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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Binary Bush

So Bush is a puffer fish and the American Army is his poison... OK, its psychobabble, but it works for me.

So Bush is a puffer fish and the American Army is his poison… OK, its psychobabble, but it works for me.
I happen to agree with most of the comments above–the Holy Duo (Rice could have made it a Trinity if she hadn’t been out buying shoes)both sickens and scares me. To think that they could break all the laws they have, and that they could buy congress into changing the laws that didn’t suit their master plan scares me. It means our Constitution and our Bill of Rights are not adequate defenses against two maniacs with money. We cannot restore our laws protecting us if those who make the laws and pass legislation to change them are in cahoots, compliance, or simply in the pocket of those suborning them. A “bought” congressman or senator is every bit as dangerous as the two nutcases in the executive branch, as Nancy P has proven.

Then there is Iran. Forget the crap about Israel manipulating Bush, or a Jewish lobby (despite Lieberman–the ultimate ‘seller-outer.) That’s just the anti-semites raving and craving another holocaust.
Iran is simply about the money. The real lobby driving the Iran talk and threats of war with Iran is the Oil Lobby, and they have succeeded in lobbying B & C into at least talking about a war with Iran.

There are some really big dangers here. First, Iran is not Iraq, and the Iranians are not arabs, they’re Persians. They won’t roll over and play dead so easily and they have been manipulating the USA ever since they took over our Embassy and held the people captive for so long. Second, they probably will, if provoked, attack Israel, prompting a nuclear response from Israel. Third, we do not have the troops to fight Iran. We just don’t have enough bodies.

A Chinese friend told me that China fears America because of the American’s technical military superiority. Makes sense if you consider the size of the Chinese army vs. the American Army. The Chinese could overrun us in weeks by sheer force of numbers. Our technical superiority stops this, according to this Chinese man. Well, that cuts two ways. Our soldiers don’t gain all that technical knowledge in 6 weeks of basic training, and besides, any real war between us and anyone stupid enough to start a shooting war (OURSELVES included) won’t last 2 months. So, since we are fully committed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Europe, and for all I know, East Timor, we do not have the knowledgeable bodies to man our technological weapons and go fight a war in Iran.

What option does that leave Bush/Cheney? The one that W. cannot pronounce but terrifyingly does have control over–a Nuclear war, wiping Iran off the map of Georgie’s Risk Board. There is a great, unspoken benefit to this–that striking Iran with nuclear weapons will effectively poison their oil supply for one hell of a long time. If talking about a conventional war (no sane person considers nuclear an option, unless it is a last-ditch effort for survival as it would be for Israel)drives oil prices to $100 a barrel, imagine what taking the Iranian oil source out of the market would do. The sky is truly the limit, and $1,000 a barrel oil is probably conservative, depending on the drift of the radioactive clouds.

It is also the ultimate goal of Crusader George, to seize Jerusalem from the heathens. Now we can include the Jews, because underneath his false smiles lurks a latent anti-semite. If in a number of massive nuclear strikes Bush could “ethnically cleanse” the entire middle east of heretics and heathens, he would gain the mantle of “The Ultimate Christian Soldier.” He would enrich his oil buddies beyond their wildest dreams, and probably get daddy, who works for the Saudis, a huge bonus.

Farfetched, maybe. Terrifying, you bet your bippy!

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