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Saturday, June 22, 2024

GOP pros to Rick Perry: Give it up and go back to Texas

Rick Perry: Just not ready for prime time

Republican political professionals are telling Texas Governor Rick Perry to get out of the presidential race before his political career is damaged beyond repair, Capitol Hill Blue has learned.

“He’s done. His fifteen minutes are over,” says GOP political operative Cass Dawson. “When you start finishing behind Ron Paul in the polls it’s time to get out.”

Hampered by increased scrutiny and poor debate performances, Perry’s fall from front-runner to also-ran is slated to become discussion topics for political science classes. Political professionals polled by Capitol Hill Blue rank Perry with other GOP also-rans like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann.

“What happened in Texas should have stayed in Texas,” said Republican activist Susan Hildebrand. “Mr. Perry just wasn’t ready for prime time.”

Political pros say Perry is now too damaged to recover and can only salvage what’s left of his political career by withdrawing graciously before he drops all the way down to the bottom rung of Presidential pretenders.

“It’s time for Perry to take his roadshow back to Texas,” says one GOP insider who asked not to be identified.  “He’s old news.”

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4 thoughts on “GOP pros to Rick Perry: Give it up and go back to Texas”

  1. The types who populate the corporate media are more narcissistic than zero.

    Big goal? Name in bright lights and big print. See!!! I’m a talking head…

    … and dumb as a rock.

  2. The corporate media played up Perry as a front runner. I don’t think he was ever actually that popular. Now the media has to backtrack or look totally stupid and irrelevant, or more irrelevant than they already appear.

    This is also what happened with Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin. The corporate owned and controlled media loves their dim-witted bimbos much more than Americans do.

    The same thing is occurring with Herman Cain. Most people I speak with don’t even know who he is, much less think he would be the right person for President. He is the corporate media flavor of the month. So long as they don’t have to mention Occupy Wall Street, Ron Paul and the issues they bring to the table, the corporate media is pretty happy.

  3. Glad to hear Perry’s campaign is DOA. He won’t be missed. I feel sorry that Texans have to suffer his entrenched presence.

    What we need for a President and “Commander in Chief” of our armed forces is man with the cajones of a Harry S. Truman.

    Upon his inauguration, the first thing on this president’s agenda would be to hold a NSC meeting and to instruct them we’re pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan along with military ‘aid’ to Pakistan and so too our support of the Libyan debacle. The only forces left will be regional SOCOM bases with enough personnel to surgically strike destabilizing forces within these regions. They will be surveilled by satellite, SIGINT intercepts and if necessary sanctioned by predator drones, guided munitions and Tomahawk cruise missiles if the need be along with surgical SOCOM insertions on occasion with us exiting upon completion of a given mission. They’ll never know what hit them. We own the night, so there’s no place for terrorist rats or insurgents to hide deep enough even within their bunker holes as demonstrated with Saddam’s command and control bunker. We’ll no longer have a huge contingent of tax-draining grunts and tankheads milling about in the deserts and mountains, but just the same the bad guys will sense that Thor’s Hammer is always poised to strike if necessary. With this type of military posture for these regions we can save trillions, but still assert our authority if necessary.

    If there are any council protests concerning this decision then they’ll simply be given a choice; I.E., follow orders or be retired or fired prematurely no differently than when Truman pulled the plug on the supremely arrogant, out of control General Douglas MacArthur and his plans to escalate the Korean Police Action of the early 50’s with talk of using nukes on the Chinese etc.

    Our now corrupt and compromised General Staff along with the MIC’s in place civilian cronies that sit on the NSC (National Security Council) haven’t been jerked up by the shorthairs in years and it’s long overdue in the interest of saving this nation from terminal insolvency.

    The afore outlined action is one of the few, summary actions that a President can take without the approval of our now devolved, Congressional ‘politburo’.

    The money saved on these ongoing engineered conflicts can be put to use rebuilding America’s infrastructure; I.E., roads, bridges, water and waste systems and the electrical grid along with many others not enumerated here. America is crumbling before our eyes while madmen and women scheme evermore involvement with their obviously failed globalist schemes.

    I suspect Ron Paul, if elected would be that man. It’s one of the few actions that he could take as “Commander in Chief” with many of other ideas meeting fierce resistance from his own party as well as the Democrats. This suggested curtailment of operating as world policeman on a grand, money-wasting scale alone would save our nation from a grim future. At this point our national motto should be: “We got guns…but no money”…no? / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

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