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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Gingrich surges while Perry, Paul fade

Newt Gingrich: A temporary contender?

Former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich — declared politically dead by most pundits a few months ago — has suddenly surged to third place in recent polls while former frontrunner Rick Perry fades to fourth and Ron Paul slides further into the background.

“Gingrich has come out of nowhere to become viable again,” says political analyst Donald Winston.  “His surge comes as a side benefit to the fading fortunes of Rick Perry and Ron Paul and it will be up to him to see if there is any momentum behind his sudden good fortune.”

Still, even staunch Gingrich supporters say he should enjoy the spotlight while he has it because it won’t last.

“He hasn’t a prayer of winning the nomination,” says Rich Galen, a former strategist for Gingrich.

Gingrich’s campaign is deep in debt. Many top aides have left and he only raised $800,o00 in the third quarter of this year, compared to millions by his opponents.

And Gingrich has substantial political baggage, including an affair with a former House staffer that broke up the second of his three marriages and an extravagant lifestyle that included huge credit card bills.

“Gingrich is damaged goods,” says Winston. “He has a brief moment of glory right now and he should enjoy it becakuse it won’t last.

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8 thoughts on “Gingrich surges while Perry, Paul fade”

  1. Why was this article even written? It must have been a slow news day. Won’t someone ask Gingrich on screen why he sent divorce papers to the ex-wife stricken with cancer while she was in the hospital? Try his former treasurer Kip Carter seeing Gingrich getting a bj in a car at a football game. I haven’t heard anyone question him about this on any of the Republican debates.

  2. Give me a break. This is corporate media desperation on the cusp of madness. I know of NO ONE that wants Gingrich in ANY OFFICE OF GOVERNMENT. No one trusts him and dislike him personally due to his lack of morals in marriage/relationships.

    Gingrich had his shot in the nineties and he blew it in a witch hunt over Presidential relations with an intern.

    The “fading” Ron Paul raised ten times ($8 million) the amount that Gingrich raised. If money is free speech and proof of viability, Ron Paul is 10 times more likely to win than Gingrich. But what does the corporate media push on you today?

    Ron Paul had 100,000 donors to get that $8 million. Romney and Perry raised their $17 and $14 million from approximately 22,000 donors many of them corporations and special interests. But Ron Paul can’t win?

    It’s true only because he can’t get the glamor coverage given to others the rich would prefer to foist upon us. Others that are bought and paid for and will do more of the same. Is that what you want?

    • Spot-on commentary Woody. It should be obvious to those that still have doubts that candidates are proffered to us by the MSM; I.E., totally owned subsidiaries of ‘Globalists r’ Us’.

      For them to resurrect this perennial loser proves they are desperate to ensure their ‘main man’, whomever, is placed in office.

      We the voters are simply allowed to indemnify their continued, sorry butt selection of shills that operate for their planetary destroying benefit.

      It’s time Americans realize they are living in an engineered “Matrix”, to their collective hazard. / : |

      Carl Nemo **==

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