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Friday, July 19, 2024

Americans overwhelmingly support Obama’s jobs plan

President Barack Obama

Republican filibusterers in the Democratic-controlled Senate doen’t care much for President Barack Obama‘s jobs bill. They proved that by blocking floor debate on the bill Tuesday.

A new poll, however, shows Republicans are ignoring the will of the people, who approve of the President’s job plans by nearly a 2-1 margin.

The latest survey by NBC/Wall Street Journal shows 63 percent of those polled approved of Obama’s “Americans Jobs Act,” while 32 percent oppose it.

The American public apparently also likes Obama’s plan to repeal tax loopholes for the rich — something ardently opposed by Republicans who depend on the wealthy for contributions and support.

When asked if it was a good idea to raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations, 64 percent said yes while just 30 percent said no.

Obama’s plan would cut payroll taxes, fund road construction and extend unemployment benefits.

Republicans don’t like things like that.

Emails from readers of Capitol Hill Blue also show widespread support for Obama’s jobs plan.

“At least he’s trying to put people back to work,” writes Sandra Shelton of Huntsville, Alabama. “What are the Republicans doing? Nothing!”

Jonathan Kingsley of Salina, Kansas, who calls himself a “life-long Republican,” says he is tired ot GOP posturing and stalling tactics on Capitol Hill.

“They need to work with the President on getting the economy kick-started,” Kingsley says. “There’s too much politics and too little action by Republicans on this important issue.”

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14 thoughts on “Americans overwhelmingly support Obama’s jobs plan”

    • We need to get rid of both parties via the voting booth. Then and only then can America enjoy a springtime like freshening at its very roots. : )

      Carl Nemo **==

  1. Griff wrote:

    >>Americans overwhelmingly support Obama’s jobs plan because Americans are overwhelmingly stupid.

    End of story.<<

    Considering how many people bought the "job-killing" soundbite Republicans attached to so much that Obama did, it's a wonder that the Democrats took so long to come up with their own "job-creating" soundbite.

  2. Americans overwhelmingly support Obama’s jobs plan because Americans are overwhelmingly stupid.

    End of story.

  3. @Carl, At least President Obama isnt a dry drunk, ex-coke whore who started a war based on LIES, and cant even prove he completed his military tour of duty.

    Ill take a “community organizer” who gave me public health care anytime, over the above or a 2 bit B actor, who almost tripled the deficit…

    • No, Obama’s a narcissistic pathological liar with a mysterious past who continues the wars based on lies as well as all of the other Bush-era policies that Obamanoids loved to hate while they were fawning over their savior.

      So Obama is a 2-bit A actor, but an actor nonetheless, and he sure isn’t acting in the country’s best interest.

      Public health care? You really want this government in charge of your health? Really? Seriously?

      Did Obama serve?

    • Yo Baal…

      “Ill take a “community organizer” who gave me public health care anytime, over the above or a 2 bit B actor, who almost tripled the deficit…” …extract from post

      I think Griff’s excellent rebuttal pretty much sums up a similar response from myself except I don’t know where you get the idea; I.E, he, Obama ‘gave’ you health care…? / : |

      Obamacare hasn’t even moved away from the dock so to speak. It’s basically unfunded because we’re flat dead broke as a nation and soon to suffer the same unraveling as occurring in Europe at this time. The plan is to rob existing Medicare of 500 billion into the future in order to float this highly intrusive, statist bill that allows the government to regulate our lives from womb to tomb, seemingly biased towards the tomb much sooner due to rationing of this future ‘healthcare’. Obama’s healthcare plan is an absolute nightmare that if read in detail seemingly hates the very people it’s supposed to help. Obama and his coterie of adivers are frauds and are nothing but running dogs for corporate interests.

      My wife and I voted for the guy and were sucked in by his seeming sincerity on the campaign trail. Since his inauguration he’s simply morphed into a ‘Bush Lite’ and worse.

      I rest my case.

      Carl Nemo **==

      Note: My displeasure with Obama is not an endorsement for republicans in office either. They’re just opposite sides of the same corrupt coin.

  4. The plan of the GOP (Guns, Oil and Proganda) is quite clear. They pledge allegance to “Grover Norquist, man who’s mission is to destroy government as we know it. Next they promise to never never never ever ever ever raise taxes, yet they support tax giveaways which means we (middle class and working class) pay for it. The Iraq and Iran wars were never budgeted and they cost billions every year. Homeland security department created another unfunded department.

    So, President Obama created a plan that would have passed if he was a Republican President. So it is clear the Republicans are all about power and will crash American economy if it means getting ride of a Democrat as President. What happened to “County First”.

  5. Spot-on Woody concerning the fact they never address the root cause of our nation’s crises; I.E., us being victims of global labor arbitrage.

    They facilitated the gutting of America’s manufacturing base for basic consumer goods and services due to massive offshoring since the mid-nineties and the signing off on endless lopsided ‘free trade’ treaties, not fair, but free for the freebooters to utilize the U.S. as a dumping ground for their “Dollar Store” crap.

    What’s with our now seemingly ‘dear leader’ going to the masses for endorsement via cooked polling info? Seemingly he want to rule like a dictator of Roman times using vox populi for pushing through more bum, nation-destroying legislation.

    The unwashed masses want their government to solve all their womb to tomb problems with little realization that it costs big bucks; I.E., discretionary money we no longer have as a nation. To a former ‘community organizer’ like Obama who used the public trough to fund endless Chicago ghetto giveaways, he doesnt’ have a clue concerning fiscal responsibility. Our tax money seemingly is his money…no?

    I’m supplying a link concerning this issue mainly because I thought the photo of ‘dear leader’ with his look of abject bewilderment tells it all. He’s not a leader, but a plug-in module. He has the look of a little boy who’s crying inside…’ma…mama…whaa…whaaaaa I want to go home!’…no?

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Just found this one tucked into the bill: “Building on the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP), Project Rebuild incorporates new elements such as the inclusion of revitalization of commercial properties and partnerships with for-profit organizations.”

      Seems like the plan is to rehab commercial property using for-profit companies. I guess he still is funding “endless Chicago ghetto giveaways” on a massive nationwide scale. Only problem is the tremendous commercial property bubble which has yet to pop. It’s like TARP for commercial property holders like Grubb & Ellis, CBRE, Daimler, etc.

      • “Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP), Project Rebuild incorporates new elements such as the inclusion of revitalization of commercial properties and partnerships with for-profit organizations.” …extract from post

        Gee Woody, the program sounds just like what Obama’s patron Tony Rezko (convicted felon) and his chief of staff Valerie Jarett were involved in during his Chicago community organizing ‘daze’.

        We can be assured much of this ‘aid’, providing this bogus bill is passed, will be pitched down inner city ratholes, anywhere USA along with only the gods know how much being siphoned into the pockets of ‘developers’ er I mean corporate grifters. / : |

        Carl Nemo **==

  6. Most Americans probably don’t know anything about the act other than it’s name. And what working person wouldn’t be for a payroll tax holiday?

    Five million people are out of work. To not extend unemployment benefits means there will be people in the streets. Some will beg, pray, depend on the kindness and generosity of others. Still many will turn to violence as their standard of living declines.

    I’m against the act because it does nothing to address why jobs are gone in the first place. It would only increase our government deficit while boosting the economy of China or other exporters that sell their goods in the USA.

    We have to put the plug in the drain before trying to fill the tub if we want to turn things around. This is likely our last chance to do so. I don’t hear any politician taking these steps, so those of like mind should hope for the best but prepare for the worst. It won’t be long now.

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