists tell Capitol Hill Blue that keeping the nation in economic despair helps Republicans and is the best election ploy for the party.

“It’s a risky strategy because some polls show voters blaming Republicans as much as Democrats and in some cases more,” says one GOP operative who asked not to be identified.  “If it works, it puts us back in control.”

Party insiders say the GOP is willing to sacrifice any chance of economic recovery over the next year if it helps Republicans win in 2012.

“You have to view it from our perspective,” says one strategist for the National Republican Senatorial Committee. “What’s best for the Republican party is best for the nation in the long run even if it means prolonging the recession until after the next election.”

But while political pros are willing to take chances, some GOP members of Congress aren’t so sure and a few are talking compromise on a long-stalled education bill and other economic initiatives.

“There’s still room for negotiation,” says former GOP congressional staff member Harold Weeks. “We may see some progress on bills in the coming weeks.”

Still, Republican political operatives argue that while a continued economic downturn and high unemployment may mean bad news for the economy, it could mean good news for the GOP.

“The goal is to win elections,” says GOP operative Chris Dawson. “How we get there is less important than what we do after the election.”


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15 thoughts on “Republican plan for 2012: Stall economic recovery”

  1. Winning the election is secondary to trying to fix the nation for the American people. So let’s say the Republicans manage to win in 2012. They promised the Christians that America would be in their hands if any Republican won. No abortions for any reason, no gay marriages and probably no money for AIDs research. Even Ron Paul wants to cancel all federal funding for the universities…no more student loans. Can the parents be trusted to get their kids through school? I don’t think they care enough.

    The only jobs the GOP can promise are government jobs. Real estate mortgages will be impossible to locate outside of the government itself. I bought my home in Sun City Arizona in 2003 at a fair market price of $80,000 and paid cash; but I had to add a fence and new appliances, and a new A.C. system. I listed this house before I moved back to California and was told I could get only $63,000 for it. Unless I can find a buyer with cash, I will own that damn house for the rest if my life. I pay real estate taxes based on $75,000 but the banks will not finance that amount or anything close.

    If a Republican wins there will be a new level of governent developed under the same category of Homeland Security. But it will include banning all abortions for any reason, adding creation to the school curriculum and tossing out evolution. Gays will never be allowed to marry and seniors who are dying of cancer and want to pull the plug will not be allowed to do it. Birth Control will be banned and even a hint of a miscarriage will bring about a federal law suit.

    This is not a world I want to live in. I lived through the threats of the John Birch Society as well as the murderous Latter Day Saints. This is a return to the Dark Ages run by the most powerful nation on the planet. It will make Rome look like Maui before Hawaii was a State.

    It will take some action to keep the GOP out of office. What’s the other option? More of the same dust.

  2. Ugh. It’s no wonder both the Tea Party and OWS are totally fed up with politics-as-usual, blaming the combined forces of dems, the GOP, and the money masters for the sorry state of this first-and-a-third-world country.

    • Thanks griff for the Ron Paul budget link. It’s a sound doable plan providing he’d win the support of his own party if elected.

      Other than what he can order directly as “Command in Chief” of the armed forces without Congressional approval; he’ll have to depend on party support to push through many of his other recommended cuts. Both parties at the Congressional level are so corrupt that a lone man’s crusade for change will be met with mighty resistanace due to the tasty ‘pulled pork’ sandwiches they all enjoy, courtesy of the U.S. Treasury ‘deli’.

      Carl Nemo **==

      • Believe me, I harbor no illusion that he will win. Both parties believe whole-heartedly in the sanctity and righteousness of the all-powerful State, in all its voracious greatness.

        These things are doable, provided the People get their collective heads out of their asses. A pipe dream, I know…

        Cowards, we are…

      • “…can order directly as “Command in Chief” of the armed forces…”

        should read:

        …can order directly as “Commander in Chief” of the armed forces…

        My apologies. I’ve been slipping on my proof-reading lately. It’s amazing how the eye/mind connection can be fooled into reading the same error repeatedly and not catch such a glaring mistake.: (

        Carl Nemo **==

    • Looking at his plan and Pauls’ simplistic view on reality, you really don’t have a clue how a techinical civilization works.

      I understand the emotional attraction to simplicity, but it will never happen.

      You want accountability – no problem the coming generation of AI systems will give that and more.

      the next 10 years will see 100 fold increase in information processing and visualization. What that means to society – so far technology has had a more positive then negative effect.

  3. Yep, it’s all about partisanship and winning elections, the nation be damned. What’s interesting is that both parties are responsible for our current national fix starting in full swing during the Clinton era onward towards our national swan song under Obama & Co.

    The Clinton era was responsible for disassembling all the safeguards against banking, brokerage and commodities trading abuse that allowed Bush era patrons to profit handsomely from war-profiteering to the real estate debacle along with pumped, synthetic stock bubbles courtesy of the complicit Fed.

    They’re all dangerous duopolist ‘hawgs’ and enjoy feeding at the public trough, national consequences be damned.

    Carl Nemo **==

      • I was being more timely and ‘kind’ by using Clinton as the starting point since he and his administration are linked with the passage of NAFTA, moving us into a ‘death spiral’ of national insolvency over the ensuing years to present.

        Granted, “trickle down, ‘voodoo economics'” was hatched during R. Reagan’s tenure, he as the jellybean munching, demented, ‘senior citizen in chief’, puppeteered and continually stoked by H.W. Bush (Mr. CIA) concerning our enemies everywhere and anywhere. This induced paranoia cost this nation 5 Trillion in debt bucks for which we are still saddled. The Reagan/H.W. Bush era represents the very “seed” of our national destruction starting with their failed, Treasury draining ‘War on Drugs’.
        Thanks Jon for the heads up in terms accuracy.

        The glaring fact remains all of these duopolists are hazardous to our nation regardless of party affiliation. They’re all in it together, simply offering high theater in terms of being ‘opposition’ parties while screwing over “We the People” 24/7/365!

        They’ve roped us and seemingly we’re the dopes…no?

        Carl Nemo **==

        • Your point stands, although a) I don’t think NAFTA is quite the boogeyman many claim it to be (it was Nixon who went to China) and b) you seem to be overlooking some serious banking shenanigans before Clinton (Charlie Keating? Lincoln S&L?).

          Finally, lumping them all together as ‘bad’ may be accurate; lemme use a metaphor here: Getting the flu is bad, and getting leprosy is bad, but they’re not the same bad.

          *achoo* Pardon me.


  4. The goal is to win elections.

    Of course that isn’t strictly a Republican mindset. The Democrats did nothing to stop Bush in order to campaign against him. Of course, since the “historic” election, it’s been nothing but sunshine and roses for we Americans.

    Yeah, it’s less important how you get there…

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